Ashta Vivāha or Marriage Part 1

Ashta Vivaha means marriage and is attributed to a sacred union between two souls. Even before we discuss the eight types of marriages let us first understand “What is Marriage”?. Through my consultancy career, I keep getting confused couples who are in a live-in relationship for years and want to know if they can perform a ritual/Pooja as a couple? The answer is YES, and let’s understand Why.

In Vedic Astrology, marriage is associated with a particular ascendant called Upapapada which is related to the 12th house. But why 12th house? We were told the 12th house is a house of loss, so is a marriage a loss? There is where knowledge from tradition helps you. Yes, the 12th house is a house of loss but only if you don’t want to give, if we’re going to provide willingly it transform to the house of giving and takes you to spirituality!

In short, the concept of marriage is all about giving and giving and NOT giving and receiving. Most marriages don’t work since they don’t follow the 12th house rule and treat marriage as a 7th house activity – Business L. 7th house is the interaction based on which we take the person home (4th house) and finally get married 12th house (bedroom). So for a marriage to happen, we need to pass through all three obstacles successfully like an athlete! So this is a formal marriage but are we all married only one? Is the concept of marriage based on a few vows or priest telling us we are married? So how do we calculate marriage/partners in a chart?

The hint lies in the number 12 like 12th house and Sun. But why Sun? Purely because he is

said to be a witness in the Sky and is Agni tatwa (fire element) which is the ruler of purity which is so required to sustain a marriage/relationship. So how do we calculate? The philosophy is based on Shree Krishna’s concept, and he established the rule of UpaPada – “If you are with someone till Sun transits Zodiac (12 signs) then he/she is technically your husband/wife”. This is a rule which has to be followed to the Tee. Many times a relationship does not convert to a formal marriage so is that not a marriage? So if you had five serious relationships (1-year rule) but never married formally does it mean you never married?

The point is to understand that marriage happens at a soul level and at times due to some blockage/curses formal marriage does not happen. In some cases all is Ok until the couple are dating and live together, the couple gets married and divorces in 6 months only to ruin a fantastic 10-year-old partnership. Now that the foundation is clear let us take some example charts:-

In the chart above we see that the ascendant is Scorpio while 7th lord is Venus which is exalted and retrograde in the 5th house Pieces. The combination of 7th lord in 5th house makes one have a romantic (not traditional) relationship. However, there are few challenges:-

  • Venus is the Ātmakāraka (planet with the highest degree) hence carrier of highest Karma, Venus denotes relationship.
  • 7th lord Venus is retrograde which confirms at least three heartbreaks before the native gets The rule is “retrograde planets makes you strive three times harder”.
  • 7th lord Venus is associated with three planets, more the planets more the confusion or shall I say more distractions □
  • Ketu, the giver of moksha, is in the 12th house, not good for 1st marriage/relationship.

A few years back the native had shown me a horoscope of a match, and I had told him that “She is the One”, however some Venus karma was pending, and it took him sometime before he was sure about her and flnally married her in Vrishabh/Cancer Narayan Dasha. We see the importance of Moon/Taurus in his chart, and the marriage was advised in Somnath which was accepted.

In this chart we see the native has a beautiful moon in 12th house, a benefic planet in the 12th house ensures quick marriage due to jala tatwa. The native was married traditionally.

However 7th lord is in debility with Sun creating conflicts with a partner. Further Sun is also Darakaraka creating conflicts due to petty Ego issues (Sun has a huge ego) creating a rift which can make the native get into relationships outside marriage. We further see Saturn is in the 7th house confirming grief in marriage and coldness in marriage – Saturn is a cold planet. The native started having an affair in Saturn- Venus dasha.

Venus is 7th lord in debility also. The remedies were started, and the saving grace was Jupiter in Lagna, better sense did prevail, and the native is on his way to clean up the mess that was created, but the Venus in debility got him into huge financial troubles which might take October 2019 to clear as per my calculation.

In the next column, we shall study the types of marriages and how they impact a human soul!

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