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Are your karakas running on a half tank

Karakas in Vedic Astrology
The role of Karakas in Vedic Astrology is one of the most critical areas to understand for accurate predictions

Hello ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here to understand the role of one of our very dear allies: Kāraka. It plays a critical role in our horoscope, and much of our happiness, activity and achievements depend on it.

First, what does it mean?

The word is a combination of ‘Kara’ which means ‘Doer’, and ‘Ka’, the creator, Prajapati Brahma. It is a doer who makes things happen. Think of it as a Project Manager whose task is to get the job done. Due to their strength, certain planets become the Significators or Project Managers for certain houses in a birth chart. It is like a fuel tank: the individual will speed along to their destination if it’s full. If it is low on fuel, they will encounter delays, frustrations, etc. For example, if you face a problem related to your father, an astrologer will look at it that signifies that aspect to see what is going on.

Understanding it is crucial to understanding life’s challenges and, more importantly, being aware of the solutions.

In life, three factors make things happen:

You: ‘I want to get married on a Sunday.’

Society: ‘I am getting married, and everyone is coming’.

Divine Intervention: ‘There is a city-wide blackout, and everything is cancelled.’

It relates to all three dimensions.

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • 7 Sthira Karakas & Remedies by surya yantra
  • What is the logic behind assigning roles to Karaka?
  • Conclusion

In Vedic Astrology, there are three categories:

  • Naisargika Kārakas (Natural significators).
  • Chara Kārakas (Variable/Temporal significators).
  • Sthira Kārakas (Fixed/Body significators).

I will focus on Sthira Kāraka and its application in this blog. Sthira means stable; hence this set of Karakas is fixed. In all circumstances and for everyone, it is the same. However, while it is Sthira or Stable, the experiences it leads to are based on your karma. For example, the karaka for your father and its position will reflect how strong, weak, or conflicted your relationship is with him. It will also reveal whether your father was alive or not at your birth or if you will get estranged from him.


Surya Yantra
Surya Yantra

The stronger (degree-wise) planet in a birth chart among Sun and Venus signifies Father.

The stronger planet in a birth chart among Moon and Mars symbolises Mother.

  • Mars: The one for younger sister, younger brother, brother-in-law, sister-in-law.
  • Mercury: The one for maternal uncles, aunts, and all maternal relatives.
  • Jupiter: The one for Paternal grandparents, husband (for female chart), children.
  • Venus: The one for wife, maternal grandparents, father and mother-in-law, maternal grandparents.
  • Saturn: The one for elder brother and sister, Self.


It’s simple. For example, Venus rules Sperm, so it represents your biological father. However, Sun is the Energy force, so it means your spiritual father. We need to find the stronger planet between the two, considered a Kāraka for Father in all divisional charts.

Karaka Horoscope
Karaka Horoscope

In the birth charts above, the one on the left has Venus and Sun in Aries; however, Sun is stronger by exaltation in Aries; hence Sun will be taken as Sthira Kāraka for Father. The chart on the right also has Sun and Venus together but in Pisces. In this instance, Venus is exalted in Pisces; hence Venus qualifies as Sthira the one for Father. In the same way, we see both charts have Mars stronger than Moon; therefore, Mars qualifies as Sthira the one for Mother. The application of this knowledge is intense and works at three levels.

  • Kāraka Planet.
  • Kāraka House.
  • Kāraka Sign.

Here’s an example. In Vedic Astrology, Relationship and Marriage are governed by:

  • Venus, the natural significator of Marriage.
  • 7th House, the House which represents Marriage and Relationships.
  • The sign of Libra (ruled by Venus).

An experienced astrologer will analyse the interplay of these three factors before assessing their clients’ relationship issues and marriage. Assessing relationships is the most challenging part since the 7th House is also the House of Business. If it changes and Mercury comes into the picture, Libra and the 7th House remain in the equation, and the analysis gets more challenging!

Mercury and Venus are Rajas planets, and Rajas planets can create havoc in our life. The so-called Work-Life Balance gets caught between two Rajas planets trying to control your mind and the 7th House. Venus wants you to be more compassionate; Mercury wants you to check your financials and cut your losses if things are not going well.

Saturn is Sthira Kāraka for elder siblings and relatives. If an elder sibling has a limp, it is a nimitta or omen for the role of Saturn in your birth chart. That’s hoThat’sindications occur for Sthira Kāraka.

It’s a combination of the play of forces.

When any of the these are negatively impacted, weak or debilitated, the jataka will feel the effects relating to the karaka. Sometimes, parents come to me panicking about the delay in their child’s marriage. When I look at the birth chart, I see that the offspring shouldn’t get married till a certain age, or it will lead to extreme stress. This is done through a reading of its role. Just as the Sthira Kāraka have their role, the 12 houses of the Zodiac have their Kāraka too:

Karakas in Vedic Astrology
  • Sun
  • Jupiter
  • Mars  
  • Moon
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Venus
  • Saturn
  • Jupiter
  • Mercury
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn

In some instances, a house will have more than one Kāraka. I will write a separate blog on it since it is imperative to understand them in detail and add value to your client’s expectations.

Thank you for being a part of the ongoing journey and learning about the true purpose of Vedic Astrology. Want to share your thoughts, clear your doubts, or speak your mind? I would love to hear from you in the Comments section. 


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