Understanding Kāraka

The word Kāraka comes from “kara” which means “doer” and “Ka” is the creator, Prajapati Brahma. The understanding of Kāraka is crucial to understand life’s challenges and more importantly solutions. Kāraka is like a project manager who is assigned a task since he is an expert and has inherent qualities. So let’s understand this in detail and get to the root of it. In every situation of life when we need to decide on our options, there are three determining factors:-

  1. You
  2. Society at large
  3. God or Devine intervention

Likewise, there are three types of Kārakas

  • Naisargika karakas (natural significators).
  • Chara karakas (variable significators), and,
  • Sthira karakas (fixed significators),

In this article, we are going to focus on Sthira Kāraka and its application. Sthira means stable hence this set of Karakas cannot be changed, can we change our biological father or mother? The situation with them can vary, but these are fixed indicators as mentioned.


  • Stronger among Sun and Venus- Father
  • Stronger among Moon and Mars- Moon
  • Mars- Younger sister, younger brother brother-in-law, sister-in-law
  • Mercury- Maternal uncles, aunts and all maternal relatives
  • Jupiter- paternal grandparents, Husband (for female chart), children
  • Venus- Wife, maternal grandparents, father & mother-in-law, maternal grandparents
  • Saturn- Elder brother & Elder sister – Self


It is important to understand the logic behind these Kārakas. For example, Venus is your biological father since Venus rules Sperms, however, Sun is your spiritual father. What we need to flnd is the stronger between Sun or Venus and consider that as a Karaka for father in all divisional charts.


In the above charts, the one on the left has Venus in Aries; however, Sun is stronger due

to exaltation hence Sun will be taken as Sthira Karaka for Father. The chart on the right also has Sun & Venus together, but in Pieces, Pieces is the sign where Venus gets exalted hence Venus qualifies as Sthira Karaka for Father. In the same way, we see both charts have Mars stronger than Moon, therefore, it qualifies as Sthira Karaka for mother. The application of this knowledge is intense and works at three levels too.

  • Karaka Planet
  • Karaka House
  • Karaka Sign


For example, we all know relationship and marriage are governed by 1) Venus 2) 7th House and 3) Sign Libra. So when a good Astrologer is going to consult on any aspect of a client’s life, they need to look at minimum of three levels of challenges. The relationship is the most challenging aspect to understand since 7th house is also the house of Business but the Karaka changes, Mercury comes into the picture, but Libra & 7th house stay!

Rajas planets hence create havoc in our life and the so-called “Work-Life Balance” is the fight between two rajas planets trying to control your mind and 7th house. Venus wants you to be more compassionate; Mercury wants you to check financials and cut loss if things are not going well…. Worth pondering over on it. There are times when parent’s come to me in a panic regarding their child’s marriage but when I take a closer look the child is better off not getting married till a certain age, at time marriage is not advisable at all since it can be root to all your stress – Better not activate it! Like the planets act as sthira karakas we all need to understand the 12 houses of the Zodiac and the Karakas for those houses, as below.

  • Lagna/ Ascendant- Sun 2nd- Jupiter
  • 3rd- Mars 4th- Moon 5th- Jupiter 6th- Saturn 7th- Venus 8th- Saturn 9th- Jupiter
  • 10th- Mercury 11th- Jupiter 12th- Saturn


There are houses where there are more than 1 Karaka, and I shall be writing a separate article on it since it is imperative to understand them in detail to reach anywhere with predictions and adding value to your client!


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