Theory Of Karma

We loosely talk about Karma, and there is a different theory of Karma. We all agree that ultimately we need to pay or gain from our good or bad karma but never understood how it works. In this article let me break it up for you in simple language

1. Sanchita Karma – This is the overall karma you have from your past existence, it includes good and evil. It is essential to understand that we are also born with a deposit of good karma as a result of which we have good health, parents, education, safety, etc. We also have some karmas as a result of which we are born and always challenged in a particular area of our life. We all have a perpetual problem and floating problems; the persistent issue has a direct connection to our soul significator

while floating issues are dasha based. Sanchit karma is like our overall profit/loss statement which is seen from our natal horoscope, and a good Astrologer will be able to guide you on interpretation, causes, and remedies to make it bearable and ultimately overcome it. This is the “Overall” karma based on your past life existence, and you may not face all of it in this birth.

2. Prarabdh Karma – This is the Karma that has ripened, and you need to face in this birth. This is a combination of good & bad hence that are always some blessings to count! This is the target of karma you had agreed to face before you got this human birth, some are ambitious and come with “big” karma target while some have played it safe and agreed to take the lesser target. At times we feel some are extremely lucky/blessed without doing much in this life, they are eating from their Prarabdh Karma and withdrawing too much. This Karma is further divided into three types of karma:-

A) Dridha Karma – This is karma which we need to experience and almost impossible to remedy except ensuring we don’t create more negative karmas while facing it. This is karma that sticks to your soul. If we were to kill someone obviously a “Sorry” would not be enough.

B) Adridha Karma – This is karma which is not severe and can be remedied. If we pushed someone by mistake we can say “Sorry” and get it sorted; chances are the other person will let it go too.

C) DridhaAdridha – This is hardly karma where you are at fault, it happens unintentionally. For example, if someone asks you about a location and you by mistake guide them to the wrong street if it is unintentional then mentally regretting it takes care of it. This Karma does not stick to your soul.

D) Kriyaman Karma – From the time we are born we are accumulating good/bad karma, and it overrides a lot of calculations hence many Astrologer’s fail in their predictions. This karma is seen from a specific chart called “Prashna”, Astrologers who don’t know prashna surely need to learn it before doing consultations.

So we now have a basic understanding of “Karma & Freewill” – Kriyaman Karma is our free will, and that is entirely under our control. At times we can’t control the situation, but the reaction to a situation or solution is in our power. All said & done – It’s not easy 🙂


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