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We love to throw around the word Karma, but how much do we know about it? Vedic Astrology helps you get the complete picture­­­­ on theory of karma.

Using the word Karma in our daily conversations sounds posh, trendy, and cool. But theory of Karma is a serious matter, and Vedic Astrology will tell you that it is a grave issue and that your life depends on it. Bad Karma is what you create when you are not paying attention to your actions, and it will get you. Good Karma is also produced by you when you do good deeds and think pure thoughts.

So, instead of making theory of Karma a hot currency in our banter, let’s understand what it means. After all, the reason you are born to endure the roller coaster called life is all due to your theory of Karma.  

Karma derives from the Sanskrit word, ‘Karman,’ which means action or effect. It’s the concept of getting back whatever you put into the universe. If you do good, you receive good experiences. And vice versa.

Table of Content
  • Introduction
  • Sanchita Karma
  • Prarabdha Karma
  • Kriyaman Karma

There is an entire sub-universe of understanding regarding theory of Karma, but to make it simple, I will tell you the three types of Karma and how they impact our lives. Remember, these karmas do not exist by themselves: we willingly or unwillingly create these karmas for ourselves. When the time is right, they come to fruition and either we suffer the consequences or rejoice with the rewards.


It is the Big Daddy of all theory of karmas, the whole kit and caboodle of deeds and thoughts you generated in your many lifetimes. It includes the good theory of Karma and the bad, whose proportions can be gauged by the luck that comes your way or how much you get pushed around.

Karma in Jyotisa

You may not face all its consequences in this birth. If the burden of past theory of Karmas is mountainous, it will take several lifetimes to offload it completely.

The moral of the story is? The worse Karmas you create, the more you are doomed to be reborn and endure the rigamarole of life.

If you enjoy good health, loving parents, education, safety, etc., you have an adequate amount of good theory of Karma to encash. However, the challenges and setbacks you face should remind you that you did some bad things, so kindly bear with the consequences.

We all experience problems; some are chronic, and others are temporary problems. The persistent challenges have a direct connection to our soul significator. These are Big Ticket transgressions we have committed for which we are reaping a toxic harvest. The fleeting problems are Dasha-based; these are the comeuppances for the relatively minor bad theory of karmas we have accumulated. So, as we pay for our omissions, we gradually decrease our pile of bad theory of Karma.

Sanchita Karma is like our natal horoscope’s overall profit/loss statement. An experienced astrologer can interpret your birth chart to pinpoint the causes of your bad theory of Karma and suggest remedies so you can carry a lighter load and eventually shrug it off entirely through mindful action.


This Karma is like a fruit that has ripened and must fall off the tree. Prarabdha Karma is the allocated portion of Sanchita Karma in your present life. You must live out; you must face it in this birth. It is a combination of good and bad Karma, and hence there are always some blessings to count! It is the target weight of Karma you signed up to shoulder when your soul decided to take this birth. Call it a pre-arranged deal with the universe!

Some souls are ambitious and buy a Big Karma ticket to face many hurdles, strife, and challenges. They work hard to lighten their load. Other souls play it safe and agree to take on a lighter karmic load as Prarabdha Karma. Have you observed people glide through life with little effort or mindful action? Yes, they are lucky, but they withdraw vast amounts from their Prarabdha Karma without replenishing the deposit.

Prarabdha Karma is divided into three types:

Dridha Karma: Dridha means Resolute, Unyielding. We must experience this Karma, which is almost impossible to remedy except to ensure we don’t create more negative karmas while facing it. This Karma is like burr: it sticks to your soul. If we were to kill someone, saying sorry won’t suffice. We must work out the Karma through punishing events.

Adridha Karma: Adridha is the opposite of Dridha; not resolute. It is not a severe comeuppance and can be remedied. You can say sorry and pay for it if you push someone by mistake. Chances are, the one you pushed will let it go. But if that person gets on a high horse and takes it too far, they create the next-level Karma that may not wash off so easily.

DridhaAdridha: Resolue-Not Resolute. It is unintentional Karma. You did not mean ill; you just did not know better. For example, if someone asks you a location and, by mistake, you guide them to the wrong street, a sincere sense of regret takes care of it.


If you are lucky to enjoy an easy life, be aware that you may use your Prarabdha karma too fast. Live life consciously, ethically and pay it forward to top up your good karma deposit.

The moral of the story is? You can generate good karmas every moment you live, so don’t waste your time chasing the wrong pleasures.


This type of Karma is based on your free will. You are aware of right from wrong, and the choice is yours. You can do the right thing, think the right thoughts, or do wrong. Based on the latter’s severity, it leads to the accumulation of the ‘right now’ Karma that will end up in one of the Karma baskets.

Kriyaman Karma is often the reason why an astrologer’s predictions fail. If they predict an adverse event and it does not come to pass, it implies that your good deeds in this birth have cancelled it. On the other hand, many good possibilities do not bear fruit because they have been off-roaded by evil deeds.

Kriyaman Karma is gauged from a specific chart cast for the Prashna method of prediction, which involves the jataka putting a question to the astrologer. Astrologers who don’t know the Prashna technique will not be able to offer accurate predictions.


Kriyaman Karma is our free will, which is in our control. At times, we are not in charge of a situation, but it is in our power to react to it correctly. Who said it is easy? At the same time, there is nothing like a free lunch!

The moral of the story is? It’s your choice. So, choose well.

Share your thoughts, clear your doubts, or speak your mind on Karma in the Comments section. I would love to hear from you! Do you wish to know about your Karmic load? Reach out to me; our Helpdesk is always at your service.


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