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It can be a single syllable. Or a few words. When you close your eyes and silently chant it, bringing your complete focus on its meaning, power and vibration, you have entered the field of Mantra consciousness. 

What is a Mantra?

It is a sacred utterance with transformational powers. It can be a single syllable or a group of words coded with the ability to elevate your subconscious, alter your thought patterns, attract the universe’s blessings, and create transformational outcomes. It has its source in a piece of secret knowledge, and its purpose is to discipline and cleanse the mind. This practice has a cumulative impact that channels your mind to a state where desires are realized through the power of manifestation. 

It is constantly in your being, permeating your consciousness and thrumming like an ocean-deep sonic wave. It’s the germ of your awareness, the route to ultimate fulfilment. 💫

The above scenario is only the tip of the iceberg. First, every mantra must be initiated by a guru, and it is based on your birth chart and trajectory of spiritual progress.

Second, every mantra has a form, structure, and purpose. Therefore, its utterance is to be strictly followed. Only a guru can initiate you into an error-free repetition, sound purity, and vibrational effect. It eventually leads to a state called Mantra Siddhi, attained after rigorous practice, devotion, and discipline.

The 5th House and Mantra

The 5th House in a horoscope is called Mantra Bhava, and it is also the House that reflects your past lives and samskaras. If you have reached a certain level of mantra proficiency in your past lives, it will be revealed in the status of your 5th House. It is a cumulative advantage of your past life practices if you find yourself progressing in mantra practice in this lifetime comparatively quickly.

For instance, the ascendant lord placed in the 5th House is good and forms a straight connection to the continuation of your past life’s good karma.

Let us look at the example of Srila Prabhupada, the founder of the Krishna Consciousness Movement (ISCKON). In his horoscope, the planet associated with his 5th House and the devta mantra helped him reach magnificent heights. Mangal (Mars) is in the 5th House (Taurus) with an exalted Chandra (Moon) forming a Chandra-Mangal Yog, and the moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus. Because his 4th House lord is with an exalted Moon, his bhakti was with Chandra, not Mangal. And an exalted Chandra is nothing but Sri Krishna, so his primary bhakti was related to Lord Krishna.

It is associated with the 5th House will give you growth. For an entrepreneur, it’s a significant point. Also, the 5th House signifies kids, the future, and speculation.

It’s also important to check the dharma trikon houses in the chart: 1st, 5th, and 9th Houses. Positive connections between these houses through lordship, aspects, etc., signify spiritual and material progress.

Is mantra a failproof remedy?

We are born because of a mantra, which Brahma whispered at our conception. It gives us the body based on Kalapurusha. So, if there is a defect in the Kalapurusha cast or mould, we inherit it.

Vedic Astrology teaches us to work out our defects. If we were perfect, we would attain moksha! A mantra is a Vedic Astrology remedy that changes your life by opening the doors to spectacular physical, mental, and spiritual vistas. 

Can mantras heal our damaged mind-spirit matrix? 

Yes. The wise amongst us learn to identify our defects and use mantras to repair them.

How do mantras work?How do mantras work?

Mantras are highly detailed and have a laser focus; each syllable is for a purpose. When a Vedic Astrologer recommends a mantra, it is based on your birth chart reading, and the mantra is exclusive to your condition and needs. 

I will need to analyze your birth chart to see what areas are causing problems and recommend a mantra.

For example, according to Vedic Astrology, the 5th House in the birth chart or horoscope is the Mantra Bhava or House of Mantra, and the 1st Panchakshari or 5-syllable mantra is Na-Ma-Shi-Va-Ya (Namah Shivaya). If you add Om to it, it becomes a Shadakshari or 6-syllable mantra: Om-Na-Ma-Shi-Va-Yah.

Can mantras be used for different outcomes?

Each mantra relates to a specific plane in your life: physical/material, mental or spiritual. For example, if your mantra is purely for spiritual progress, your material advancement will not come under its influence. 

Or, if your wealth is okay, but your health needs attention, your mantra remedy will be specific to improving the latter. It’s about knowing what your soul wants the most.

Do you have a mantra? Would you like to know what mantra will work for you? I would be happy to hear from you.👊


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