Planet Moon and Mind in Astrology

Every week from today I will be writing about one planet and its significance in our lives. There is no doubt that planets have a role to play in our lives, a simple example is the mood swings we have specifically during Full moon/New moon. The effects are based on a placement of the moon in your individual chart however moon is a watery planet and our
body is approximately 70% water in different forms! The mind is the controller of our Karmas and in this article, we understand it a bit better, in my every consultation this is one planet I have the closest look at since it all starts in the mind!

1) Controller of Mind:

I have time and again kept repeating how important Moon is in an individual’s chart or horoscope for more reasons than one. A human mind is most active and depending on how strong or weak a moon is we can assess the strength and weakness of a native. “It’s all in the mind” as they say and it is important to condition and channelize your mind to react to difficult situations maturely. Moon is commonly called “Chandra” in ancient Sanskrit and is the sustainer of all “Rajyogas”, planet Sun is the creator of all “Rajyogas” (Combinations for prosperity) as mentioned in the previous newsletter on planet Sun. Sun rules Agni (flre) while Moon rule Jala (water) which gives us the basic rule of life – Fire is required to start a project/relationship, Water (emotions) is required to nurture and eventually sustain it! Moon also rules our ojus (sex drive), hence while matching charts of prospective couples I give additional attention to Moon since we don’t want a match where one is sexually high while other is seeking spirituality! Planet Moon has twenty-seven wives commonly called the Nakṣatra (lunar mansion in English) and is in one Nakṣatra for approximately 36 hours, making it the fastest transiting planet, hence no prices for guessing why our mind changes so fast and more the affliction to natal Moon the more fickle-minded native is

2) Controller of Career:

We tend to work for two primary reasons 1) Money 2) Satisfaction. Money is seen from planet least in degrees in a horoscope whereas satisfaction is seen from planet Moon since that is what your mind is happy doing. For E.g. The planet or sign 10th from Moon sign is the activity that we like doing the most, whereas the planet or sign in 11th from moon sign is an activity that brings in money! It is very important for us to do something that makes us happy and monetizes us since we all have bills to pay unless you are a royalty J! Moon in many ways is most important planet to consider (after soul significator, will share in next few weeks) for career changes. It is very important to have a connecting career between 10th and 11th sign from the moon, many times I have has clients ignorant towards monetizing a career and too busy selecting a career of what gives them “satisfaction” only to close the shop in a years’ time with serious debts. The reverse is also true when a career is chosen purely for material gains and in a years’ time, they have stopped smiling since they don’t like what they do! A smart consultant will help you find the right bridge (monetizing what you like doing) and walk the tight rope with confidence. The most challenging part is “timing’ the change to ensure the transition is successful! Like we have discussed President Donald Trump’s chart, he has a strong Sun but unfortunately, an afflicted Moon which does not make him as liked/acceptable as Barrack Obama which has a fantastic moon connecting to his ascendant!

3) Controller of Spirituality:

This is an interesting take, the planet which gives sexuality is important for spirituality? Sounds like an oxymoron! Let us understand meditation, it is nothing but an exercise to control and channelize your mind and spirituality starts with a shift in heart and mind. Planet moon also lords 4th house of the natural horoscope (cancer) which rules the heart, no prices for guessing why it is said to be an emotional planet! Moon gets exalted in a sign called Taurus and it is lorded by Venus, it basically indicated that when the mind gets complete control our it’s a sexual and materialistic urge, spirituality starts! Advance students of mine would be aware of how important the planet Moon is in the D20 chart (Vimsamsa, divisional chart seen for spirituality) to check blockages in meditation and offer remedies accordingly. Since Moon is a lustful planet it is important to check if an individual is ready to let go of that urge and at what age. A strong moon ensures strong sexual urge, yet a strong mind, Moon is very important for fame too and it has any connection with ascendant it makes the native very charismatic and liked E.g. Barrack Obama (Capricorn ascendant, Moon (exalted in Taurus) aspecting ascendant), Shree Krishna (Taurus ascendant with Moon in Taurus) and Hollywood star Leonardo De Caprio (Virgo ascendant with Moon in the ascendant) to name few!

The best tip to remedy your moon is to drink lots of water and swim! The remedies do change based on specific horoscopes which can be discussed during a consultation

It's all in the mind as they say hence our mind is our biggest strength or weakness, and it is important to understand and condition our mind to think positively. We all go through our share of mood swings, low phase, depression, and in some extreme cases suicidal mentalities depending on how strong or weak your individual moon is. Planet Moon controls our mind, and we all have heard of “mind games.” And stronger the mind, the better chance we have to win the game!

The tenth house from our moon sign is the activity we love doing the most, and it is very important to do that daily since that’s the best destress! For example when the moon is in Gemini a walk on the beach or swimming is the best destress since the tenth sign from Gemini is Pieces which rules oceans, so if you have the moon in Gemini do try this, and it will not fail! If you have the Moon in Taurus then mountains are what makes you happy since the tenth sign from there is Aquarius which rules hills and mountains, so it is a good remedy for natives with Moon in Taurus so stay in a place that has mountains around or have a wallpaper of hills as an alternative? There are always practical remedies available provided you have learned the art from the masters!

The challenge is the Moon is the fastest moving planet and transits a sign every third day hence we have issues making up our mind, if you have an afflicted Moon then it’s a big challenge since it makes you very flckle minded and that can cause you your relationship, profession due to commitment issues.

Have you tried understanding your moon? Do you have an issue, over-sensitive, over-emotional, ever confused, and get into serious depression? Its time to seek help since conditioning of mind requires a change of perspective and not medicines. Are you shy to seek help? What's stopping you?


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