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It’s all in your mind: The Moon’s role in your horoscope

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Planet Moon
Vedic Astrology does a fantastic job of understanding how the Moon affects our mind, moods, temperament, and decisions
You are out of your mind!

It’s not rhetoric when someone says that to you; it’s a pertinent observation. It couldn’t be closer to the truth. The fact is no one controls your mind except the Planet Moon. Yes, you read that right. No one dominates your thoughts or directs your thinking like the Planet Moon. It is the controller of your Karmas because, if you think it, you will do it.

Table of Content
  • What’s the key to finding the balance?
  • The Pitfalls of wrong moon analysis
  • Tips to remedy a weak moon in your horoscope

EveryVedic Astrology consultation I offer begins with analyzing the Planet Moon’s role in the horoscope. I have time and again emphasized the importance of the Planet Moon in an individual’s birth chart or horoscope for more reasons than one.

 Moon's different avatars
Moon’s different avatars

So, let’s get to know the Moon’s different avatars.


Our mind is many things: constant, fickle, strong, weak, emotional, indifferent, devious, compassionate. The list of qualities is long. But why is the mind so varied in its thinking?

It is directly related to the strength or weakness of the Moon in your birth chart.

Overly emotional people get upset or turn morose at the slightest thing have a weak or afflicted Planet Moon, making them mentally fragile, indecisive, and unfocused. Suppose the Planet Moon is debilitated or forms negative yogas with malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu. It can lead the native to become suicidal or develop psychological disorders such as bipolar, schizophrenia or chronic depression.

For example, Saturn’s influence on the Planet Moon can lead to depression.

On the other hand, a strong Planet Moon involved with benefics such as Jupiter and Venus can bestow fame, wealth, focus, compassion, and discernment, and it can give you all the gifts to help you enjoy a great life.


We tend to work for two primary reasons: 1) Money and 2) Satisfaction.

We analyze the money factor from the planet with the lowest degree in a horoscope, whereas Planet Moon denotes the degree of satisfaction you enjoy in what you do.

An example: The planet or sign that is 10th from the Planet Moon represents the activity we most like, whereas the planet or sign in 11th from the Moon sign is the activity that brings in the money! We need to do something that makes us happy and monetizes us since we all have bills to pay.

  • Moon is most important to consider for career changes. It is crucial to have a career that connects the activities between the 10th and 11th signs from the Planet Moon, i.e., a job that satisfies you and helps you make money.
  • I have clients who get busy chasing a career that satisfies them, ignoring the money-making part. The result? They close shop in a few years and incur debts.
  • The reverse is also true when you choose a career purely for material gains, and in a year, you stop smiling because you dislike what you do.
  • An intelligent consultant will help you find the bridge (monetizing what you like doing) and confidently walk the distance.

What’s the key to finding the balance?

Get the timing right to ensure the transition is successful! Former US President Donald Trump’s chart has an intense Sun but an afflicted Planet Moon, which does not make him as liked/accepted as Barrack Obama, who has a fantastic Planet moon connecting to his Ascendant!


Just as the Sun is the King of planets, the Moon is the Queen of the zodiac.

So important is the Planet Moon’s role in a horoscope that it gets the power of an Ascendant in Vedic Astrology. Taking Moon as the Ascendant, Chandra Lagna is an indispensable tool for predictions and calls for a separate chart. All planetary transits are calculated from the Planet Moon’s position as the 1st House in the horoscope, which tells you its significance.

One of the most critical elements of predictive analysis in Vedic Astrology is looking at the Planet Moon’s conjunctions, aspects, and exaltation/debilitation.

Chandra Lagna’s predictions are a powerful aspect of reading a birth chart and, combined with the readings from the Rasi chart, indicate the direction Fate is taking you.

To know the problem regarding the Planet Moon’s placement in your horoscope, an experienced astrologer will study:

  • Moon’s House/Bhava.
  • Natural House of Planet Moon (4th House/Bhava and its implications).
  • Planets and their aspects/conjunctions with Planet Moon.
  • Before providing remedies, this analysis is to be done in the Rasi/Natal Chart and the Navamsa Chart (9th Divisional Chart).


One of my clients has Planet Moon in the 3rd House from the Arudha Lagna. She often contemplated suicide. Some crazy astrologer advised her to wear a pearl, deepening her mental crisis. Why are you wearing a pearl? I asked her, urging her to remove it and suggesting appropriate remedies.

So, please consult an experienced astrologer, or your troubles will multiply.


Moon, called Chandra in Sanskrit, is the sustainer of all Rajyogas (planetary combinations for prosperity), with Sun being the creator of Rajyogas.

Sun rules Agni (Fire) while Planet Moon rules Jala (Water), which underpins the basic rule of life – Fire is required to start a project/relationship, and Water (emotions) is needed to nurture and sustain it.

Planet Moon also rules our Ojas (sex drive). So, I pay extra attention to the Planet Moon’s position in the chart while matching charts of prospective couples since we don’t want a match where one partner is sexually potent and the other is seeking spirituality!


According to the scriptures, Planet Moon married the 27 daughters of sage Daksha, the son of Lord Brahma. The Moon’s 27 wives are called the Nakṣatra (the constellation surrounding the Moon’s orbit of the earth). It spends about 36 hours in each Nakshatra, making it the fastest transiting planet. There are no prizes for guessing why our mind changes so fast, and the more the affliction to the natal Moon, the more fickle-minded the native.


Cancer is the 4th zodiac sign, and Planet Moon is the Karaka or significator for the natural 4th House. Because the Planet Moon is associated with the mind or Manas as called in Sanskrit, it represents the sensitivity of the mind and, as discussed earlier, can make a person mentally fragile or robust. The Planet Moon also represents Mother, just as the Sun represents Father, impacting fertility, childbirth, and conception. A strong Planet Moon supports conception and indicates physical fertility and spiritual fertility, which can be analyzed from the 4th House.


How intriguing is this: The planet which provides you with sexual vigour is also the one that promotes spirituality?

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? But it’s logical.

  • A strong Planet Moon ensures a strong sexual urge, yet it also bestows a strong mind that can vanquish sexual desires. Interestingly, when the Planet Moon urges desires, it knows no bounds, unlike Venus, which promotes Desire, Love and Lust but can draw the line. Both planets have Jala tattva (Water element).
  • If we consider meditation, it is nothing but an exercise to control and channel your mind. Spirituality starts with a shift in the heart and mind. As mentioned earlier, Planet Moon also lords the 4th House of the natural zodiac (Cancer), which rules the heart. So, no prizes for guessing why it is said to be a planet connected to emotions.
  • Planet Moon is exalted in Taurus, the sign which Venus rules – when the mind is in complete control of sexual and materialistic urges, spirituality flowers.
  • It is critical to check the Planet Moon’s position in the D20 chart (Vimsamsa, the divisional chart is seen for spirituality to prevent blockages to meditation and offer remedies. Since Moon induces Lust, it is essential to check if the individual is ready to let go of that urge and at what age.


Moon is vital for acquiring fame, and if it aspects, influences, or conjoins the Ascendant, it makes the native charismatic and liked. For example, Barrack Obama (Capricorn Ascendant, Planet Moon exalted in Taurus aspecting Ascendant); Lord Krishna (Taurus Ascendant with Moon in Taurus) and Hollywood star Leonardo De Caprio (Virgo Ascendant with Planet Moon in the Ascendant), to name a few!


4th House is also the home environment. Who makes the home? The female. It is the Queen who makes a home. So, if Chandra is weak, has malefic influences, or is debilitated, you won’t have a peaceful home. You will always have a sense of disconnect with your home, not want to go back to it and be dodged by listlessness.

The 4th House also relates to the Heart. If Saturn is in the 4th House, you will experience sorrow and leave your birthplace.


Moon/Chandra is emotional and fickle. Control Chandra. Control the Mind.

  • The best tip to remedy the effects of a weak Planet Moon in your birth chart is to drink plenty of water and swim! The remedies change based on specific horoscopes which can be discussed during a consultation
  • The 10th House from the Planet moon sign in the horoscope is the activity we most love and it is essential to do that daily since it’s the best stress buster! For example, when the Planet Moon is in Gemini, a walk on the beach or swimming works wonders as the 10th sign from Gemini is Pisces, which rules oceans. So, if you have the Planet Moon in Gemini, try this, and it will not fail!
  • If you have a weak Planet Moon, sing a song, especially in the morning. Singing has a direct connection to the Planet Moon, and it activates your chakras and the Manas, and Manas or Mind as we know, are directly controlled by the Planet Moon. I enjoy music for the first 15-20 minutes when I wake up.
  • If you have the Planet Moon in Taurus, the mountains will make you happy on the 10th sign from Taurus is Aquarius, which rules hills and mountains. Stay in a place surrounded by mountains or if you can’t go to the mountains, put up a wallpaper of hills in your home as an alternative. There are always practical remedies available, provided you learn the art from the masters.
  • It is important to condition and channels your mind to maturely react to difficult situations.

Are you overly sensitive, highly emotional, confused, and get into depression? Have you tried understanding the Planet Moon in your birth chart? What’s stopping you from seeking help?

Conditioning the mind requires a change of perspective, not medicines. Reach out to me to understand how Planet Moon impacts you; our Helpdesk is always at your service.


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