Houses In Vedic Horoscope: What Are They?
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Houses in Vedic Horoscope: what are they?

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Horoscope Houses
Horoscope Houses


It’s the House of Love and war, Business and Marriage, and I call it honey and money. Whatever the planet in the 7th House, your anubhavas or experiences are related to it. It’s like a door – opening to possibilities or leading to a dead end. It depends on the planets in it. It is also called Jaya bhava because it denotes how you will fight your battles with finances or relationships.

It’s the make-or-break houses in vedic horoscope from the samsara perspective. 

Karaka: Venus.

  • It depicts Marriage, relationships, approach to relationships, business partnership, trading, travel, death or death-like conditions, eyesight, contracts, image, and recognition.
  • Good news: 7th House will fight your enemies, boost financial growth, and overcome relationship issues. 
  • Not-so-good-news: It’s the House which shows how your marriages will be, so if, for example, Ketu is in the 7th House, it will break up your first marriage. For malefics in the 7th, we need to do remedies. For example, to negate the Ketu effect, the native first marries Sri Krishna, which would technically be the first marriage and then weds their partner, thereby negating the Ketu effect. 

It is also a maraka bhava and a zone of conflict based on the planets and yogas occupying it. It is the 7th from the 1st House, the Asta Lagna or the setting sun because it is directly opposite the 1st Houses in vedic horoscope.

Who’s at home? Sun in the 7th House could indicate a conflict with the father. The planets in the 7th could be either fighting with the Lagna or aiding it. 

Lagna in the 7th House is important to study for relationships. Is the planet a friend or enemy of Lagna? Saturn here delays marriage, and Mars can do the same and create marital conflict. It is called the Kuja dosh.

7th HOUSE AXIOM: Sri Rama had Mars in his 7th House marana karaka. Though Mars was in Capricorn, its exaltation sign, Sri Rama nevertheless had to undergo death-like circumstances with his spouse and the conflicts of his predicament. He fought for her honour triumphantly, but it was not an easy battle. It was because Mars was well placed, though, in a marana karaka. So the experiences are simultaneous.


Houses in vedic horoscope promotes longevity, but as the 7th from the 2nd Houses in vedic horoscope, it also denotes an energy drain that can impact your lifespan. Its co-lords are Mars and Ketu, which lend high-octane Agni to transform. It is a burdensome house, but it teaches valuable lessons, and if you learn to take the change in your stride, the 8th House will bless you. If your cow down and get scared, it will trample all over you. Mangal and Ketu. Co-lords of Scorpio, the natural 8th House in the zodiac. It is associated with the lower parts of your body, flushing out, clearing out, lightening.

8th HOUSE MORALITY LESSON : It can take you to great lengths if you are willing to change.

Karaka: Saturn.

  • It depicts Debts, longevity, taxes, insurance, inheritance, windfall gains and losses, lottery, joint finances, occult sciences, secrets, mysteries, sudden-impact changes, resurrection, chronic diseases and recovery, accidents, and emergencies. Contrary to belief, the 8th House promotes longevity and leads to amazing transformations through courage. If you take a calculated risk, the 8th House will help you.
  • Good news: It sustains marriage because 8th sustains 7th House unless negative yogas get in the way. For business people, it’s a good houses in vedic horoscope as it shows growth in their field through timely loans and support.  
  • Not-so-good-news: For people in service, the 8th House reveals whether they will suffer termination and losses. It is a prime differentiator in how it functions for different people. But it is also an agent of transformation. One gentleman was stuck in a job for many years, afraid to move on. But I encouraged him. And he took a chance. Today, he is a complete success story.

8th House causes Nija doshas, doshas that you create through your actions. For example, you may be an alcoholic who drinks himself to sleep, and that’s a vice, but if you also abuse your partner, children, or family, it leads to Nija dosha.

Who’s at home? Given it’s a difficult houses in vedic horoscope, planets here must be carefully analysed before concluding.

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It’s the Houses in vedic horoscope of luck, a house that reflects our past. When reading a chart, never miss out on analyzing the 9th Lord. Because you can be like Rambo or Superman, but you still need the luck to be on your side. Everyone needs luck. Period.

The 9th House tells you whether you were born with a credit or debit note. It is vital; it can give you a charmed life, and if weak, it can make you a victim.

9th House is also a guru, father. What is luck in the early stages? Having a prosperous father gives a happy childhood. Growing up, you get good teachers and mentors who teach you the right things and set you on the correct path.

Karaka: Jupiter.

Karaka in Vedic Astrology
  • It depicts: Luck, spouse’s brother, younger brothers, pilgrimage, rituals, spirituality, gurus, travel stimulus, open-mindedness, father, guru, boss/employer, destiny, higher education, good deeds of previous lives, blessings and divine help, wealth (Laxmi), abstract thinking, out-of-the-box thinking, hips, thighs, tailbone.
  • Good news: A robust 9th House means you have been good to your guru/mentor in the past life, and they are blessing you now. So, keeping this in mind, be kind to your mentors in this lifetime. It will continue to strengthen your 9th Houses in vedic horoscope, and any lapses will damage its potential. 9th House also signifies your boss. Why do you get good bosses and not one from hell? Because you have an upbeat 9th Houses in vedic horoscope. It makes you lucky. 

A strong 9th lord, placed in good houses in vedic horoscope, can magnify your professional life. It also empowers speakers, motivators, and life coaches because it gives them broad thinking. 

  • Not-so-good-news: If you have a terrible boss, you are probably attracted to this lousy Karma due to your actions. So, tolerate it and try to improve your circumstances.

Who’s at home? If the 9th lord is in the Lagna, it’s a good placement. 9th Lord in the 9th House is super!


The 10th House is called Karma Bhava because it is your ‘karma kshetra’; it is the fruition of your good karmas. I also call it Swarga Loka. Why? Because you can get moksha purely based on how sincerely you have worked throughout your life. A strong Dasamsa (D10) or 10th divisional chart can grant you moksha and take you to Swarga Loka.

Work is worship. The 10th House is all about work. When you make consistent efforts to make your time relevant to society by contributing to it, it is the highest work ethic. 

We spend significant time doing the 10th House activity – work. It is your bastion, and you can claim it through sheer hard work. If you want to succeed, use your working hours to the fullest. When the Sun is up, and you are meditating or chasing other activities, it negates the 10th House discipline.

Karakas: Mercury (primary), Saturn, Jupiter, and Sun. 

  • It denotes: Career, job, status, image, fame, honour, rise in life, Karma (actions), government, recognition, father’s status, economic standing, knees, maturing of efforts for career success.
  • Good news: It can create Simhasana Yoga (10th House in the 2nd House like Narendra Modi) and Siddhi Yoga (10th Lord in Lagna). Sun has its digbala in the 10th House for that reason. Swami Vivekananda, who lived to age 36, achieved an incredible amount in his life, tasks that most people in their old age couldn’t pull off. He will attain moksha. For him, work was worship. 

Always imagine a throne in the 10th Houses in vedic horoscope. It is yours to claim if you work hard.

  • Not-so-good-news: Malefics in the 10th House will take off the shine and impact career. If the 10th House lord is poorly placed, debilitated or adversely aspected, it will have a similar impact. In. a female horoscope, if there are many planets in the 10th Houses in vedic horoscope, she will face many challenges with her partner and relationships. 

Who’s at home? Natural benefics like Jupiter or Venus are excellent and strong. Waxing moon and mercury also do well here. Sun or Rahu signifies government positions in a career. 10th House lord aspected by natural benefics strengthens the Houses in vedic horoscope. Lord of trines, 1st, 5th, 9th in the 10th House is a good placement and shows career success.


11th HOUSE IN A NUTSHELL: It’s like a Post-Dated Cheque (PDC). You are good if you can cash it, and if it bounces, you are sunk.

Co-lorded by Rahu and Saturn, the 11th House, like the 6th, is tricky. 

It is the Aya Bhava or income house. It’s all about networking, high-level associations and deals that turn into income. The future of business is 5th from the 7th Houses in vedic horoscope, which is the 11th House. When the 11th and 7th have a connection, it’s great for business and income. The House reveals how the native will relate to the world and people and succeed or fail.

The 11th House is about your place in the world, and it is a bridge from the promise of the 10th House to the changes of the 12th Houses in vedic horoscope.

Karaka: Jupiter

  • It denotes: Income, earnings, salary, financial gains or losses, bonuses, victories, hopes, dreams of success, social circle, awards, recognition, networking, conversion of networking into income, elder siblings, expensive objects, gadgets, friends, elder siblings.
  • Good news: For a native to gain wealth, they must be supported by the 11th Houses in vedic horoscope. It can make you wealthy, famous, and renowned. Despite being a badhaka houses in vedic horoscope, the 11th gives you a push to achieve your dreams. Moving to a foreign country, a new relationship, or a new job gives you the impetus to succeed. 

Rahu in the 11th, the natural sign of Aquarius, is about the amplification of all things expensive

  • Not-so-good-news: It’s a natural badhaka houses in vedic horoscope, which blocks your efforts with money, relationships, decisions, etc. If the House is afflicted, it can bring a bucketful of crime or pain that is quite unbearable because it is also the House of hope and despair. You sense hope or end up in despair. Because it has Rahu and Saturn influencing it, it is a sun-and-shadow combination. Depending on how your 11th Lord is placed, it will give the matching results. If the House is strong, all speculations and ‘greed’ will bear fruit, but if not, it can backfire.

WATCH THIS TIP: 11th Lord is also Kala (Time), so the type of watch you wear matters. The two co-lords, as I said, for the 11th House as Saturn and Rahu. So, for example, if Saturn, your 11th Lord, is in Cancer, wear a watch with a white bezel or strap. If Rahu, as Lord of 2nd House, is in Tula, wear a black bezel or strap.

Who’s at home? The 11th is the upachaya Houses in vedic horoscope, so Sun and Moon are well placed here unless it is the place of their debilitation.


Is every expense bad? What’s the difference between expenditure and investment? What has value? When you spend on a vacation, is that expense or an investment?

It is the essence of the 12th House. The Upapada Lagna is seen here, which tells you where your spouse is coming from. Unlike the 7th Houses in vedic horoscope, which is about taking and expectations, the 12th House is about giving and caring for the life partner. The union of a couple in its purest, selfless sense is seen from the 12th House.

Karaka: Saturn.

  • It denotes: Pure unions, travel, personal life, bedroom, secret enemies,

Meditation, moksha, hospitals, health, loss, going away, isolation, solitude, letting go, spirituality, foreign travel, foreign residence, sacrifice, and sleep disorders.

  • Good news: It is the meditation houses in vedic horoscope, your ability to give. Letting go is about giving; holding on is about taking. So, it can promote your spiritual progress. The 12th House facilitates a great relationship based on mutual giving, and a strong 12th House indicates a foreign element, even residence. Ketu in the 12th House is considered excellent for spiritual progress as it’s the planet of detachment. The Sun is also strong here.
  • Not-so-good-news: It’s a House of Loss, so there will be some element of dissipation whatever the planet, but a lot depends on how the influences and potential are channelized by the native.

Who’s at home: Any planet in the 12th Houses in vedic horoscope signifies a loss of its qualities. If your 7th Lord is in the 12 House, it indicates disinterest in relationships or money. 10th Lord in the 12th House means you will always be unstable in jobs. 


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