Hora Shastra: It's All About The Right Time
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Hora Shastra: It’s all about the right time

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Forget dollars and dimes. The real wealth you can possess is Time. So, how do you pick the right time to do something? Here are the answers.

How often have you heard people say this?

‘It is all about the right timing’.

‘When the Time is right, everything will fall in place’.

‘It will help if you wait for the Right Time’. 

‘A stitch in time saves nine’.

Then there are other questions such as:

When will I find true love? 

When will I get married?

When will I find a job? 

When will I have children?

When is the Good Time? 

When is the Right Time?

Table Of Content

  • Hora Shastra & Its Importance
  • How the hora shastra chakra is drawn?
  • Hora Shastra Chart

All these questions are about Time. However, timing an event can be incredibly daunting for a Vedic Astrologer. In this post, I’ll explain how to understand Hora Shastra, the ancient Indian calculation of timing a particular event.


Hora Shastra is the smallest unit of Time considered for selecting the Muhurta or the auspicious moment for a particular activity, and it has a duration of approximately 60 minutes. 


The English word ‘hour’ is derived from Hora. Hora also mean Aho+Ratra (night & day)

Since we have 24 hours in a solar day (a Vedic day is calculated from sunrise to sunrise while the English calendar day is counted from midnight to midnight), therefore, we have 24 Horas during one solar day on Earth. A particular planet lords each Hora. The lordship is a chronological sequence of the planetary speeds going from fastest (Chandra/Moon) to slowest (Shani/Saturn) except for the first Hora of the week lorded by the Sun as a mark of respect since the Sun is the Lord of the Solar system and significator of Life or Srushti.

Ancient Hindu astrologers subdivided each sign of the Zodiac into halves and called each division a Hora. Thus, roughly 1 hour is needed for each Hora to pass the meridian or rise in the East. However, Hindu astrologers did not measure Time in hours and minutes, and they used Ghatis and Vighatis as measurement tools. Thus, one day had 60 Ghatis. Each zodiac sign comprises approximately 5 Ghatis or half a sign, and a Hora is about two and a half ghatis. 

Hindu astrologers knew that some activities thrive or prosper during certain Ghatis, and some ‘fall through’ certain Ghatis. I have provided a table to make the Hora calculations simple and convenient. The different Hora and the matters which will prove beneficial if performed during that Hora are given below for easy reference.

Hora calculations


Suppose we consider the heliocentric system of planets, a cosmological model in which the Sun is at or near a central point, e.g., the solar system or the universe, while Earth and other bodies revolve around it. Now consider the speeds of planets; theMoon orbits the fastest. Let’s list the planets based on speed and distance from the Sun; we get the order as Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Although the Moon is a satellite of the Earth, it is a planet that moves. (For a heavenly body to qualify as a planet, it must be a moving object). Vedic Astrology follows the geocentric system, which is the basis of planetary position calculations. As per this system, observation of planets, celestial bodies, and their movements are done from the Earth. Moreover, Moon has a significant influence on the sustenance of human life and thus gets extreme importance in the Vedic Astrology system.


A sequential matrix arrangement of the Lord of different horas in a day and a week is known as a Hora Chakra. You can use the Hora Shastra Chakra to plan your day and call it your day’s Bucket List.


Talking to your boss on an important matter? Use the Hora of Sun.

Want to resolve personal problems or romantic issues? Use the Hora of Venus.

When you pick your activities based on the Hora Lord, you get focused energy with the blessings of the Hora lord.

So, if you match your activity to the most compatible Hora, you can maximize the results. Therefore, the Hora Shastra Chakra is a great tool to succeed in day-to-day life, with weeks and the year planned for favourable outcomes.

Consult an astrologer for a more customized use of the Hora Shastra matched to your horoscope for professional, health and relationship matters.


A Vedic solar day lasts from sunrise to the next sunrise. The total time elapsed is Kul-mana (the total time available in one solar day), generally around 24 hours. Kul-mana comprises two parts, i.e., Dina-Mana (sunrise to sunset) and Ratri-Mana (sunset to next sunrise). There are 12 horas in the Dina-Mana and 12 in Ratri-Mana.

Dina or Day Hora: Divide Dina-Mana (sunrise to evening) by 12

Ratri or Night Hora: Divide Ratri-Mana (sunset to sunrise) by 12.

The Time of Horas will vary from place to place depending on the sunrise and sunset time. The Hora will differ from country to country due to differences in longitudes and latitudes. Day Horas will be longer in summer and shorter in winter.

Also, sunrise is calculated as per the determined Time irrespective of cloud cover or weather that may shield the Sun’s rays.

If you study the pattern, you will observe that the Lord of the fourth Hora starts the first hour of the next day and the Lord of the sixth Hora starts the first hour of the night.

The weekday sequence is based on the lordship of the first hour of the day, an essential concept in Jyotish. 

Remember the following:
  • Rule #H01: The Lord of the first hour of the day is the Lord of the day called Dinesa or Varesha. We get two (perhaps more) corollaries from this rule which is the foundation of Hora Shastra. 
  • Cor #01: The Lord of the first day (or first Hora) of a month becomes the Lord of the Month and is called Masadhipati (Lord of Month).
  • Cor #02: The Lord of the first day (or first Hora) in a Year becomes the Lord of the year and is Varsheshwara (Lord of the Year).

The Hora Shastra directly influences the houses, and a knowledgeable astrologer uses this information to plan activities. In the birth chart, all activities started during the Hora ruled by the Lord of the related Bhava (House) shall fructify. Similarly, activities begun during the Hora of the Badhakesh from the concerned Bhava shall suffer obstruction. Activities started during the Hora of the Rogesh (8th Lord) from the concerned Bhava shall suffer.


  • Sun’s Hora:

This Hora Shastra is strong on Sundays and Sun-star days. For example, whenever the Sun is exalted or in its sign and posited in its stars, Uttarashada, Krittika, and Uttara Phalguni. The Sun governs vitality, immunity, and speedy recovery. Hence, this Hora Shastra is favourable to take medicine, undergo surgery, sign government contracts, medical college applications, appeal or request a promotion, file a police complaint, enter politics, and initiate mantras.

  • Moon’s Hora:

Moon owns Cancer; hence, it is powerful on Mondays and Rohini, Hasta, and Sravana star-days, and when it occupies its exaltation/own sign and kendras from the Lagna. Approach people during the Moon’s Hora; even the strong-willed will yield, especially women. Use this time to communicate with superior officers for favourable outcomes. It’s also an excellent time to buy pearls, jewels and corals.

The Moon’s Hora is good to start a business in dairy products, especially on Friday and Saturday for ice cream. It will be beneficial to start a petrol pump or kerosene trading business on a Monday, and a Rohini star day, ideally in Godhuli (sunset) Lagna. Musicians should select the Moon’s Hora on Monday or Friday, and it’s also suitable for enrolling in Defense Services. Make plans during Moon’s Hora Shastra for grand success as it promotes brilliant ideas.

  • Mars’ Hora:

Mars is strong on Tuesdays, governs Aries and Scorpio signs, and its star days are Mrigarshirsha, Chitra, and Dhanishta. Mars in Capricorn is exalted; if positioned in its star, it is in the most potent position, especially if it is the 10th House during the Hora Shastra of Mars. It is promising for the Commander-in-Chief of an Army to prepare for war, an excellent time to file a legal suit, and if you need to win arguments, do it during Mars Hora. 

Mars Hora Shastra is favourable to reaching a compromise/settlement and purchasing land, and buildings, especially on Saturday. Joining duty as a judge or taking the oath of office on Thursday is beneficial. Fridays are good for executive officers of temples, churches, mosques, colleges, schools, and to take sanyasa. Those who purchase property between 8 am and 10 am with their Sun in the 12th House will not enjoy land value appreciation, whereas buying property on Sundays and Tuesdays, between 08 am and 10 am (with Sun in the 11th House) will get the full advantage of the price rise.

  • Mercury’s Hora:

The Hora Shastra of Mercury is quick and dynamic. It is considered auspicious for trade and business-related matters, for learning and teaching, studying scriptures, astrology, writing, printing, and publishing-related works.

  • Jupiter’s Hora:

The Hora Shastra of Jupiter is very auspicious for all new beginnings:  joining a job, starting a business, religious undertakings, marriage talks, journeys, and pilgrimages. Jupiter is strong on Thursdays, or when the Moon transits the stars, Poorvabhadrapada 1st to 3rd padas. It’s strong in Jupiter-owned signs Sagittarius and Pisces, and when transitting Punarvasu or Vishakha stars or when Moon transits Cancer, the exaltation sign of Jupiter. Ask for favours, loans or overdraft facilities during Jupiter Hora Shastra; the chances of success are higher.

  • Venus Hora:

It is a strong Hora Shastra for Venusian matters. On Fridays, or when the Moon transits the stars Bharani, Purvashada, and Purvaphalguni, or Moon spans Taurus, Libra, or Pisces (the exaltation sign of Venus), you knowingly or unknowingly commence your matters signified by Venus. Success, peace, prosperity, harmony, and happiness are promised. Select Venus Hora to meet a taskmaster; you will find them calm and cooperative. Even a militant and rash person will give a patient hearing and be helpful; tempers cool during this Hora. Write love letters during Venus Hora and succeed beyond expectations.

If you receive a reply, do not open it till Venus Hora. Now it may sound illogical because the person has already written the letter. How can its contents change?

Try this: open the note at any Hora. If it is a Saturn Hora, the person will express their inability to meet you and fix some other time. If it is Mars Hora, the letter’s tone will upset you, and you could think of forgetting the whole affair. However, if you open it during the Venus Hora, you will fix a date for dinner, a movie, party. You should select Venus Hora Shastra if you desire a lasting relationship. Also, choose Venus Hora to purchase jewels, silks, expensive clothes, perfumes, and beauty aids. Also, if you want to sever relations, this hour is helpful.

  • Saturn Hora:

This Hora Shastra is characterized by lethargy and delay. Avoid taking up activities that require immediate attention or speedy results. Take up time-consuming activities like foundation laying, opening fixed deposit accounts, dealing with labour-related issues, etc. For all other matters, avoid this Hora.  

So start trying it and do share your experience about it, knowledge has to be applicable! If you have any questions please do ask via various options in the website.


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