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1. What is Vedic Astrology?

Jyotish or Vedic Astrology has its roots in the Vedas, India’s ancient sacred texts containing the fundamental knowledge of human existence. Véda means knowledge or wisdom derived from the root vid – ‘to know’. Vedic Astrology considers human life to be an interplay of the microcosm and the macrocosm. We live on one planet of our solar system, the Earth, and therefore, the other planets in this solar system influence our mental, physical, material, and spiritual states.

The word Jyotiṣa or Jyotish means ‘Light’ and indicates the illumination required to see right from wrong. To Learn Vedic Astrology we use astronomy, mathematical calculations, the science of timekeeping, intuition, logic, and deep knowledge of planetary influences, combined with spiritual awareness, to guide us towards a more fulfilling life.

2. How is Vedic Astrology different to Western or Chinese Astrology?

Jyotish or Vedic Astrology has its roots in the Vedas, India’s ancient sacred texts containing the fundamental knowledge of human existence. Véda means knowledge or wisdom derived from the root vid – ‘to know’. Vedic Astrology considers human life to be an interplay of the microcosm and the macrocosm. We live on one planet of our solar system, the Earth, and therefore, the other planets in this solar system influence our mental, physical, material, and spiritual states.

The word Jyotiṣa or Jyotish means ‘Light’ and indicates the illumination required to see right from wrong. To Learn Vedic Astrology we use astronomy, mathematical calculations, the science of timekeeping, intuition, logic, and deep knowledge of planetary influences, combined with spiritual awareness, to guide us towards a more fulfilling life.

3. Does astrology work?

Yes, it works. Have you stood on a shoreline watching the waves on a full moon night? You will see the Moon working its influence on the waves. It’s called the pull of the Moon’s gravity on the ocean tides. If that can happen, how can we doubt that the human body with more than 90 per cent water will not feel the effect of the Moon’s gravitational pull?

There is ample evidence about the truth of astrological predictions in the public domain. It is another matter that people try to devalue its origins and merits. The influence of the planets on Earth is a validated principle.

Ancient astrologers in the Hellenistic period and the Vedic period on both sides of the world kept records of the astronomical phenomenon, looking for connections between the celestial bodies in the sky, their movements, and their influence on the terrestrial globe. In earlier times, astrology was a part of natural philosophy in the West.

4. What is Vastu?

Vastu or Vastu Shastra (the science of architecture) is a traditional Indian system that lays down principles for design, measurements, space arrangement, and geometry of space for architecture. It can be for the entire structure and the various divisions such as rooms, beams, walls, ceilings, windows, etc. Vastu lays down the principles of building these features to align with the laws of nature and the elements such as the sun, wind, space, water, and fire. The interplay of these elements in a building or house adheres to the Vastu principles that promote harmony and health for the resident individuals. But is that all? Vedic Vastu Shastra is a bit different and is done based on your horoscope to suit you, Kaartik Gor is an expert and has handled multiple projects on Vastu globally.

5. How does Vastu work?

Vastu harmonises the interplay of nature’s elements and topography (where the house or structure is built). It gives importance to the structure’s purpose related to the horoscope or birth chart of the individual who will own that place (like a factory or office building) or live in it.

A thorough study of these elements is critical for proper Vastu guidelines. It is wrong to think that Vastu works the same for everyone. It is a highly evolved system based on the laws of nature and their impact on the human mind and body.

6. What is KaalaSarpa dosha?

It is a planetary event in an individual’s horoscope where the planets in the 12 houses are hemmed between the houses or bhavas occupied by Rahu and Ketu. There are broadly two kinds of KalaSarpa: All planets between Rahu-Ketu or Ketu-Rahu, and each has its influence on the individual’s birth chart.

Read Kaartik’s detailed blog on the astrological indications, impact, and impact of KaalSarpa.

7. What is Panchanga?

It’s the Hindu calendar system in use since Vedic times. ‘Panch’ means Five, and ‘Anga’ means Limbs.

Based on the lunar cycle, Panchanga considers the position of the Sun and Moon on a day of the year to calculate the right time to undertake important and auspicious events. There are five aspects to Panchanga:

  • Vaara or the day of the week.
  • Tithi or the Moon’s phase.
  • Karana or half Tithi, or phase of the Moon, further zeroing in on the timing.
  • Yoga is calculated by adding the Sun and Moon’s longitudes and dividing them into 27 parts, of which some are auspicious and the rest not for undertaking work or purpose.
  • Nakshatra or the star the Moon is in at the time under consideration.

Other considerations include Hora or the one-hour duration during the day, ruled by a planet, Kalas or further aspects of the day, etc.

All these are analysed to decide the auspicious timing for an event or activity.

8. Is Saturn’s Sāḍesati bad?

An enormous disservice to Vedic Astrology is creating a fear syndrome in the name of birth chart analysis or the role of planets. Sadesati or the 7-1/2-year return of Saturn in the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from the Moon’s position in the horoscope. It is the journey of Saturn through these houses that occurs approximately every 29 years. (Saturn stays in one house in the birth chart for approximately 2.5 years. So, the combined stay through three houses of 12th, 1st and 2nd is about 7-1/2 years Sadesati as it is called in Hindi).

Sadesati and its impact are calculated based on the placement of Saturn, its strength and influences, the position of other planets, and divisional chart calculations. Hence, to say that Sadesati is always negative is incorrect, misleading, and unethical. On the contrary, a well-placed Saturn can confer highly favourable results in an individual’s life, and it can give fame, wealth, and success and take a person to great heights. Any astrologer who scares you in the name of Sadesati as a catch-all bad phase is not observing due diligence in providing you with guidance.

9. What is Manglik Dosha?

When the planet Mars or Mangal is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house in a horoscope, it is said to cause Mangal dosha. The person is referred to as Manglik. This placement can affect an individual’s marital life due to the characteristics of Mars. However, Manglik dosha, Mangal dosh or Kuja dosha needs thorough analysis before being confirmed. There are various mitigating factors, and a good astrologer will always look for the exact interpretation rather than scare the individual with dire prospects. So, make sure you seek the counsel of an ethical and learned astrologer.

10. Can I learn Astrology? What do I need to do?

The simple answer is anyone can learn astrology.

You need a sincere bent of mind, spiritual attitude, and the yearning to help people see their true lifepath. Mathematical skills, a retentive memory, a deeply analytical mind, and a strong intuition are also musts because system of Vedic Astrology is vast, deep, and profound.

Choose a reputed teacher from a strong lineage or Parampara who has learnt from the best astrology guru. Online astrology classes are available for all aspiring students and you don’t want to miss this opportunity in this lifetime!

11. What is Muhurta in Vedic Astrology?

‘Muhurat’ or ‘Muhurta’ refers to a moment in the day considered the most auspicious for an activity to commence. It is a system used by the Hindu calendar to determine the best time to initiate an event or action. According to this system, there are 30 muhurtas in a day which correspond to the 24 hours of the Western calendar. Depending on the time, Muhurtas can be auspicious, neutral, or inauspicious. So, for example, if you want to do pooja, prayer or ritual, you must choose an auspicious muhurta. If you select a particular activity that is considered inauspicious, the astrologer will advise you to pick an auspicious time instead.

The purpose of muhurta is to help people gain positive results from their activities.

12. Why do predictions go wrong?

You must have heard of the saying, ‘It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the right way.’ The same is true of astrological predictions. The system of Vedic Astrology is based on centuries-old wisdom and the insights of masters and sages. It is a vast, deep, and profound domain, and only those with thorough knowledge of its intricate and complex workings can accurately predict outcomes.

Jyotiṣa is an ocean, and it’s impossible to cross this in one lifetime. Astrological knowledge is vast and involves numerous permutations/combinations to arrive at a particular prediction.

Astrological predictions go wrong not because astrology is at fault but because of the astrologer’s insufficient knowledge. Please remember this essential point when you seek astrological guidance.

Watch Kaartik’s video on YouTube; it might interest you.


13. Do you teach Astrology and Vastu in Hindi?

The good news is that we are starting these classes in 2022/2023 due to numerous requests. We will begin with Free Webinars in Hindi/English and announce the course details towards the end of the year. If you want to the first batch, message our Helpdesk and reserve your slot. It will also help you if you enroll in our Webinars and Newsletters.

14. What is Horoscope Matching?

It involves comparing the boy’s and girl’s birth charts to check various levels of compatibility for marriage. A good astrologer will analyse several aspects such as harmony, physical compatibility, longevity, the strength of their bond, scope of prosperity, children, etc.

The planets’ positions in the two horoscopes are studied to see if they are in harmony or conflict regarding the couple’s prospects of togetherness and the degree of compatibility.

A complex calculation and marriage compatibility is best done by a reputed astrologer who thoroughly studies various aspects before pronouncing the verdict. Online horoscope matching is only an approximate exercise and cannot be accurate like a personalised reading.

15. What is Varshaphala or Yearly Horoscope?

Varshaphala is drawn for a solar year based on the position of the Sun at the exact longitude as at the time of the individual’s birth. It analyses the individual’s prospects in the year ahead based on their birth chart in conjunction with the transit of the planets in the coming year.

16. Can we change our destiny? How much free will do we have?

Our destiny is determined at the time of our birth. Planetary placements in a birth chart result from past karmas and point to possibilities of our actions if we do not change our outlook. For example, you see money lying on the street. You have three choices born of free will: pick it up and pocket it. Donate it to a needy person. Or leave it lying there. Each action has merit or demerit.

Free will is a powerful force; it’s about the conscious choices that will either mitigate bad Karma or add to it. So, fate or destiny and free will are intertwined. The more you make ethical choices out of free will, the more you alter your future.

So, do good, think pure thoughts, and lead an honest life. You can undo your past-life Karma, and the choice is yours.

17. Can I invite Kaartik Gor to our conference or YouTube/Instagram channel for interaction?

Yes, Kaartik can speak at events and conferences in person and via YouTube/Instagram. To book his participation, WhatsApp his Helpdesk on +971504269688 for further details.

18. What is Prashna? Is it accurate?

Prashna means Question. It is a method of answering a particular question by an individual based on the time of the question and a reading of a person’s birth chart. The Vedic Astrologer analyses these interconnections to provide the answer.

Not every Vedic Astrologer is adept in the Prashna method. Only a trained astrologer can draw a Prashna chart and answer the question correctly because there are special rules applicable in Prashna. Also, the question must be precise, truthful, focused, not vague or insincere.

19. Do Omens or Nimittas, as they are called in Sanskrit, work? Should I fear them?

Does the universe work in a pattern? It does. Omens or Nimittas are manifestations of the forces of the universe. They are expressions of the universe’s energies and can be benign or hostile. One of the most common experiences is the signs in the air, as we call them. Imagine you are going for an appointment, and suddenly, someone has an accident or a tree falls on the road; what’s your immediate reaction? You feel upset because they are not positive events.

Nimittas are signals we catch that foretell the course of the outcome. When an individual asks a question, the astrologer will pay attention to the surroundings and analyse the mood and moment. Positive signs will indicate success, while negative signs indicate the contrary.
Do not fear Nimittas but learn to find the strength to face the challenges.

20. What’s the difference between North Indian and South Indian astrology?

The differences between the two methods lie in the birth chart grid. The North Indian Chart, drawn as a diamond-shaped house within a rectangular grid, runs counter-clockwise in the 12 house or bhava. In the South Indian birth chart, the rectangular grid goes clockwise from any house or bhava.

In the North Indian chart, the zodiac sign symbol is numbered, with Aries being 1, Taurus being 2, and so on, and the ascendant house is always at the top of the grid, numbered per the sign. In the South Indian chart, Aries is always in the 2nd House from the top left of the rectangular birth chart grid, and the Ascendant House can be anywhere in the clockwise sequence depending on the time of birth.

Beyond these differences, the two methods follow the same Vedic Astrological principles.

21. Are online yearly or monthly Lagna or Rasi predictions worth following?

These are highly generalised predictions for mass consumption based on Ascendant Signs (Lagna), Moon Birth Signs, or Rasis. They are generic and of little relevance to the individual’s birth chart. They cannot offer an accurate picture because they do not consider the various influences of planets, conjunctions, aspects, and other calculations that make a birth chart a unique map of a person’s life path.

Read them to satisfy your curiosity if you must, but if you want accurate predictions for your birth chart, consult an astrologer.

22. I have lost faith in astrologers. What should I do?

We understand why this can happen. Unfortunately, many Vedic Astrologers take to this revered system for vested interests and diminish its purity and nobility. So, it is natural to lose faith. But as we said earlier, it’s not astrology that needs to be questioned; it’s the astrologer who is doing it a disservice.

Make sure you approach a reputed, ethical, and experienced astrologer from a distinguished lineage, and your faith in astrology will be restored.

23. Can I wear a Rudraksha?

Yes, Shivo Ham, there is a part of God in us. Per our Parampara and Shiva Purana, we always chose the 5th lord for our primary Rudraksha or a 5-Mukhi Rudraksha, but the knowledge is more profound than this. The 5th house is about our insecurities, too, since it is connected to our future (Kids, Speculation, etc.). So, wearing a Rudraksha right for you is a good decision.

24. What are yantras, and do they work?

Yantras have multiple uses, and the removal of Vastu dosha is one of them. People’s common mistake with yantras is buying them and installing them without ‘activating’ them. It’s like having an ATM card without a 4-digit pin. Yantras are used to activate Rājayoga in a horoscope; even the placement and direction of the Yantra at home or office must be based on the horoscope or birth chart.

For example, Kaartik has Jupiter in Lagna, and he has placed a Vyasa Yantra above the place he sits during his teaching classes or consultations.

25. How does the Surya Yantra work?

Surya is the initiator of all Rājayoga, and all classics confirm that. This Yantra’s design is based on the ancient knowledge of my Parampara to help you initiate yoga to promote your health, wealth, or prosperity. The central part is the focus of the Surya Yantra, and it’s essential to activate it. You can read more about it in this website’s Yantra section.

26. How do I know which gemstone works for me?

There is no easy answer. It’s like asking a person who has never seen you, ‘Which shirt should I buy?” Just like a tailor needs to take your measurements to stitch you a shirt with the perfect fit, it’s essential to consult an astrologer to know if you should wear a gemstone or not. Your horoscope must be analysed before making recommendations. Also, every gemstone has a purpose, and it is essential to understand it. What is your aim? Do you want more wealth, better health, or good family life? Are you looking for short-term or long-term solutions? It’s akin to choosing winter clothing, summer dresses or all-weather garments, and each call for a different approach.

Much astrological software blindly recommends the gemstone of a person’s Lagna lord, and nothing can be more erroneous. Wearing a gemstone is not a trivial matter; it requires the advice and guidance of an experienced astrologer.

27. Can an astrologer draw an individual’s death chart?

They can, but there are rules. Kaartik teaches his students to recite mantras before opening ANY horoscope or doing a Prashna. The death chart is called Punya Chakra, and it guides us on the soul’s journey after death. Remedies can help the soul reach its destination faster, and it’s like having a platinum pass.

28. What is Punya Chakra?

In Hindi, the journey of death is called ‘Antim Yatra (or Last Journey). Punya Chakra reveals the soul’s last voyage and how it will pan out. Will the soul be reborn? If yes, where? What karmas is taking the soul to moksha or higher lokas? All this can be seen in the Punya Chakra. How does it help the departed soul? Family members can initiate remedies to ensure the soul reaches its destination and does not fall (if indicated in the Punya chakra).

However, students of astrology are warned not to undertake it as a pastime. Open the reading ONLY after reciting the proper mantras and gaining the approval of your mentor/guru.

29. What is the truth about yogas in a chart? Why don’t they fructify 100%?

In Jyotiṣa, multiple yogas can form in a birth chart but not all become functional. Some yogas are defunct, and some are dependent on the dasha. Sun is the initiator of all Rājayoga; hence we also need to activate yoga via mantras or yantras.

Some yogas are ‘Bhavishyat Yogas’ (Future Yogas) that will fulfil in another lifetime.

Finally, there is Kriyaman Karma or current actions, which depending on good or bad, can initiate or destroy a Rājayoga. Never underestimate the power of Shiva’s trident!

30. Is Brihat Parashara different to Jaimini Sutras?

Both Maharishi Parashara and Jaimini were contemporary geniuses. Jaimini’s methods were aligned more towards Kaliyuga; hence his sutras are bolder yet strategic.

Having said this, learning Jaimini is complex and not for the faint-hearted. Each sutra is decoded in a secret language called as Katapayadi system because the objective was to prevent the knowledge from ending up in the wrong hands.

In a nutshell, both approaches are complementary, but when in doubt. Refer to Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS).

You can listen to Kaartik’s podcast on this topic here.

31. What are the differences between BPHS, Jaimini, Saravalli, Lal Kitab, etc.?

Just as we have different authors on a subject, the beautiful world of Jyotiṣa has several wise minds nurturing its core principles. Sārāvaliī is by Kalyana Verma, and if you want to learn the role of Chandra/Moon in astrology, this is a text you can’t ignore.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS) and Jaimini Sutras are go-to guides.

Our tradition does not encourage Lal Kitaab, as it’s advisable to avoid the dark side and not spoil your Kriyaman karmas.

32. What is Karma? How can it be seen in a birth chart?

Karma is seen in various forms in a horoscope. Your Prārabdh Karma (past life Karma) is seen from your birth horoscope, while your Kriyaman Karma (Karma after birth) is seen from Prashna. Please read Kaartik’s article and watch his video on this topic.

33. What is a divisional chart? How important is it to study them for predictions?

Human beings have numerous facets. We are good in some respects, average in some and poor in others. For example, someone could be an excellent professional, a good husband but an uncaring father or son.

The Shoḍaśavarga, or 16 divisional charts, talk about us in 16 aspects and attitudes, achievements, and setbacks in specific areas of life. Studying these 16 divisional charts gives a comprehensive picture of how we can optimise our talents, strengthen our weaknesses, and meet challenges.

34. What are the most critical divisional charts?

This depends on what you want to study. Navāṁśa or D9 is the most critical chart since it accumulates your overall Bhagya or luck (or misfortunes). If you’re going to refer to a specific divisional chart, you can refer to the Navamsa and then confirm the event in the Rāsi chart of the horoscope.

For example, a person says, ‘I have lost my job’. How do we handle this question?

We first ensure the birth chart is rectified to the exact time of birth so the event shows up in the Dasāṁśa or D10 chart. The Dasa, at that point, must have an impact on the 8th or 3rd lord if the person has a job.

We then check the Navamsa to confirm if the event is adverse or a blessing in disguise. Then, we look at the Rasi chart to see the impact of the job loss and its consequences.

35. Is Rahu always bad?

Unfortunately, some astrologers have made Rahu and Saturn the eternal bad guys. Based on our karmas, each planet has a project/portfolio to handle, and a planet will only act according to your karmas. So, its influence on your life is more about YOU than the planet. Rahu’s positive possibilities are immense. It gives you foreign residence, intellect, the ability to think deep and strategic, fame, and wealth. Are these bad things to have?

Yes, Rahu is a tamasic planet; it can take you away from spiritual goals, but equally, it can also take you towards spirituality under the influence of benign plants.

If you are an entrepreneur, you need Rahu to help you succeed.

Rahu tempts you into karmas, so you are reborn and go through the drill of working out your karmas all over again. The key to preventing rebirths is to understand the power of temptations and illusion and not be lured by them for easy gains for the body and mind.

If you decide to give in to temptation, why blame Rahu?

36. How can I know in which country I should stay or migrate to for a successful life?

Ask yourself these two questions:

Are you looking for prosperity and financial surety?

Do you desire health and happiness?

Based on your pick, check if you have any planet in Digbala from Lagna or Āruḍha Lagna. Digbala from Āruḍha lagna will ensure financial prosperity, Digbala from lagna will ensure good health.

Also, check the direction of the planet based on Kalachakra’s directions.

37. Can I improve my health using Vedic Astrology?

Kaartik has made diet charts based on horoscopes and has seen great results. For example, we tend to avoid foods associated with the planet in the 8th house. Likewise, we can do a SWOT analysis of all the nine planets and devise a good diet for our health.

For example, Mercury rules cardio, and Mars rules weight training. So, by studying the planetary positions, an individual can be guided to the proper diet for optimum health and wellness.

38. Many astrologers only study the Raśi and Navamsa charts. Is this right?

Every astrologer has an approach that works well with truth and wisdom. Some astrologers study only the Rasi chart yet are brilliant with their predictions. Also, it depends on the issue. If the question is related to marriage/relationship, reading the Rasi and Navamsa charts are sufficient.

39. Can astrology predict if a spouse is cheating?

Yes, and this is where Jaimini is brilliant! Students of astrology are advised not to reveal this outcome if they spot it in a chart unless the spouse asks for the answer, and it’s not suitable for an astrologer to display their skill on such sensitive matters.

40. Is Black Magic Real?

Yes, it is, and there are rules about who can be affected and who won’t. There are clear rules for those who can do black magic, and you surely want to stay away from them.

These cases require harsh remedies and can be a dark phase in life.

41. How do I know someone is under a spell?

To answer, in short, look at the relationship between the 6th House Lord (motive) with Bādhaka to assess the situation. The 8th House Lord, if involved, can be life-threatening too. The role of Gulika and Mandi need to be checked apart from other factors.

42. Does Numerology work?

Numerology is based on numbers and their properties. Every number has an inherent characteristic, and these are co-related to your name, date of birth, and place of birth to determine your path and the choices you can make for better prospects.

There is ample evidence that numerology was used in ancient days in many civilisations, including Chinese, Japanese, Roman and Babylonian.

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    Kaartik gives you simple ideas. It’s like a golf ball; even a small degree of change in the degree of point of contact with the ball will drastically change the ball’s destination. That’s what I feel about Kaartik’s suggestions. Traditional astrologers instill fear; Kaartik provides logic, solutions, and tangible advice. When you listen to him, it feels right, and when you implement his suggestions, you start seeing the results.

    People like Kaartik are a blessing to society; they see what ordinary people cannot. He decodes birth charts beautifully, seeing the roadblocks ahead and telling you how to deal with them. Every time I want to start something new or invest, the first person I contact is Kaartik.

    If you feel stuck or need clarity, get in touch with him. You will see a beautiful, prosperous life ahead of you.”

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    Consulting Kaartik was my best investment. Thank you, Kaartik, for your spirituality, warm guidance, and wise words. I am forever grateful.”

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    1. Booking appointment: The team is prompt in response and highly flexible. Despite Kaartik’s busy schedule, they were able to accommodate my urgent request.

    2. Consultation: I always prefer to take an hour-long consultation. Kaartik is patient and takes the time to hear me out to understand my situation. His predictions are highly accurate, and he also provides affordable solutions that work best with your faith or beliefs. 

    3. Classes: Kaartik is generous with his knowledge and shares it with all his heart. I would highly recommend watching his videos on LinkedIn and YouTube. If you want to learn astrology, please watch these videos, and you will be inspired to take up classes.

    We are grateful to Kaartik and his team for helping us in our time of need and would highly recommend his office for Vedic Astrology and Vastu-related matters.”

    “Mr Kaartik Gor is a superb teacher. He came highly recommended to me by another Jyotisha whom I respect greatly. He told me to join Kaartik’s courses, as he is logical, knowledgeable and someone he respects and from whom I can learn a great deal. I am glad I did, as he is honest, and it comes across in his style/flow of teaching. He started a 3-year course, and I am super excited to go through this as his Lagna is where my 5th pada is (Jyotish from whom I can easily learn). So that makes it more exciting. 

    I would not hesitate to utilize his services. He’s fact-driven, modernizing an ancient science and making it relatable while preserving its traditions and wonderful insights to those blessed with the karma to have an opportunity to have access to him.”

    “My first interaction/consultation with Kaartik was almost 10 years ago. To date, I find him as genuine, attentive, thorough, and precise as ever despite his hectic schedule. I wish him all the best.”

    “It was a pleasure to meet Kaartik, who was of great help in shedding light on certain attributes in my life. He is also teaching me astrology, and his approach is simple to follow and full of integrity. Kaartik offers fantastic guidance as an astrologer and teacher, and I look forward to a continued journey!”

    “Excellent Vedic Astrologer, Teacher and Vastu consultant! Highly recommended, always available Jyotish Guru from a +2,500-year-old tradition. I have received excellent guidance during the toughest times, and as per his advice, I built a home office and have always had work and been successful. It’s all thanks to his teachings and mentoring.”

    “I believe in the energy of the Universe, and this is not the first time I have sought advice from Kaartik. Each time listening to his advice, I was satisfied. The last time, when it was necessary to make small investments, I heeded his advice and did not lose. Thank you for what you are doing.”

    “A consultation with Kaartik is one of the best things one can do in troubled times. He is unlike other astrologers and has deep knowledge, and he guides you with practical advice and offers easy-to-follow remedies. Thank you, Kaartik.”

    “I was referred to Kaartik by friends from BNI, and it wasn’t my first time meeting an astrologer. Typically, you meet an astrologer with some faith, a few doubts, and some beliefs. Though you listen and do what they tell you, a part of your mind keeps asking you if you believe in them.

    With Kaartik, it was a different experience. First, you feel like you are meeting a friend. Second, he gives you the space to speak. Then he explains how Vedic Shastras work, his background and finally, comes to the consultation. By this time, you are entirely in tune with him.

    Many of us have our birth time given to us by our parents. Kaartik’s unique and scientific method of determining your precise birth time and his factual explanations convince you of his genuine knowledge and approach.

    Thanks a ton, Kaartik, for making time for me. I will sincerely follow your advice, and I look forward to meeting you more often to take more spiritual guidance on my life journey. Thank you, once again.”

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