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4-Week Course In Vedic Astrology With Kaartik Gor

Beware! When there's a flood of information, you can drown!


If you want to learn Vedic Astrology, there are two ways:


Surfing astrology websites and reading books on astrology, hoping to become an ‘expert’.


Learning from an experienced astrologer with a solid background.

Don’t stitch a messy patchwork quilt of half-truths. Learn astrology the right way from an expert. Vedic Astrology is not only about the correct knowledge; it’s about knowing the RULES, developing INSIGHTS, and learning its APPLICATION. Only a teacher can help you master these skills. Kaartik Gor offers a range of online Vedic Astrology classes designed for EVERYONE. Begin with the introductory 4-Week Course and embark on an exciting journey!


Live classes with Kaartik Gor

Jyotiśa and its Roots

It's essential to know the Why before understanding the What. Learning the Roots of Jyotisa lays the foundation to be a life-long knowledge seeker.

The Basics of Mantras

Mantras are powerful devices, and they need to be correctly understood before chanting. I have seen students' collect' mantras without realizing they can negatively if misapplied. It is essential to know how a mantra is derived and why you should or shouldn't recite a specific mantra.

The Ethics of Jyotiśa

A primer that informs you about how to follow foundational rules of Jyotisa to avoid negative karmas: these rules are critical to being a practising Vedic Astrologer.

All About Vedic Horoscopes

Are horoscopes seen differently in different schools of Vedic Astrology? Does a South Indian birth chart read differently than an East Indian one? Which is the correct way to draw a horoscope for readings on prosperity and good health? Loads of tips and insights!

Karma Vs Freewill in a Vedic Horoscope

Why are we born with a specific kind of birth chart? Do karmas impact our birth? Is everything predestined in astrology? What is our free will?


Why do planets become 'karakas' or significators of a particular thing or event in our life?

Marana Karakas

Why are planets highly uncomfortable in a particular house or bhava, and what's their negative or mortal impact on our life?

Houses in Vedic Astrology & its significations

Understand the 12 houses or bhavas in a birth chart and their qualities and influences on all areas of our lives.

Navagraha Planets & Significations

The Nine Planets, their qualities, interplays, influences, and impact on our life.

Dwadash Aditya

The 12 forms of the Sun Lord, when placed in the 12 Houses, what each placement signifies.

Dwadash Jyotirlinga

The 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva and their significance.

Exaltation and Debilitation of Planets

Why do planets attain Exaltation or Debilitation in particular houses or bhavas, which influences their behaviour? We will understand this critical issue.

Chatur Lagna and its Use

The four types of Lagnas based on Kendra Houses and how their condition affects your activities: Udaya Lagna (1st House); Akash Lagna (4th House); Asta Lagna (7th House), and Jala Lagna (10th House).

Power of Speech in Vedic Astrology

What planets and bhava conditions help or impede your power of speech? Everything you need to know!

Secrets of Graha and Remedies for Planets

What are the planets planning for you according to your birth chart? What can we do to avoid trouble? Learn the secrets of how to overcome planetary challenges.


NOTE: The 4-Week Course is pre-recorded, and Kaartik Gor provides all answers. For sustained growth, graduate to Kaartik’s 1-YEAR COURSE and 3-YEAR EXTENSIVE COURSE in Vedic Astrology with LIVE WEBINARS.


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Take your first steps into Vedic Astrology and experience your Aha moment! You'll be glad you walked through the door.

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    “I have known Kaartik Gor for more than 5 years. Since I met him, I have had a special connection with him. He is well-read in astrology and highly logical. When I was facing challenges in my business, finances, and relationships, I asked him for advice, and he gave me simple remedies, which I followed, bringing about a massive difference.

    Kaartik gives you simple ideas. It’s like a golf ball; even a small degree of change in the degree of point of contact with the ball will drastically change the ball’s destination. That’s what I feel about Kaartik’s suggestions. Traditional astrologers instill fear; Kaartik provides logic, solutions, and tangible advice. When you listen to him, it feels right, and when you implement his suggestions, you start seeing the results.

    People like Kaartik are a blessing to society; they see what ordinary people cannot. He decodes birth charts beautifully, seeing the roadblocks ahead and telling you how to deal with them. Every time I want to start something new or invest, the first person I contact is Kaartik.

    If you feel stuck or need clarity, get in touch with him. You will see a beautiful, prosperous life ahead of you.”

    “I just finished a 3-hour session with Kaartik, and I’m in awe. He has tremendous knowledge and experience in his field, and I was shocked when he mentioned things no one knows about me, my personality, and my thoughts. 

    Kaartik is extremely pleasant, he puts you at ease and welcomes as many questions as possible. 

    Consulting Kaartik was my best investment. Thank you, Kaartik, for your spirituality, warm guidance, and wise words. I am forever grateful.”

    “My family and I have consulted Kaartik on several occasions and would like to highlight some of my positive experiences with Kaartik and his team.

    1. Booking appointment: The team is prompt in response and highly flexible. Despite Kaartik’s busy schedule, they were able to accommodate my urgent request.

    2. Consultation: I always prefer to take an hour-long consultation. Kaartik is patient and takes the time to hear me out to understand my situation. His predictions are highly accurate, and he also provides affordable solutions that work best with your faith or beliefs. 

    3. Classes: Kaartik is generous with his knowledge and shares it with all his heart. I would highly recommend watching his videos on LinkedIn and YouTube. If you want to learn astrology, please watch these videos, and you will be inspired to take up classes.

    We are grateful to Kaartik and his team for helping us in our time of need and would highly recommend his office for Vedic Astrology and Vastu-related matters.”

    “Mr Kaartik Gor is a superb teacher. He came highly recommended to me by another Jyotisha whom I respect greatly. He told me to join Kaartik’s courses, as he is logical, knowledgeable and someone he respects and from whom I can learn a great deal. I am glad I did, as he is honest, and it comes across in his style/flow of teaching. He started a 3-year course, and I am super excited to go through this as his Lagna is where my 5th pada is (Jyotish from whom I can easily learn). So that makes it more exciting. 

    I would not hesitate to utilize his services. He’s fact-driven, modernizing an ancient science and making it relatable while preserving its traditions and wonderful insights to those blessed with the karma to have an opportunity to have access to him.”

    “My first interaction/consultation with Kaartik was almost 10 years ago. To date, I find him as genuine, attentive, thorough, and precise as ever despite his hectic schedule. I wish him all the best.”

    “It was a pleasure to meet Kaartik, who was of great help in shedding light on certain attributes in my life. He is also teaching me astrology, and his approach is simple to follow and full of integrity. Kaartik offers fantastic guidance as an astrologer and teacher, and I look forward to a continued journey!”

    “Excellent Vedic Astrologer, Teacher and Vastu consultant! Highly recommended, always available Jyotish Guru from a +2,500-year-old tradition. I have received excellent guidance during the toughest times, and as per his advice, I built a home office and have always had work and been successful. It’s all thanks to his teachings and mentoring.”

    “I believe in the energy of the Universe, and this is not the first time I have sought advice from Kaartik. Each time listening to his advice, I was satisfied. The last time, when it was necessary to make small investments, I heeded his advice and did not lose. Thank you for what you are doing.”

    “A consultation with Kaartik is one of the best things one can do in troubled times. He is unlike other astrologers and has deep knowledge, and he guides you with practical advice and offers easy-to-follow remedies. Thank you, Kaartik.”

    “I was referred to Kaartik by friends from BNI, and it wasn’t my first time meeting an astrologer. Typically, you meet an astrologer with some faith, a few doubts, and some beliefs. Though you listen and do what they tell you, a part of your mind keeps asking you if you believe in them.

    With Kaartik, it was a different experience. First, you feel like you are meeting a friend. Second, he gives you the space to speak. Then he explains how Vedic Shastras work, his background and finally, comes to the consultation. By this time, you are entirely in tune with him.

    Many of us have our birth time given to us by our parents. Kaartik’s unique and scientific method of determining your precise birth time and his factual explanations convince you of his genuine knowledge and approach.

    Thanks a ton, Kaartik, for making time for me. I will sincerely follow your advice, and I look forward to meeting you more often to take more spiritual guidance on my life journey. Thank you, once again.”

    Siddharth R

    Siddharth Rajsekar

    Digital Coach, Speaker & Writer, INDIA

    Rania Elmaghraby

    Regional Head Of Corporate Communications & Social Media at Agthia Group PJSC, DUBAI

    Zacklevi Roberts

    Entrepreneur, USA

    Nick Weber

    Marine Cops, USA

    Sana Afridi

    Director, Vice President - Corporate Customer Service Unit, Client Experience & Conduct Group Mashreq Bank, Pakistan & DUBAI

    Abeer Manneh

    Sustainability, Strategy & Policy, Urban Design, DUBAI

    Aimee Flores Jiminian

    Real Estate Agent Dominican Republic

    Olga HD

    Celebrity, ISRAEL

    Rajesh Mirchandani

    Director at Pioneer Wealth Management, DUBAI

    Sachin Pradhan

    Operations Director at THE ICREAM LAB LLC. Expertise in Operations Management, Franchise Management, Brand Management, Team Leading & Development, DUBAI
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