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Who’s messing with your relationships? It’s tithi or the day you were born

Your date of birth is a roadmap of your future, and with the help of Vedic Astrology, you can map every stop and start!

Tithi Calendar 2022
Tithi Calendar 2022
Happy birthday to you!

Recall the birthday celebrations, balloons, confetti, food, gifts, and family gatherings throughout your life. Such lovely experiences! But do you know the real significance of your day of birth? Vedic Astrology holds the vast, deep, and stunningly logical secrets for how your life will be based on the day you were born.

Table of Content

  • What is Tithi?
  • Why is the Tithi so important?
  • What are Tithi Doshas?
  • What are Shukla and Krishna Paksha?

Why? It’s based on the study of the date, the day in the lunar calendar that marks your birth.

It’s not just about the day you were born; the concept of a tithi is vast, profound, and goes soul-deep. It is associated with our karmas and has a significant impact on our life.


In simple Jyotiṣa terms, it is a day in the lunar month. The Hindu Panchanga (calendar or almanac) follows the lunar month or the movement of the Moon as it orbits the earth. There are 30 days or tithis in the lunar month, divided into two pakshas or cycles, namely Shukla and Krishna paksha. Shukla paksha is the period of the waxing Moon, the brighter half, while the Krishna paksha is the waning Moon, or the darker half leading us to Amavasya (New Moon).

Please note that we consider the tithi at sunrise as the correct one, irrespective of it changing during the day or night. Understanding this will help people who fast on Ekadashi follow the right timing. 


The Tithi is a critical part of the Panchanga and is used in Vedic Astrology for day-to-day planning for specific tasks or putting off some auspicious tasks till the time is right. It’s an important concept to pick muhūrta and an auspicious start. But the tithi’s importance goes beyond this, and it holds vital information in matters of relationships.


In Vedic Astrology, Father and Mother are represented by the Sun and Moon.

Since we were born due to a relationship between father and Mother, our birth tithi birth signifies our relationships; it is not restricted to bonds with parents or spouse. It refers to all kinds of relationships.

Some people are naturally gifted at forging great relationships, and others constantly face problems. It does not mean you are a good or bad person; it’s just that relationships are an issue. These are the map of causes and effects a tithi creates in your horoscope.


It works like this:

The influence of the Lord of the tithi, its placement and status in your horoscope.

So, you need to:

  • Find your tithi.
  • Lord of tithi.
  • Placement of the tithi Lord and the combination of planets that aspect or impact it.

This snapshot is the basis for a host of possibilities in your life.

  • Each date is associated with a ruling planet and has a specific name:
  • The period between Krishna Ashtami to Shukla Ashtami it’s considered to be struggling.


  • Tithi doshas are severe flaws in a horoscope and can haunt the native lifelong.
  • Amavasya (New Moon) and Krishna Chaturdashi (14th day in waning moon phase) are considered inauspicious.
  • Amavasya tithi is ruled by Rahu and brings poverty on the person born and their family.
  • For women born on this tithi, widowhood comes early.
  • The Moon on Krishnapaksha Chaturdashi tithi is called Naraka (Hell) Chaturdashi and causes severe relationship issues.
  • Ekadashi born people suffer causes anger/violence, and they must fast on that day every month to control it. Mars rules Ekadashi tithi.
  • Chaturthi dosha can be removed by doing Ganesh puja.
  • Panchami and Dashami tithis are considered auspicious and are called Poorna tithis.


In Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) terms, the waxing Moon is called Shukla Paksha, the waning Moon Kṛṣṇa Paksha.

Each Paksha has 15 Tithis, so Shukla Pratipadā is the first day of the Waxing Moon, and Kṛṣṇa Pratipadā is the first day of the Waning Moon.

Paksha is associated with 15 days or half of the lunar month. The 15 tithis in a paksha repeat twice, and the tithi lords don’t change except for a flip between Rahu and Saturn during Amavasya (New Moon) and Poornima (Full Moon).

Poornima (Full Moon) is associated with gurus and meditation. Saturn, the great tapasvi, rules the tithi on Poornima, whereas Amavasya, the darkest tithi when the human mind is at its weakest, is governed by Rahu, who plans to attack Chandra (Mind) on this day. To mitigate Rahu’s intentions, we meditate on Amavasya and light a lamp to banish the darkness from our minds.

Let us examine the chart of Shree Krishna, born on the famous Ashtami tithi ruled by Rāhu. It is the reason we celebrate the day as Janmashtami.

Lord Krishna Horoscope

In Shree Krishna’s horoscope (above), Rahu as tithi lord is in the 3rd House of parakrama with a debilitated Mars and Venus. Venus is also the Lagna lord in parivartana (exchange) with Moon causing a powerful Yanavanta Yoga giving him exceptional leadership qualities.

However, the problem with the tithi lord persists. Rahu, a Vayu (Wind) dominated planet, is undoubtedly not comfortable in a watery sign. The karaka for the 3rd House is Mars which is in the 3rd House – a good feature – but in debility, that leads to conflict, of which Lord Krishna does not want to be a part.

The tithi lord associated with the Jala planet points to a compassionate approach. Lord Krishna tried to stop the war in Mahabharata by requesting Duryodhana to share five villages and end the friction between the Kauravas and Pandavas.

Shree Krishna is famously called rannchod (Deserter of the Battlefield) due to the debilitated Mars as he did not want to kill his in-laws. The lesson Shree Krishna teaches us is it is good to retreat sometimes for the right reasons, and it must not be construed as deserting the cause.

From the time Shree Krishna was born (in the Moon naisargika Dasha), he was in a battle mode with everyone wanting to kill him. Rahu, as the Tithi lord, created several longevity issues (Rahu hates the Moon), and Shree Krishna’s life was a big fight with the 3rd House activated from
Day 1.

Shree Ram Horoscope

Shree Ram was born on Navami tithi ruled by the Sun, which is in the 10th House, exalted, in digābala, and associated with his Ārūḍha Lagnā.

He was a true Sūryavanshi (from the lineage of the Sun) and, by nature, had no issues with anyone.

Surya is the king of planets, and undoubtedly, Lord Ram is the king amongst Vishnu avatāras.

So, when all was fine with his tithi lord, why was he sent to exile, and why did his relationships suffer?
Because of aspects or Graha Drishti

The 7th House from Sun is called Asta lagnā or the setting house. In Lord Ram’s horoscope, the setting house is the 4th House (signifying home) and Saturn in the 4th House, or the Asta Lagna, ensures that Lord Ram’s continued stay in Ayodhya (birthplace) won’t be easy. Saturn also signifies stepmother.

Let’s not miss the Graha Drishti of three malefic planets (Saturn, Mars, and Rahu) on Surya/Sun, bringing troubles through his father (Karaka Surya/Father) and the exile of 14 years (thanks to Shani in the Saturn Mahadasha) imposed on him.

Lord Ram suffered due to the curse on his father but being an avatāra; he took it on himself smilingly. Unlike Shri Krishna, Lord Ram’s issues did not start at birth (Moon is in his 1st House/Ascendant House). They began when he was coronated (Sun in Aries) and after marriage (Mars in Marana and 7th lord Saturn being 7th from Sun.

It is worth noting that Lord Rama’s tithi lord (Sun) is exceptionally well placed and spotless; hence he faced every challenge with dignity and followed the highest ethics as an embodiment of the Surya avatāra! He was the exemplary model of a monogamous husband.


  • To detect the root problem in your relationships, check your tithi, and find remedies.
  • Panchanga doshas must be remedied early in life because the clay of your creation is still malleable, and remedies will be effective.
  • Looking at a Panchanga to remedy doshas is the first step before proceeding to the birth chart of the horoscope.
  • Amavasya, Krishna Chaturdashi or Naraka Chaturdashi, and Krishna Pratipada are inauspicious, so please seek remedies if you were born on any of these days. These three days signify relationship problems due to past life karma.
  • Even Lord Shiva lost Sati on Krishna Chaturdashi and was engulfed in sorrow.

I hope this blog has provided sufficient food for thought on the role of date in our lives.

Want to share your thoughts, clear your doubts, or speak your mind on date?

I would love to hear from you in the Comments section.  Do you know how your date impacts you? Reach out to me; our Helpdesk is always at your service.


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