Why Kundli Matching Is An Exciting Compatibility Test
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Why kundli matching is an exciting compatibility test?

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kundli matching
kundli matching

The answer is yes. Remember the term, a match made in heaven? Isn’t it what we say about good partnerships or marriagesMarriage

But many couples dread kundli matching because a) they believe it is irrelevant, b) it may derail their union because the astrologer might look at their horoscopes and say, “Sorry, it’s not a good match.”

The truth is, (a) kundli matchinghoroscope is not irrelevant, and (b) it’s not about dire predictions and assessments. Many elements contribute to a good marriage or partnership, and kundli-matching is significant.

Why does kundli-matching make sense?

To begin with, no two individuals are coded the same way. When a person is born, they have a unique imprint due to these factors:



Birth nakshatra.

Arudha Lagna. 

Chandra Lagna. 

Planetary positions. 

Planetary degrees.

Each aspect is a layer that forms the whole, a unique code not replicated in anyone else.

We each have a DNA, one of a kind; it is the map of our karma, and two DNAs are the same.

It’s why we want compatibility as a lifelong glue when we choose a life partner. Otherwise, we know what happens: relationships come unstuck or drag on in a state of constant friction.

So, kundli matching is a sure-shot way of finding a harmonious partner.

There are two kinds of kundli-matching

Ashtakoot Kundli is practised in North Indian tradition.

Poruth kundli matching is a South Indian tradition (This system has ten points instead of eight).

Ashtakoot (Eight-Points) tradition, also known as Guna Milan or compatibility of attributes, is based on eight factors, which combined yield 36 points. 

The eight factors are:

VARNA OR CASTE: There are four Varnas or castes: Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. Each moon sign belongs to one of these castes, and at the time of kundli matching, the boy and girl’s varna are matched to see if they are compatible.

NOTE: the caste distinctions are not the normative definitions we follow in the social hierarchy. Here the varnas are more about outlook and values. So. Brahmin-Sudra union may have divergent value systems, spiritual perspectives, and worldviews, leading to differences.

VASHYA: It is about the power equation in a couple, the ability to prevail over the other. It has five categories:

  • Dwipad (Two-legged or Human)
  • Chatuspad (Four-legged)
  • Jalachar (Watery)
  • Vanchar (Wild animals)
  • Keet (Insect)

NOTE: If we look deeply into this segregation, we can see how our instincts and behaviours can be animal-like or tempered by higher values. It is often the cause of trouble between a couple: their instincts and values don’t match. One is of higher vision, and base emotions drive the other — kundli-matching figures out the power equation between a couple.

TARA (Nakshatra or Star): It divides the 27 stars in the zodiac into nine categories, and the matching is done based on the compatibility of the 9 subcategories.

YONI: Yoni matching is a critical determinant, revealing the deep-level attraction between a couple. In this calculation, each of the 27 nakshatras or birth stars denotes an animal. There are 27 nakshatras and 13 Yonis, with some stars sharing the same Yoni. 

  • For example, Bharani and Revathi both have Elephant Yoni and thus are highly compatible.
  • A person’s Yoni born under the star Ashwini is Horse, and their partner born in Rohini nakshatra is a Snake Yoni. The pairing of horse and snake indicates a highly divergent outlook.

NOTE: Yoni in kundli-matching is not a narrow sexual compatibility issue, it’s about the deepest level of harmony, karmic affinity, and satisfaction the couple can gift each other. Ultimately, marital harmony is about understanding and contributing to each other at the subliminal level.

GRAHA MAITRI (planetary friendship): It calculates the friendship quotient between the lord of the Moon signs of the boy and girl. For example, if the boy’s moon sign is Pisces, its planetary lord is Mercury. If the girl’s Moon sign is Libra, its planetary lord is Venus. Mercury and Venus are friendly, so they signal a high degree of compatibility.

GANA KOOTA: According to Vedic Astrology, there are three Gunas: Deva (Divine), Manush (Human) and Rakshasa (Demon). All 27 nakshatras or stars fall into one of the three categories.

Kundli-matching sees if the boy and girl’s gunas match, meaning their thinking, temperament, and outlook are in harmony.

NOTE: Gana is based on pure logic. Have you not seen couples where one is loud, brash, and insensitive while the other is patient, calm and dignified? It’s the guna system at work. Someone with a Deva guna hitched to a Rakshasa guna would face such a problem.

BHAKOOT OR BHAVA KOOTA:  It is the second most important indicator of compatibility in the Ashtakoot system and indicates the health and wealth of the couple. It is based on matching the compatibility of the 12 zodiac signs. The boy’s and girls’ zodiac signs are compared to see how they score. For example, an Aries boy and a Scorpio girl will get 0 points as the two signs are incompatible. On the other hand, a Taurus boy is very suited to a Scorpio girl and receives a total score of 7 points. 

NOTE: The score of 7 is the second highest in the Ashtakoot kundli matching system, the first being Nadi with 8 points.

NADI: Nadi means the pulse or nerve energies which impact an individual’s overall health due to hereditary factors. This aspect is related to the overall health and the gene match of the boy and girl.

The nadis are based on the three body constitutions: Adi (Air), Madhya (Bile) and Antya (Phlegm). The 27 nakshatras are divided into the three nadis, and the match is calculated based on the couple’s respective nakshatras. For example, a boy with Punarvasu Nakshatra and a girl with Moola nakshatra belong to the Adi category and are highly compatible.


A high kundli-matching score does not mean life will be a bed of roses; it simply means the couple will handle the challenges well.

The 36 gunas represent:
0-9 points: Dharma (Duty).
10-18: Artha (Material ambitions)
18-27: Kama (Desire)
27-36: Moksha (Liberation).

If the gunas are between 28-36, it is a marriage that does not overly stress the monetary aspect but is a spiritually excellent match.


Marriage compatibility is the primary objective of kundli matching. But it can also be done for business partnerships, which are equally essential to a successful business alliance.

Kundli matching looks at the intent of the partnership. For example, in a business alliance, is one person accounts-minded and the other creative-minded? Does one partner want to sell with a strategy while the other only worries about profit?

A marriage or partnership combines physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, spiritual, and material. It is a complex and challenging union that requires compatibility at various levels. 

Kundli matching is an undertaking that takes a comprehensive view of two people’s nature, temperaments, values, outlooks, and propensities. 

Kundli-matched marriages fail, so the astrologer did not apply due diligence or other planetary factors overrode compatibility.

Seeking harmony is an indispensable asset. Your horoscope will always show you the way.


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