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The role of Marana Karaka Sthana in Vladimir Putin’s horoscope

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  • Role Marana Karaka Sthana in Vladimir Putin’s horoscope
Vladimir Putin's Horoscope
Vladimir Putin’s Horoscope

What makes Vladimir Putin a formidable leader, and will he win the war in Ukraine? Let’s find out in this analysis of Putin’s Horoscope.

Table of Content

  • Vladimir Putin is a born fighter!
  • The great yogas in Vladimir Putin’s chart
  • Vladimir Putin’s Political life

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Vladimirovich Putin was born in Libra ascendant on October 7, 1952. It is well-known that Libra ascendants are strong-minded, and depending on the ascendant degrees, they can be highly aggressive, which could lead to the destruction of the world (e.g., Hitler). 

Let us analyze Putin’s vedic astrology horoscope.

President Putin's vedic chart
President Putin’s vedic chart

In President Putin’s vedic chart, the ascendant Lord is Venus (Libra) which ensures that his firm will and intelligence shall guide him. It also makes him a man with principles and gives him an extremely high sex drive. Venus also hints at his forefathers, and in leaders’ charts, it means they are born to revive the legacy of their nation. It is worth noting that Venus is also his 8th House Lord (Taurus), and the 8th House denotes transformation and debts. Isn’t Russia going through both since Putin came to power? 

Putin’s mother must have gone through hard times. With Moon in the 8th House, his motherland (extension of mother) also gives him a lot of willpower to go through challenging times while holding the reins of Russia. An exchange between the 3rd House and 7th House Lords shows that his marriage will eventually end since there is no communication or intimacy. In a joint statement, Putin and his wife stated, “Our marriage is over because we practically don’t see each other.” They divorced in 2014.

Jupiter signifies work (it is his Amatyakaraka, the planet with the second-highest degree in the horoscope) and makes the person extraordinarily clinical and focused; Ketu can make him extremist, as his quotes on specific issues reveal.


Putin was born in Tula Lagna, whose Lord is Shukra or Venus. 

When it comes to a fight, there is no one like Venus. Yes, it’s a planet signifying luxury, wealth, and beauty, but it also packs a punch. Shukra is like a wounder tiger; it is ferocious, and Putin is cut from that cloth. His Lagna Lord is in Lagna, and that’s a powerful placement. Tula is the natural 7th House of the Zodiac, so Putin’s 7th House becomes super strong. It makes him a 

champion fighter, a patriot who believes his means justify the ends. Venus is also a planet that promotes nationalism, so for Putin, the enemies of Russia are his enemies. Under all circumstances, the country comes first.


Venus and Jupiter are both in Kendras or angular houses of the horoscope, and 1-7 positions from each other, forming a fantastic Pandita Yoga. They offer immense support to Vladimir Putin in his work/career. 

When he joined politics in 1991, he was in his Jupiter Mahadasha and Venus antardasha, which, as I mentioned, are in 1-7 positions great for boosting his career. Vladimir Putin also has a Parivartana Yoga between Jupiter and Mangal (Mars), each occupying the other’s house. However, since Mars is a Marana Karaka, the Pandita Yoga is impacted since Mars dominates in the 7th house of Love & War, War wins!

Ketu is in the 10th House, which gives the native the power of Kali. Such people work as though they have 10 hands and can multi task. They are swift, speedy, relentless, and versatile. His single-handed defence of his embassy in Dresden, Germany, in 1989, when he pushed back armed demonstrators, is the stuff of legend. People with Ketu in the 10th House are workaholics and secretive because Ketu is the Lord of the natural 8th House in the Zodiac, the House of Secrets. The flip side is the planet ketu is extreme agni and the native can burn everything, when at work, is it not happening currently?

The talk about his gait is shrouded in speculation about his KGB days and his mastery of drawing weapons.

Vladimir Putin’s 10th House, Lord Chandra (Moon), is in the 8th House, the Marana Karaka Sthana. But as the Moon is in exaltation (Moon is exalted in Taurus), there will be a lot of transformations in his life. He retired from KGB and was brought into active politics. If the 8th House, which also signifies retirement or an ending, is strong, the retirement benefits are good, so Vladimir Putin retired but got a boost in full-fledged politics. The strong 8th House helped him reap the gains of the transformation as Boris Yeltsin became unpopular, paving the way for Vladimir Putin. Contrary to popular belief, planets in the 8th House can give you a lot. They are like judges of your past life karmas and reward you for good deeds. The 8th house is also house of Neeja dosha, 8th house in a horoscope is also inheritance and moon is in MKS yet in exaltation making the transformation sweeter.


The Sun or Surya represents politics, and in Vladimir Putin’s chart, it is the 11th Lord placed in the 12th House, a Marana Karaka Sthana for Sun because it symbolizes ego, and the 12th House is the House of Loss. The Sun is also Vladimir Putin’s Matrikaraka (MK), the planet with the fourth-highest degree in the chart, which signifies the ability to attain home and land and shows the native’s childhood and his relationship with his mother/motherland, so Putin cannot bear to lose Moscow. 

Mercury is Vladimir Putin’s Atmakaraka (the planet with the highest degree in the birth chart). The combination of AK and MK, according to Jaimini, denotes a person who loves his motherland. The 12th House also signifies foreign enemies, his most sensitive pain point. 

During the Jupiter-Moon antardasha in 1999, Vladimir Putin became Russia’s Acting President. Chandra (Moon) is his 10th Lord in the 8th House of Transformation, and in 2000 during the Jupiter-Mars antardasha, he became President. 

In February 2014, during his Saturn Mahadasha-Sun antardasha, he annexed Crimea. Vladimir Putin will always create a crisis to survive due to his Parivartana Yoga and Marana Karaka Sthana planetary influences. Of course, Jupiter in the 7th means that he will also be ill-advised. What he thought was a week-long blitzkrieg in Ukraine has turned out to be a prolonged conflict. But he is made of stern stuff. Jupiter is the 6th Lord, so that this war will create a lot of enemies for Vladimir Putin.


The Russian President is going through his Saturn Mahadasha that began end-2003. Saturn is a yoga karaka for Putin as it owns a Trinal and Kendra house. This mahadasha has been favourable, giving him the results of Atmakaraka Mercury that are strongly placed; it’s as if the 9th Lord is in the 12th House. The 9th and 12th Lords are your worldviews and Bhagya from foreign sources. So, for Putin, he needs to be doing something with foreign countries to keep himself going and keep his Bhagya in forward mode.

Mercury, which rules speech, is in its own house, and Putin’s speeches are famous for their power.However, Saturn is combusted, so it will also create problems. The interesting aspect of the combination of planets in the 12th House is that the most malefic planet will act like a benefic, the benefic will act like a malefic, and the one in between will remain what it is.

Putin attacked Ukraine during his Saturn-Jupiter-Moon antardasha. 

Putin is highly sensitive about his PR and image, and he will fight for his life.

The Moon in Marana Karaka Sthana has made him believe that if he does not fight the outside forces (NATO’s expansion around his beloved country) now, he may soon have to fight an internal battle. Advanced Vedic Astrology students will observe that Moon is having a rashi drishti on the Arudha Lagna (AL) which makes him image conscious and sensitive to criticism.


Putin’s Mercury Mahadasha begins in November 2022, impacting his longevity & a serious push to overthrow him out of office but will be successful?

The war in Ukraine will continue till October 2022 in someform, and by the time Putin’s Mercury Mahadasha begins, he will have redrawn the borders by November 2022. Mercury is is Aatmakaraka and it deals with your soul purpose and achievements. Nuclear threat from Russia must not be taken lightly and if Putin feels pushed, he may fight to the end. Saturn/Mars has a important role to play in his Dasāṁśa (D10 chart) and it is called as yama yoga in vedic astrology, need I say more!

In conclusion, President Putin shall be famous for his tough actions and infamous for causing the loss of the economy.



On August 24, 1991, the country was born under Dhanu (Sagittarius) Lagna with 3L Rahu in debility. As per the teachings of vedic astrology a weak malefic is good in kendra and along with mars & ketu it causes a sarpa yoga, the country cant be stable. Ukraine has four planets in the 9th House of Bhagya (Fortune), including Putin’s badhakesh Surya and Aatmakaraka Mercury. There is a Parivartana between Mesha and Dhanu, and a graha yuddha (planetary war) between Jupiter and Mercury and Mercury is ahead.

12th Lord Mangal in 10th House for Ukraine means help from foreign allies but also makes it a fighter and Russians are feeling the heat. It is an adamant country and will not put down the guns quickly, but it also deals with Putin, who has Ketu in the 10th House and Ketu is double agni so borders redrawn is a foregone conclusion as per the sutras of vedic astrology.

I hope the Yama yoga is not further activated and 3rd house of parākrama is converted to guru upadeśa, 


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