Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on October 7, 1952, in Libra ascendant. It is well-known fact that Libra ascendants are strong-minded individuals and depending on degrees of ascendant can make them extremely aggressive personality which could lead to the destruction of the world ( E.G. Hitler). Let us understand Russian President Putin’s chart/horoscope in detail to find out his internal and external attributes.

Dhi (Buddhi“Your Logic”, also your seat of fame and shows who controls you based on planets in your Lagna, more the planets more the expectations and higher the responsibilities. So do you agree that for a great leader it is imperative to have a strong ascendant? For the benefit of our reader let me share that your ascendant is the degree of the rāśi (or sign) which is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth,
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In President Putin’s chart ascendant lord, Venus (Libra) is in the ascendant which ensures that he shall be someone guided by his strong will and intelligence. It also makes him a man with “principles” and gives him extremely high sexual drive! It is important to understand that Venus also hints towards his forefathers and in the chart of leaders it means they are born to revive the legacy of their nation! It is worth noting that Venus is also his 8’Th house lord (Taurus), and the 8th house denotes transformation & debts and isn’t Russia going through both since President Putin came to power? 8thFriedrich Nietzsche” In conclusion, President Putin shall be famous for his “tough actions” and infamous for loss of economy.

in fact, his mother must have gone through the hardest times for him. With Moon in the 8’Th house, his motherland (extension of a mother) also gives him a lot and will go through a challenging phase when he has reigns of Russia. With exchange between 3’rd and 7’Th Lord, it shows a marriage that will last long ( Jupiter) but will end since there is no communication or intimacy. In a joint statement, they said, “Our marriage is over because we practically don’t see each other.” They officially divorced in 2014

Finally, let us understand his work and attitude towards work. 10th house determines your work and the planet in the 10’Th house and aspects houses 2/6 and 10 contribute to choices in a profession, but if a planet is in 10th house rules debts).

When Jupiter signifies work (Amatyakaraka) person is extremely clinical and focused, Ketu can make him an extremist and his quotes on certain sections of society is well known and wish President Putin all the best for a prosperous future!



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