Vāstu Consultations

In every room, the furniture reflects you larger than life, or dwindling.

-Adrienne Rich

We were all created with different minds, and different destinies

Vāstu is derived from the Hindi word ‘vastu’ that literally translates to ‘object’. This science, hence, is an evolved study of the placement of said objects in your place of residence, work or warehouse.
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The generic rules of Vāstu cannot apply to everyone the same.
We were all born destined to tread on our own different paths. For instance, Vāstu suggests that incoming money and savings be stored in the northern direction, which is the direction of mercury. However, what happens if a man is cursed with bad Mercury? He will be advised to keep his debts and loans in the north, so that those perish instead. Your charts hence, are assessed to correctly correlate your horoscope with your surroundings. There is no limit to the extent of Vāstu. Something as small as your storeroom, and something as big as a banquet hall, can both directly be under the impact of good or bad Vāstu. Mandirs, temples, houses, penthouses, restaurants and even bars- you name it. Kaartik Gor will be personally analysing your place of concern to choose the best package and pricing for you.
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