Understanding Transits – Part 1

We have been seeing severe cash flow issues since last few months and hearing about many stories about the crisis being deepen than it appears. Since I have always advocated to find “Logic” and “Why” to everything, I learn and say I thought of writing this blog finally, must apologise for the delay. To understand “Why” there is a cash crunch situation we first need to know “What” is going on! I am breaking my article into two parts –

1) Understanding transit and some example charts

2) Impact of transit on cash flows.

What is Transit?

At this point, I need to introduce you to the concept of “Transit”. We all are born with a fixed natal chart based on our date/place and time of birth, however, do planets stop moving after our birth? Evidently not! This movement of planets around our fixed chart is called a transit.

What is the Effect of Transit?

Transits in short impact our mind, actions and life in phases. The effect can be positive or at times disastrous. The results of transit cannot be generalised since what is right for some can be a road to hell for other. We all have made decisions in life we regret, at times in a find of anger, depression, ego, stupidity or bad company. Sometimes we regret them, and at times those decisions turn out to be the best for us though at that time it was painful. For example:

– When we crossroads with our X, we either regret why the breakup happened or thank the reasons that led to the breakup since you landed with someone better! In short, transits work at multiple levels and can impact health, Wealth, relationship and overall prosperity in positive or negative ways. To understand transit is very important since it impacts approximately 25% of the fruits of a dasha. Also since it controls the state of mind, it shows your happiness index. You might be marrying which is a happy event but you might not be excited, at times you are marrying the wrong person and superly excited ~ transits can make us dance!

Let’s take this example of one of my client whom I consulted a few months back. I must mention the client did not want to share any of his questions and wanted to talk directly, probably was unsure as to how by merely looking at a chart can one predict what’s happening in his life but took a chance. After about five minutes into the consultation and rectifying his chat I told him he has a relationship issue. Why?

1) In his natal chart (the one on the left) he has Jupiter as Ātmakāraka in the house of Saturn which is his Darakaraka, Darakaraka is the planet that shares internal details about marriage/relationship. Saturn does not tell a good story placed in Scorpio.

2) 7th lord Mars placed in 8th house with badhaka Sun and MKS Moon. 8th house breaks a marriage or creates turbulence in a marriage like an affair etc.

3) Mars Dasha started in December 2017.

4) Other dashas also confirming unhappy marriage for him.

5) Entry of some other person in his life.

The above factors confirmed that relationship was an issue, the only question unanswered was “What’s going on in his mind?” and for that, I have to look at the transit chart (on the right side) to conclude my study and given him my recommendations. Based on the transit chart we see:-

1) Malefic planets Mars and Ketu are transiting the sign Capricorn which is his 4th house. It is important to know that 4th house is your heart, comfort and reason to go home. When malefic are placed there then there is a perpetual problem, in transit, it is a temporary problem.

2) He has a debilitated Jupiter (AK) which is not good.

3) Mars/Ketu will ensure massive churning in his heart/home and would make him agitated, frustrated and confused.

4) In his natal chart he has three planets in the 8th house hence divorce would not be easy.

5) The transit ends by November 6, 2018, after which he will get more significant clarity, but divorce will not be easy.

In part 2 of understanding transits, we shall focus on the cash flow issues that is troubling you. We have seen most global currencies fall too to $ and we will understand its impact and few remedies to get out of this situation!

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