Understanding Transit – Part II – Cashflow

In Part – I of my blog I had established the concept of “Transit” and its positive and adverse effects. This blog is focused on the impact of the current malefic transit of planet Mars and Ketu in the sign Capricorn as mentioned below.

So the questions that we have are:-

1) Are all affected by this transit?

2) Is it all bad for everyone?

3) Remedies or precautions one can take.

4) When will it end!

The answer to the first one is YES, everyone is affected by the transit. However, the answer to the second one is NO since many have benefitted from the transit. So let us first understand what qualifies this transit to be a tricky transit and once we know the “WHY” we shall focus on “WHAT” to do and “HOW” to mitigate risk. The most important understanding is:-

1) Mars and Ketu are a flery planet and have much heat (Agni) in them.

2) They lord the natural 1/8 houses of the natal chart – Aries and Scorpio. The first houses rule your fame, health, and Intellect whereas the 8th house your debts and transformation.

3) The sign Capricorn is the exaltation sign of Mars

4) Extreme heat can burn the house, too much of anything is not good.

5) The 10th house is the natural digbala (directional strength) of both Mars and Ketu

Having understood these primary factors let us now understand how transit can impact you directly or indirectly. The indirect impact can be via your country or government if they go through a rough phase.

In the chart below we see that the native is Aries ascendant and Mars/Ketu are both very strong. Mars is AK, and its 3rd house placement is excellent. Ketu is in the ascendant (Lagna) hence is strong too, planets in Lagna are naturally strong.

The transit is in the 10th house of work, but since Mars and Ketu are in strength in the natal chart it did not affect the native negatively, instead worked for him favourably considering he was prepared and did the required remedy. At this point, it is essential to understand that there is too much of Agni/flre transiting his 10th house of work hence he can get aggressive about work and get disciplined which he has. It is interesting to note that though the ill effects of the transit were not on flnances, it still affected his health. The native got a fracture and was off active work for six weeks, Ketu rules his 8th house (Scorpio) of debts/transformation/health and gave some discomfort due to injury. The remedies were done in advance, so the native had enough task to complete from home and flnance was least of an issue in this transit.

The point to note is that Vedic remedies alter the ill effect and a transit that could have been disastrous was handled well with minimum damage. The aggression needs to be controlled since it might create unnecessary conflict at work, my suggestion would be to drink lots of water to control the flre! The last point, both Mars and Ketu are well placed the native enjoyed his work tremendously and has been in the happy zone!

In contrast, let us look at this chart which is Scorpio Lagna ruled by Mars/Ketu. However, this native is going through serious cash flow issues.

Unlike the previous chart, the transit is in the 3’rd house of Parakrama hence the native has to flght for his sustenance and keep his cash flow in place. The positive aspect is that both Mars and Ketu are his Lagna lord hence they contribute to finding a solution and he keeps getting extensions from banks. The stress is also extended since Mars and Ketu in his natal chart are 6/8 from transit combination. However, we also need to focus on the fact that both Mars/Ketu are his Lagna lords and will ultimately keep his afloat. 3rd house is short travels, and the native travelled a lot in these four months and also started new ventures/partnerships.The consistent guidance did help him immensely to stay positive in an otherwise challenging situation.

At this point, we need to look at the third option which is about the transits working in a country’s chart!

Like humans, nations are also born. India gained its independence on the 15th of August, 1947 and In India’s horoscope, we see the transit in 9th house of luck and worldview. In a country’s chart, 9th house is very crucial since every country/ government needs a bit of success apart from able administration to do well. Here we see that malefic transit has created its share of misfortune yet Mars/Ketu has given military success. So let’s assess it a bit better:-

1) The fuel prices were up which resulted in general displeasure.

2) The incumbent government lost most by-elections.

3) Mars/Ketu is karaka for army/ defence hence the opposition focused on corruption in defence expenditures (Rafael deal), but the procurement in itself is a great success. The deal was pending for many years.

4) Demonetization did not give desired results.

5) A signiflcant devaluation of the Indian rupee.

6) Since Mars is its own house and 7th lord of the chart, the GDP was the highest globally, and India became the 6th richest country (7th lord Mars exalted in 9th )!

7) Kerala floods, Mars/Ketu, is aspecting cancer which is Jala (water) Rashi, this was extremely unfortunate.

8) Doklam crisis with China was handled with an iron flst, and Military (Mars) did handle it well.

We have to understand that Ketu is 7th lord in India’s chart and the transit is overall very good for India’s GDP. Mars/Ketu can also initiate a terrorist attack, and the world has a real risk especially until November 7, 2018.

Remedy:-Though solutions are never generic, I can suggest few:-

1) There is high Agni/flre in the air to ensure you maintain your cool and don’t take hasty decisions. As a standard rule sleepover and decide the next day.

2) Don’t panic, few more days.

3) Drink lots of water and if possible start swimming or going to the beach more often. In short get friendly with water.

I wish you all go through this phase well and with safety. Also, the remedies are generic in nature; if you are going through a severe transit challenge, it is advisable to consult a qualified Astrologer.


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