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What’s your Question? The Power of Prashna in Vedic Astrology

Everything begins with a question Prasna. There would be no answers if there were no questions, and where would that leave us?

Table of Content

  • What is Prashna?
  • How does Prashna work?
  • What does Prasna reveal?
  • Are there rules to asking a Prashna?

So, here is the definitive FAQ on one of Vedic Astrology most potent predictive techniques: Prashna.

What is Prashna?

Praśhna means Question.

The client has a worry, a fear, anxiety they wish to resolve. Or they have a hope, a dream, a desire they want to come true. It is about asking a question for a specific period that is definitive and not open-ended.

So, they ask a question.

Will I get a job this year?

Will I marry the girl I love in 2023?

Will I gain admission to a US university this summer?

Astrologers are bombarded with questions, but Prasna is a specific question like a heat-seeking missile heading towards a particular target. Will it hit it or get deflected?

How does Prashna work?

Prasna is an advanced predictive tool; you need to know the nuances of Prasna predictions that are multilayered before you cast the chart based on the Question, its timing and the client’s time of birth and chart.

The chart cast based on these three elements is read to determine the course of events the question refers to.

There are many types of charts; however, for an initial consultation, I use the natal chart to analyse the root karmas that made the soul reborn, and I use the Prasna chart to understand their karmas from birth until they met me.

To put it simply, from the time a soul is born, it is doing karmas (good and bad). The Prasna chart will tell you if the impending karma, good or bad, is about to fructify.

Why do I ask for a number and object to be mentioned in my consultation form?

My clients often ask me why I request a number and mention a random object when filling up the consultation form. The format, to be clear, is like this:

When will I get a job this year? 56 (Number). Mango (Object).

It is the Praśna formula that I use every time I do a reading, or at times I directly cast a Prasna and guide my clients.

What does Prasna reveal?

It reveals if the outcome of your Question will be positive or negative.

Prashna shall confirm if the event shall happen and its impact. For example, one of my clients was going through a divorce. What would the consequences be, she wanted to know? I cast the Prashna chart, which showed excellent karma, and I told her that she would get a favourable settlement. She earned $ 3.7 million! Her divorce was inevitable as per her karma; that could not be changed, but the results of that setback were sweet.

I use Prashna with a few other techniques, such as Nimmitta or Omens, to help my clients. For example, one of my clients was planning to visit Tirupati but was unsure if he could get a darshan as the crowds were large and the temple authorities could not assure him of a darshan. So he called me and said, “I can’t go now, but when can I go next? I cast the Prashna chart, looked for nimittas and told him with confidence, ‘Go ahead, you will be fine”.

Those who know the basics of the Prashna chart will be aware that the 9th house is the house of the temple, and Jupiter is Karaka.

The Prashna chart has Mercury as the 9th and 12th lord, in the 9th house and Karaka for temples, Jupiter, aspecting the 9th house from Lagna. Since Jupiter was retrograde, he needed a push and a bit of confidence which I gave, and the Prashna was on the spot since he got a good darshan and returned happily.

Are there rules to asking a Prashna?

Yes. If you want accurate results, make your question precise, not vague. Be clear in your mind about your concern, be truthful, keep out irrelevant details, and stick to a straightforward approach rather than going around in circles.

The clearer your intention is, the better informed you will be.

Want to share your thoughts, clear your doubts, or speak your mind on Prashna?

I would love to hear from you in the Comments section.  Do you have a Prashna? Do you need urgent solutions? Ask me; my helpdesk is always here to help.


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