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Understanding a Squash Champion’s Horoscope

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 Squash Champion's Horoscope
Squash Champion’s Horoscope

Look into a Squash champion’s horoscope! Vedic Astrology reveals all!

How are we to read Squash champion’s horoscope? What aspects in their horoscope take them to heights? Learn the secrets of squash champion Miguel Angel Rodriguez’s fame(Squash Champion’s Horoscope) from Vedic Astrology.

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Mars And Moon Lobby For Squash!
  • Study Rodriguez’s Horoscope
  • Conclusion


Are these the building blocks of sports champions?


But what ignites the spark of the winner’s fame? What makes one individual win recognition while another, equally talented, remains in the shadows? Vedic Astrology provides the answers.


Miguel Angel Rodriguez is a squash champion ranked No. 6 in PSA. How did destiny steer him to this place? I will share the secrets of making a sports champion (Squash Champion’s Horoscope)astrologically for the first time.


We need first to understand the planet that represents a particular sport to understand sports. Squash is an individual sport that requires plenty of power (Mars) and fast movement (Moon).

Miguel Rodriguez Horoscope

LET’S STUDY RODRIGUEZ’S HOROSCOPE (Squash Champion’s Horoscope)

To understand Rodriguez’s fame, let us look at Squash champion’s horoscope (above). As my students know, it is critical to study the Panchanga (the Hindu calendar and almanac) first since the date, time, and place are like the soil with which God creates the soul.

Rodriguez was born on a Friday, and Venus (significator of Friday) is in the 6th House.

  • The 6th House is also Upachaya (House of Growth). However, it comes after hard work since Venus is not in Kendra or the Quadrant House in the horoscope.
  • Gemini Ascendant is especially favourable for sportspeople since Mercury, which rules Gemini, is the most flexible planet, and Miguel is one of the most flexible players in the PSA circuit! So Mercury favours flexibility in sport.
  • His Lagna, Nakshatra and Karana lord is Mercury in the 6th House of sports. Karana is calculated based on the movement of the Moon’s degrees through a sign.
  • Mercury rules early age: hence squash will come early in his life.
  • Moon is in his 10th House of Career and a benefic. It ensures finances grow after the age of 24, and 2nd lord of finance is also benefic, so he will be able to monetize his profession well!

  • Darakaraka is Sun; hence his finances and success will have roots in his father’s hard work. His father and prosperity shall be significant for him. Darakaraka is also about relationships, and since he has Sun in badhaka, he needs to focus on his relationships.
  • There is an exchange between Venus/and Ketu, which ensures he will have the high energy required for the world’s fastest sport! His Arudha Lagna confirms he shall be a high achiever and start making money early in life.
  • Moon’s placement confirms the above reading.
  • Rahu’s placement also confirms that he could be the eldest or only child.
  • The 11th House AL confirms high status – we are talking about big prize money or the period after which money stays in his bank account.
  • 10th lord in debility ensures he will be humble. He needs to be careful in the periods of Jupiter to prevent injuries.

Dashas impact everyone, and Rodriguez is experiencing a fantastic Dasha. From May 18, 2018, to September 2018, it was terrific, and since his AL (Arudha Lagna) is associated with his Dasha, his fame shall increase. He won the British Open Squash Championship on May 20, 2018, exactly 10 days after his Mars Antardasha began.

I wish my friend Miguel a fantastic time ahead!

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