Why Retrograde Mercury Makes You Work Harder For Success
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Why Retrograde Mercury makes you work harder for success?

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  • Why Retrograde Mercury makes you work harder for success?

Do you have a retrograde Mercury in your birth chart? Look for these signs:

Your communication always seems to get off to a poor start.

Your best thoughts come out jumbled and wrong.

You often have to put in thrice the effort compared to others to enjoy success.

Your finances always seem to be in a perpetual spin.

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system but packs a punch in all matters related to communication, finances and thought processes. Therefore, a retrograde Mercury in a birth chart tangles communication lines and money matters. Additionally, you may not be clear-headed when resolving these issues.

What is Retrograde Mercury?

In astrology, a planet retrograde simply means the planet at the time of birth appears to be moving in a backward direction. In the normal course, planets move in an orbital manner and are in forward or direct motion, but due to the distance between them and the Earth, it might sometimes seem as if a planet is moving backwards (or appear stationary). It is called a retrograde motion of a planet. 

In reality, all planets are in direct motion. 

What is the significance of retrograde Mercury?

According to Vedic Astrology, a retrograde planet signifies unfinished business from past life.

One or many planets retrograde in a horoscope means a past life debt is to be settled in this lifetime.

Retrograde Mercury typically indicates iccha shakti or the power of desire. It keeps the individual focused on realizing it.

When a planet is retrograde, the person has to try harder to taste success. In the case of retrograde Mercury, the hard work is in the areas of communication and finances. (Mercury also rules finances, currency, investments, banking, etc.)

Retrograde Mercury during its Dasha and Antardasha creates challenges making the person struggle to arrive at a satisfying solution.

‘Mind your language’. The lessons of retrograde Mercury 

Did you say something to upset or hurt people in your past life? That karmic burden is now being offloaded. Everything we do results from something we did; the cause-and-effect principle manifests through lifetimes. Retrograde Mercury is simply making you relive old lessons and learn from them. 

A strong direct Mercury in a birth chart is like rocket fuel for communication. People blessed with such a Mercury have a mesmerizing impact when they speak. Their words flow like a sparkling river and draw people to them. A retrograde Mercury taints these abilities, but it does not mean their words and thoughts will be lost to the wind. With caution and prudence, they can marshal their thoughts, wait for the right opportunity, and make an impact.

The silver lining of retrograde Mercury
Before we panic, let me say that retrograde planets are not doomsday avatars and are simply indications of unfinished karma, as I said. A retrograde planet appears brighter in the sky; hence, its sway over the native is more pronounced.

With retrograde Mercury, the karmic overspill can be about putting across their thoughts or lining up their finances which are a core cause of worry. 

Mercury rules the earth element and hence promotes pragmatism and balanced perspectives.

So, when it goes retrograde in a birth chart, it upends these approaches, and the person cannot think clearly. It can impact work, relationships, and social ties. It is a nuanced truth: retrograde planets direct your energy inwards, so your approach to the world is restricted rather than expansive.

It bestows good qualities but with a caveat: work hard to stay afloat. You must constantly develop talents related to Mercury to rise to the occasion, and it can be a slog. Naturally, it will not be as smooth compared to Mercury being direct in a birth chart that makes life easy. But it can be done.

Here is a snapshot of retrograde Mercury’s workings:

It does not eliminate chances of growth but makes it a challenge because the inability to think things through leads to anxiety, misunderstandings, and lapses.

It can disrupt communication, and you can less easily convey your thoughts. However, this works as an advantage when you need to ponder because the inward energy gets focused and helps you come up with breakthroughs.

People with retrograde Mercury can be unconventional and create solutions that break the norm. Yet, this ability may hinder their growth in traditional settings.

On the other hand, it can lead to new ideas that can create an impact, provided they are well-conceived and executed.

It is essential to look at retrograde Mercury’s position in the birth chart, aspects on it or its conjunctions before arriving at conclusions.

Another critical consideration is Mercury’s maturation. All planets have a maturation time, and Mercury matures at 32 years of a native’s life. It improves their ability to communicate and manage, and this phase is essential to understand to channel the influences of a retrograde Mercury.

The path of Retrograde Mercury in 2023

December 29, 2022-to January 18, 2023, in Capricorn.

April 21, 2023, to May 14, 2023, in Taurus.

August 23, 2023, to September 15, 2023, in Virgo.

December 13, 2023, to January 1, 2024, in Sagittarius.

Why are these dates important? Because they are asking you to take a deep breath and plan before you make your moves. It applies to everyone, even those with a direct and powerful Mercury in their birth charts because it is not the time to rush into things when Mercury is retrograded in transit.

Mercury retrogrades about three times a year, and it calls for caution because things can off-rail quite quickly if not planned due to the disruptive energies of the retrograde planet.

Do you have a retrograde Mercury in your birth chart?

Reach out to me to understand how you can make the most of its challenging energies.


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