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Narendra Modi is destined to remain India’s Prime Minister. Here’s why

Narendra Modi Horoscope
Narendra Modi Horoscope
An analysis of Modi’s second term prospects based on his swearing-in chart with Vedic Astrology

Note: I wrote this blog in 2019.

I have been writing about the rise of Narendra Damodardas Modi since 2012. For the unaware, I was among the first ones who mentioned:

  • Narendra Modi will be the PM nominee from BJP (at the time, his name was not announced for the post).
  • If nominated, he will win the 2014 elections.
  • He will win, but he will also win with a majority.
  • He will be a 3-time PM, and his safety will be a concern during the 3rd term.

Table of Content

  • Modi’s Swearing in Chart: Significant Observations
  • Narendra Damodardas Modi’s Economy
  • Narendra Damodardas Modi’s Support & Achievements
  • Narendra Damodardas Modi’s Challenges

I would like to share my video (below) for the leading UAE’s English newspaper, Gulf News, a month before the election results, in which I stated my reasons for Modi winning in 2019.

Coming to the second term, which began in 2019, the expectations have been high. Let’s look at the swearing-in chart, which assumes critical importance as it gives us a peek into PM Narendra Modi’s mind, which is an otherwise challenging task!


  • Lagna or Ascendant tells us the primary plan or in which direction the mind will function. In PM Modi’s horoscope, the Ascendant is Scorpio which has two lords, Mars, and Ketu. Technically, Mars & Ketu will define the main agenda of Modi 2.0.
  • Mars is in the 8th House of ‘Transformation’, and in a word, it means his main agenda will be TRANSFORM INDIA. It’s worth noting that Mars is with Rahu, which means foreign policy and India’s relations with neighbours will transform too.
  • Rahu with Mars means sweeping land reforms; don’t be surprised if there are laws against benami (illegal) property and financial irregularity.
  • Exalted Rahu means robust international support for India and approval for a permanent seat at the United Nations.
  • Big decisions related to Kashmir (land issue) and illegal migrants.
  • State border issues will be resolved too and turbulent times with China at the border is expected too.

Narendra Damodardas MODI’S ECONOMY

  • Since the dispositor of Mars is Mercury, financial inclusiveness will be a great achievement.
  • The other Lagnesh is Ketu in the 2nd House of Finance. With Saturn, reconfirming the focus will be Economic and Job Creation.
  • ‘Make life Simple for the Poor’ will be the mantra.


  • The silver lining will be the upliftment of the poor and an ‘Inclusive Policy’.
  • The dispositor Jupiter is in Lagna in Digbala, which means he will get excellent support from BJP/RSS in this mission.
  • There will be commendable work in education and establishing India globally.
  • Jupiter will ensure ALL challenges will be handled gracefully.
  • Great push on infrastructure, Lagnesh Ketu with Saturn confirms it will be a priority.
  • Muslims will finally accept Narendra Damodardas Modi and give him a fair chance; many will join the BJP.

Narendra Damodardas MODI’S CHALLENGES

The dispositor of Mars, Mercury, is in MKS (Marana Karaka Sthana); hence that is an area where Narendra Damodardas Modi will face criticism.

  • Economy: It is the main challenge since Mercury is in MKS. The economy will be tested, and the Indian Rupee may fall further, putting massive pressure on the economy. However, Jupiter is in digbala, ensuring India will be a superpower and, overall, will do well.
  • Issues: The malefic in the 2/8 axis shall ensure constant pressure from RSS on contentious issues like Ram Temple, Uniform Civil code, Article 370 and triple talaq. Since Ketu is in the 2’nd house, there might be some loss talks leading to significant embarrassment for BJP
  • Allies: Some allies will leave them during this term
  • Defence: Some policies come under criticism.
  • Secularism: Since Rahu is in the 8th house, Narendra Damodardas Modi’s secular credentials will be questioned, but Jupiter in Lagna will counter it, and he will emerge more robust in 2024!
  • Natural disasters: Natural calamities be a setback to the economy. Finance, Commerce, and communication ministers will be in the limelight.
  • State Elections – 2022 will be exceptionally good for BJP and will retain & gain states to be paving the way for a strong comeback in 2024. My request NOT to have a long beard was well received and post Bengal elections the beard was trimmed, I had shared the logic of Mercury in those times on my YouTube Channel, students may want to learn it HERE.

Let us not underestimate the power of Jupiter; it is also Day lord (swearing-in was on a Thursday) and grants the ability to face all troubles and come out a winner.

We wish PM Narendra Damodardas Modi the best of luck and hope India enjoys even more remarkable achievements in his second term!

Want to share your thoughts, clear your doubts, or speak your mind on PM Narendra Damodardas Modi’s prospects? I would love to hear from you in the Comments section.  Would you like to read more blogs analyzing the charts of famous personalities? Tell us so we can plan our content accordingly.


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