Narendra Damodardas Modi ~ 2.0

I have been writing about the rise of  Narendra Damodardas Modi since 2012. For those not aware I was amongst the first one who had mentioned:-

  1. Narendra Modi will be PM nominee from BJP, his name was not announced yet.
  2. If nominated he will win 2014 elections
  3. Not only will he win, but he will also win with a majority
  4. He will be a 3 time PM, his safety is an issue for the 3'rd term.

I want to share a video (below) I made for a publication (GulfNews, UAE) 1 month before the election results sharing my logic as to why Modi would win in 2019!

Coming to this term, expectations are high and Swearing-In Chart becomes very important since it gives us an idea on what's going on in PM Narendra Modi's mind, something very tough to achieve otherwise! I have shared few points on what might be on his “Top Agenda”

  • Lagna or ascendant tells us what’s the main agenda or in which direction the mind will function. We here see that Scorpio is ascendant which has 2 lords, Mars and Ketu. Technically Mars & Ketu will define “main agenda” of Modi 2.0.
  • Mars is in the 8th house of “Transformation” and in 1 word that is what his main agenda will be ~ TRANSFORM INDIA. Its worth noting that Mars is with Rahu which will mean “foreign policy” and our relations with neighbours will transform too. Rahu with Mars means there will be huge “Land reforms” and don’t be surprised if there are strict laws against benami (illegal) property and financial irregularity.
  • Exalted Rahu means huge international support for India and approval for a permanent seat at United Nations.
  • Big decisions related to Kashmir (land issue) and illegal migrants due to the combination.
  • Since the dispositor of Mars is Mercury, Financial inclusiveness is going to be a great achievement.
  • The other Lagnesh is Ketu in the 2’nd house of Finance. It is with Saturn reconfirming the focus is going to be on Economy and Job Creation.
  • The silver lining will be “Upliftment of poor” and “Inclusive Policy”
  • The dispositor Jupiter is in Lagna in Digbala which means he will get great support form BJP/RSS in this mission.
  • Commendable work on Education and establishing India on a global map.
  • Jupiter will ensure “All” challenges will be handled gracefully.
  • The dispositor of Mars, Mercury is in MKS hence that is an agenda where he will face criticism.
  • It also means the Economy will be tested and Indian Rupee may fall further, that will be a huge pressure. However, Jupiter is in digbala ensuring India will be a superpower and will overall do well.
  • Let us not underestimate the power of Jupiter, it is also day lord (Swearing In on Thursday) and has the power to face all troubles and come out a winner.
  • Muslims will finally accept Modi and give him a fair chance, a lot of them will join BJP too.
  • Great push on infrastructure, Lagnesh Ketu with Saturn confirms that will be a priority “Make life Simple for Poor” will be the mantra!

Challenges: –

  • The economy is the main challenge since Mercury is in MKS
  • The malefic in the 2/8 axis shall ensure there will be constant pressure from RSS on contentious issues like Ram Temple, Uniform Civil code, Article 370 and triple talaq.
  • Since Ketu is in the 2’nd house there might be some lose talks leading to major embarrassment for BJP.
  • Some allies will leave them during this term.
  • Some Defense policies will be criticised.
  • Since Rahu is in the 8th house his “Secular” credentials will be questioned but Jupiter in Lagna will counter it and he will emerge stronger in 2024!
  • There will be natural calamities which will be a setback to the economy. Finance, Commerce and communication minister will be on limelight.

We wish PM Narendra Modi best of luck and hope India goes higher and higher in his second term!

Sharing  videos I had made for a local publication 2 months back, will help you understand his win better


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