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Kaala Sarpa: Does it spell The End? You will be surprised

“You have a Kaala Sarpa Dosha in your birth chart.”

As soon as the astrologer utters these words, you can hear your world crashing around you.

Boom! Bang! Hiss! Silence.

It feels like The End. Of Everything.

A voice simpers in your mind, “That’s it, nothing can make life worth living anymore.”

Such is the tyranny of this concept that it usually conjures visions of darkness, helplessness, and doom.

So, what’s the truth about Kaala Sarpa Yog?

Here are the definitive FAQs – everything you wanted to know about it.

1. It’s a made-up concept; there is no reference to it in the scriptures.

While some traditions argue this, it is not valid. I have mentioned the exact shloka at the top of my article to substantiate my conviction.

2. What is Kaala Sarpa Yog? When is it formed in a birth chart?

When all the planets get hemmed in between the two houses or bhavas, respectively occupied by the nodes Rahu and Ketu, it creates Kaala Sarpa Yog. In such a chart, the nodes get more empowered to deliver the results. Rahu is the head (Rahu) and Ketu the tail of a snake, and when all the planets are situated in between, an individual’s life might be full of challenges. But there is also a bright side: it could indicate a great Rajyoga due to rare blessings from the previous lifetime. The nodes in such birth charts work beyond the dashas or periods of planets to control the horoscope till the yoga is either broken or manifested.

3. What is the Rahu-Ketu axis? How does it work?

The Rahu-Ketu axis refers to the placement of the two nodes in houses. The two nodes are always seven houses or bhavas apart. Depending on which houses these nodes are situated in, the two houses’ indications are the most affected. So, for example, if Rahu is in the 2nd house and Ketu in the 8th house, the areas in life represented by these houses in the birth chart or Kundli are the most impacted. However, if the challenges are transformed, it can lead to great success.

4. Is Kaala Sarpa Yog truly bad? Are there any benefits at all?

NO to the first question.

YES, to the second one.

Contrary to popular misconceptions promoted by a section of astrologers, this placement of the planets also has its positive side. There are benefits to Kaala Sarpa too! There are multiple examples of high achievers who prove that it can be an asset, such as in the horoscopes of politicians, industrialists, yogis, celebrities, movie stars, influencers, wealthy people, etc.

5. Kaala Sarpa and Kaala Amrita: is there such a differentiation?

Yes. Not many astrologers focus on making this clear. A Kaala Sarpa forms when all the planets are hemmed between Ketu and Rahu, with Ketu as the starting house. A Kaala Amrita is created when all the planets are between the nodes, with Rahu as the starting point.   

Kaala Amrita is a blessing in disguise as it confers spiritual upliftment since the yoga ends with Ketu, a moksha karaka or bestower of salvation.

On the other hand, Kaala Sarpa gives you political intelligence and makes you hypersexual, which is not a bad thing. The character of this individual will also be assessed based on other factors, not just the aspect of hypersexuality, which can be an asset in the proper context, such as in a marriage.

6. Is KaalaSarpa and Kaala Amrita the same as ascending and descending Kaala Sarpas?

A picture talks and our creatives do! So let us understand the difference between Kalasarpa and Kalaamrita dosha logically so we can learn vedic astrology with a structure in place.

Learning Vedic Astrology with logic is the best way to learn and that is how I like it! In the picture above we see all planets are between the nodes (Rahu/Ketu) but the yoga ends with Rahu hence it is KalaSarpa Yoga – ENDING WITH RAHU

In the above picture, we again see all the planets are between the nodes but it ends with Ketu hence Kalaamrita yoga – ENDING WITH KETU

So, what’s the basic difference between the two?

  • KalaSarpa dosha makes you a bhogi and the end can be miserable since it ends with Rahu (Karaka for rebirth) 
  • Kalaamrita yoga makes you spiritual since the ending is with Ketu (moksha karaka)

Rider – Benefic with Rahu or Ketu can result in Rājayoga, basically, a benefic association breaks the KalaSarpa and lead to fame & high position!

7. Some astrologers call it a dosha. Others call it yoga. Which one is correct?

Technically both are right, let me explain how: –

  • Two planets conjoining is yoga, for example, Saturn/Mars together is Yama Yoga but it is good? In plain language bad since it is a tatwa mismatch too. So when we say it’s a yoga it is not wrong.
  • KalaSarpa is surely a dosha since this yoga does not work positively in your horoscope. It makes your life unstable and that is surely not what we week, if this yoga touches a benefic like Jupiter, Venus or Moon then it becomes a yoga and can give you a high position! The catch is to find WHO IS CONTROLLING THE SARPA!
8. Any example of Kaala Sarpa among famous personalities?

Let’s take the example of India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was born as a Cancer ascendant with Moon in the ascendant. Moon in ascendant makes a person loved and admired. Moon is also the lord of Cancer ascendant, which makes the person possess high idealism. Did Pandit Nehru have that quality? I will answer that with a counter-question. Did he not use Mahatma Gandhi to sideline Sardar Patel and become PM? So, where are we going wrong?

As I mentioned earlier, when there is a Kaala Sarpa/Amrita yog, they control the horoscope. In the case of Pt. Nehru, he had traits of Gemini with Rahu. Rahu in Lagna is great for politics, especially Indian politics (more on it later). Gemini Lagna people are usually friendly and lustful (the moon is the lord of the 2nd House) since they have Moon placed in Cancer. Kaala Sarpa yoga made Pt Nehru hypersexual, as his multiple relationships reveal. Also, Moon, in this case, does not speak highly about his personal life. But was he successful in his goals? Yes.

Rahu ensured he knew the right people and emotions to become India’s first PM. Does this yoga not have the strength to give corporate success? If your professional life is based on the survival of the fittest principle, this is a great yog to have. Its biggest drawback? You get trapped, and life can become extremely tough. However, what the world sees of these people, in terms of success and failure, is seen from the Arudha Lagna.

9. Is there a partial Kaala Sarpa?

Let’s take the example of former US President Bill Clinton. In his birth chart, Moon is the only planet outside the impact of nodes, so we must focus on the Moon for remedies. Was Clinton hypersexual? Did he go through an image crisis due to the Monica Lewinsky scandal? In his case, Rahu is in the Venus sign (Taurus), aspecting his Arudha Lagna; hence his affair became public.

I have numerous clients who have a clean image for the world. It does not mean they have not had a dalliance or two, but because their Arudha Lagna (AL) is strong with benefic planets, it keeps their image intact. It is important to note that Jupiter is associated with AL based on which I had predicted that Clinton would come out of the mess and revive his image. Rahu, however, played its part in taking the lid off his affair with Lewinsky, but with Jupiter and Sun impacting his AL, he is doing well.

10. What are the remedies for Kaala Sarpa? Can it be nullified permanently?

There is no one-size-fits-all remedy. And yes, it can be nullified.

However, Shiva (Guru) is the ultimate remedy. If you have Kaala Sarpa yoga, depending on your faith, find your guru, and it will break the dosha and make it a yoga! Just like the rays of the sun banish darkness, the guru’s Grace will break the Sarpa yoga. A single benefic planet with Kaala Sarpa has the power to break the yoga and free the soul from bondage.

11. People are terrified of Kaala Sarpa. How can they be calmed down?

My advice to all is to stop being afraid. As I have explained, Kaala Sarpa has many connotations, and there is a remedy for every challenge. I have always maintained that if there is no remedy, there is no point in pointing out the problem.

Want to share your thoughts, clear your doubts, or speak your mind on Kaala Sarpa?
I would love to hear from you.  If you are anxious about what you need to do, I am here to help. Write to my team at readings@kaartikgor.com. I am happy to work with you to nullify the challenges permanently.


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