3 Reasons Why Yama Yoga is a deadly duryoga!

Vedic Astrology has many good and bad yogas, they make life interesting with their twist and turns! I have always advocated “Health is Wealth” and this Covid19 world health is more important than ever. The malefic yogas which have a direct impact on longevity and health are the combinations you don’t want to have, Jaan hai to Jahan hai is more relevant in this coronavirus world and even pre and post it.

So what is Yama Yoga? When is Yama yoga formed? Yama Yoga is formed by the conjoined effect of the two malefic Saturn and Mars in a particular sign or even by aspect. Yama is the god of death and hence the yoga brings an end/death to an individual, event, activity, or relationship hence not generally referred to as great yoga, however, I shall share an example of a client who I advised and benefited him a lot! Before we get into examples let us understand the yoga a bit better and get better clarity.

1) To start with both Mars & Saturn are special planets since both have special aspects and hence a bigger say to that extent in human life.
2) We should also not forget that the Loka or world in which we reside is called as “Bhu Loka” and is ruled by Mars, Mars to that extent decides on our stay in this Loka!
3) Saturn is the slowest planet and karaka for the houses 6,8,12 hence its impact and importance is massive.
4) Mars is exalted in the natural 10th house, ruled by Saturn, Capricorn.
5) Mars is in MKS in the 7th house, Saturn is exalted in the natural 7th house.

From the above points, we can understand that there is a “Love/Hate” relationship and both are malefic planets causing great disturbance. For students to remember this yoga, it is like a fight between 2 great boxers, Saturn in Blue shorts and Mars in Red Shorts and you can imagine what shall happen to the court (House) in which these boxers meet or fight! I have talked about this yoga in 2016, do check this video and I shall give you a context to it

As you heard in 2016 the Yama Yoga was in the sign Scorpio which is the natural 8th house of horoscope, so why did I mention it as a “Breakup Season”? The point to note is the second house from every house is feeding it, the lagnā feeds on the 2nd house and the 7th house feeds on the 8th house. When a particular house has a bad combination or dur yoga then the 12th house from it is impacted since it is not fed due to duryoga. The seventh house rules relationship/ Business and I personally saw many strong relationships end in 2016/17.

The same transit was operational, not long back, this time the combination was in the sign Capricorn where Mars is in exaltation. The sign Capricorn is called a graveyard and the spread of coronavirus increased during this phase and continues to since Mars is currently in the sign Aquarius, ruled by Saturn/Rahu. The bad transit is in the natural 10th house hence work & the office has suffered big time. Since Yama is the god of death, in a way office life is dead? I leave you all to ponder over it. Mars is part of direct/indirect Yama Yoga from March 22, 2020, till June 18, 2020, after which the yoga is broken.

So is everything bad due to the yoga? I am a positive soul and always try to see something positive in a negative situation. We shall discuss 2 charts, 1 with a very negative impact and the other with a bit positive impact.

In this chart, we see Mars/Saturn in the 11th house and the 8th house having 2 rajas planets. The native was happily married but in Moon Dasha, she had an affair and in Moon/Mercury her husband came to know of it and was immediately separated. It is worth noting that Moon is 9L in 6H (out of luck and father’s anger) and Venus is 7L in 8H too. Mercury is also AK and dispositor of Yama Yoga and aspected by the dura yoga. The Yama Yoga has brought great stress on the marriage and it is at the point of no return, however, the client has advised Shiva mantra as a remedy to save the relationship.

Now let us understand the positive use of this duryoga, a sharp Astrologer will always see an “Opportunity in adversity”.

As you see this is the Dasāamśa chart of career, there is a Yama Yoga in the 7th house of Business. I thought for a while and advised the native to pursue “Insurance” as a career and he is a veteran now! It is important to know that if Yama Yoga is giving money then he has to deal with the process of death, insurance is bough due to fear of death! Though there have been ups and downs yet the native is part of many prestigious clubs and has been a pioneer in the insurance world for a decade now! I hope you got the point that the same yoga can actually be used to give great results provided you know how to think out of the box!


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