Timing Of The RELIANCE JIO Launch

At the onset let me wish all the readers a very happy December and I am sure Business & Career planning for New Year has started! I am glad to know readers are finding LOGIC finally to a lot of their questions, the WHY of me learning this art in the Himalayas was to present it to the younger generation in a palatable language where they can finally say LOGIC HAI!

I have always been a believer of strong logic to every learning; it ensures we understand the topic rather than mugging up for the time being. When I learned to time in the Himalayas 15 years back, I was told specifically that it is the root to everything successful or unsuccessful.

Let me give two simple examples to back my logic, we all know of the property boom around 2006 (Saturn in Virgo) and many “Property Agents” surfaced and did exceedingly well since they timed the plunge well, and it paid off, however, post-2008 when the property went through correction the same “Agents” were the first ones to look for a change.

The point is at times to take time a call on 1) Short-term gain 2) Take a short term loss but think long term. The first type of business is ruled by planets Moon and Mercury which is fast-moving and dynamic, the other strategy is ruled by planet Sun and Jupiter which are kings, consultants hence have deep pockets and think long-term… LOGIC HAI!

Now that the logic is established let us take a classic case of timing and banding together for a very famous Indian businessman – Shree Dhirubhai Ambani and Mukesh Ambani.

Dhirubhai was born on December 28, 2038, and got great financial blessings in Sign Aries.

However, planets Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury give him an abundance of wealth in their individual domain. Saturn rules hidden wealth and it is no secret that Reliance has its biggest wealth from the Petroleum business and their plant in Jamnagar, Gujarat is Asia’s biggest plant.

It is to be noted that amongst the four planets Venus shall give the results of wealth. First, Venus rules garments and matures at the age of 26-28 and Reliance started its Polyester Business in 1966 when Dhirubhai was 27! Mercury rules communications, retail, chemicals, and stock exchange which was next on the list, the launch of Reliance Jio by his son is an extension of his wish which we will discuss later in the article.

Jupiter with Venus will give them consultancy and a huge stake in Media Business which will happen through his son since sign Aries in his sign is represented by his first child Mukesh Ambani. It was very logical of his consultants to advise him to use the symbol of flame and yellow color to enhance wealth giving yogas, the rest, as they say, is history!

It is also important to understand that his 5th lord planet Mars matures at the age of 28 after which Mukesh Ambani will be a “Key” decision-maker and will be responsible for growth beyond what his father could have imagined, we can’t miss the fact that Mars is associated with the house of luck for Dhirubhai and his real rise shall happen once eldest son starts taking over!

Planet Mars is associated with energy and Mukesh Ambani shall be instrumental in diversifying in Solar and other forms of the energy business, some of it was later shared with younger brother Anil Ambani. All of the above was trying to understand Reliance from Dhirubhai’s perspective, let us now look at the mindset of his son.

Mukesh Ambani was born on April 19, 1957, and also has Saturn in the house of wealth with planets Mercury/Venus/Sun/Mars and Jupiter offering him opportunities for wealth. It is very clear that lady luck in his case is karmic and marriage to Neeta Ambani is the best event of his life undoubtedly! Mars in 8th house does indicate at some point differences with brother (indicated by Mars) and distribution of business, however, with the ability and team management skills Mukesh Ambani will create an empire even his father would be proud of.
Mercury for him is his biggest wealth-giver, and it rules Communications, Reliance Jio was launched on September 5, 2016, with Mercury in ascendant ensuring it will be the talk of the town and can cause

Mercury for him is his biggest wealth-giver, and it rules Communications, Reliance Jio was launched on September 5, 2016, with Mercury in ascendant ensuring it will be the talk of the town and can cause serious losses to its rivals, to start within the stock market. It is no secret that Airtel lost INR 9800 crores within 45 minutes of the launch and all other operators are yet to understand the impact of Reliance JIO!

The strategy from the launch is long-term, and they are going to use their deep pockets to wipe out their competition, the only struggle will come from Mars/Saturn conjunct which can give them legal troubles and staff iteration. From a Logo perspective, they have kept the element of green and flame creatively, and surely their consultant has done a good job of timing the event well.

It is also important to note that for the very first time there are various logos being used for various markets and directions, Green will be extensively used to tap North of India considering green is the color of the planet Mercury and rules northern direction!

Below are important tips on planets and their colors for your branding and Vastu.

We at Kaartik Gor Global wish Reliance Jio all the best and hope our readers get some branding tips to incorporate them when they redo their corporate identity! Kaartik Gor will be able to help 20 clients in his visit to Mumbai/Delhi and Dubai and interested ones may contact the helpdesk or WhatsApp +971555532511.


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