Standard Consultation

"When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier."

-Roy E. Disney

Are you a young adult facing turbulence?

Stop. Everything you do right now will majorly affect your life later on. This consultation is meant for young age professional, new lovers, and young adults who need to learn about what life has in store for them. This will give you a basic direction in your life, and will help you navigate hence.

1. The future of your career

Ever tried wondering what 2019 has in store for your life goals?

2. Your soulmate- or is it?

Love is such an amazing feeling- but is it going to work out?

3. Low $$$

Are you facing some financial problems? Fret not- you're only young.

4. Corrective Astrology

Nothing in life is incorrigible! Let's try to set things right.

300 30 Min
  • 30 Min on Skype Or Phone
  • In-depth understanding of Life Purpose
  • Remedies to 2 Major Challenges
  • Relationship, Health and Job
  • Tailor-made for youngsters
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