Shah Rukh Khan Horoscope, Pathaan, And No 1. It’s All In His Horoscope!
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Shah Rukh Khan Horoscope, Pathaan, and No 1. It’s all in his horoscope!

Shah Rukh Khan Horoscope
Shah Rukh Khan Horoscope

Know why Shah Rukh Khan horoscope holds the key to his mega comeback

Shah Rukh Khan is back! His fans would hate this statement, but his last movie, Zero (2018), led
to nasty memes and puns on the movie’s title. Shah Rukh Khan was bagged, gagged, and
consigned to the basement of belly-up releases, so he bided his time.

After a four-year break, Shah Rukh Khan returns as Pathaan, and the world is on a wobble. So,
let’s see why this charismatic actor was destined to rock the box office. The secret, or the no-
the secret lies in Shah Rukh Khan’s Horoscope.


Horoscope of Shah Rukh Khan
Horoscope of Shah Rukh Khan

His Ascendant or Lagna is Tula. The line-up of planets in Shah Rukh Khan’s Horoscope is as follows:

1st House/Ascendent: Sun.

2nd House: Mars-Ketu-Mercury.

3rd House: Venus.

4th House: Moon.

5th House: Saturn and Arudha Lagna (AL).

8th House: Rahu.

9th House: Jupiter.

12th House: Prana Pada.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Atmakaraka (AK) is Mars, which is powerful in Shah Rukh Khan Horoscope. (Atmakaraka is the planet with the highest degree in a horoscope, and SRK’s Mars makes him fearless, daring, strong and competitive.)

Mars is all about willpower, courage, actions, fighting ability, and land (I will come to this aspect in Shah Rukh Khan Horoscope in a bit).

Mars is a soldier, a steely entity, a true warrior. A look at Shah Rukh Khan’s career reveals his consistent fighting spirit. From his choice of movies to his business acumen and control over his trajectory, he has shown true grit and gumption, and it was a matter of time before glory fell at his feet.

If you have read interviews of his co-stars on Shah Rukh Khan, it is difficult to find one which does not mention his boundless energy and nerves of steel. It is his Atmakaraka Mars at work, endowing him with a sizzle that does not fizzle. 


Shah Rukh Khan’s 7th house lord Mars in the 2nd House is causing Srimantha Yoga. His marriage to Gauri paved the path to fame and fortune, and it was only after marriage that everything good started happening in his life. All his Raj Yogas got activated after his marriage to Gauri, and she is his ticket to stardom. 

Remember the one affair that almost broke his marriage? Well, he was advised to stick on because had he walked out, life would have been very different for him.


In Shah Rukh Khan Horoscope, Rukh Khan has a Mars and Ketu combination in the 2nd House, which denotes Pishacha Yoga. The sensible interpretation of this yoga is that the person becomes obsessive about attaining the desired things (just like the age-old belief that pishachas or ghouls, having taken possession of a body, don’t let go). 

Shah Rukh Khan’s purchase of Mannat, his landmark heritage house in Mumbai, is the stuff of legend; he was obsessed with buying it. Mars is also connected to property and real estate, and you can see how it adds up: Mars, his Atmakaraka, helped him land one of the most coveted pieces of real estate in Mumbai. 

He has often spoken about how he came to Mumbai with empty pockets and lived in a poky apartment which stoked his dreams of buying a beautiful house.


Have you ever wondered why Shah Rukh Khan, with his average height, and not particularly blow-your-socks-off looks, is still the most adored celebrity worldwide?

It’s the special blessings Moon grants him. 

Moon is in a Kendra, in the 4th House and is Lord of his 9th House. And the 10th Lord is aspecting the 10th House, which is a booster!

Moon is SRK’s strongest planet, and he is blessed with fame, success, and mass appeal.

The 10th House from the Moon reveals profession, and Moon is in Capricorn. The 10th lord from Moon is Venus, his Lagna lord, and it is a dual sign Sagittarius in the 3rd House. It means that his good yogas will activate away from his birthplace. He got his fame in Mumbai and not Delhi. But it does not mean Shah Rukh Khan will become a Hollywood star, a la Priyanka Chopra. He is Bollywood’s Badshah, and all his fame is connected to being in India. Yes, he will have fans globally, but his fame is rooted in the country of his birth.

Let’s connect the dots:

Moon and Venus are both Jala tattva, or Water element-ruled planets, and they bestow fluidity. However good or hammy Shah Rukh Khan’s performances, you can’t take your eyes off his fluid form on the screen. He is the antidote to wooden acting, a fast-flowing, volatile, energetic, captivating river of charisma.

His journey to the super wealthy echelons is due to his AMK (Moon) and DK (Venus) coming together to bless him with runaway success.

Together, Venus and Moon give him super popularity. 

When Arudha Lagna (AL) L is in the 5th House, it brings luck after the first child. The birth of Aryan signposted the meteoric rise of Shah Rukh Khan.

AL’s highest gain comes from the 11th House from it. In SRK’s chart, Venus occupies the 11th House from AL. Venus is associated with the film industry, glamour, fame, luxury, and the works. And SRK has it in spades!

Alert! Moon in his 7th House makes him sexually experimental. Enough said.


Remember, Arudha Lagna is all about image, and the 12th House from AL denotes the person who cannot see the native’s success. In Shah Rukh Khan horoscope, the 12th House from AL is the 4th House, which denotes mother, and his mother died early in his life, unable to witness his success.

Moon in the 4th House gives a very loving mother, and we have read about she was his pillar of strength and how much he loved her. Moon is in digbala, so Shah Rukh Kahn is also the nurturing kind. There are several stories of his large-heartedness. As a producer, he is supposed to be giving and care to his entire unit. His fans love to talk about how he spares time for everyone. 


Typically, debilitated planets have reduced advantages. Sun is debilitated in Libra in the 1st House in Shah Rukh Khan horoscope so that he will face problems from authorities. Remember his treatment at US airports, his son’s detention in Mumbai on unproven charges, the constant attacks on his identity, and his movies? 

He will have to face trouble from time to time from the authorities. But while lesser people buckle under pressure, Shah Rukh Khan’s AK gives him the endurance to stay the course.

Surya, debilitated in Shah Rukh Khan Horoscope. is karaka for father, and SRK lost his father at an early age.


SRK is currently in his Saturn mahadasha, which began in 2008 and will end in 2024. It is a good period for him. Saturn is all about labour and hard work, and Shah Rukh Khan is an extremely hard-working actor, so Saturn has rewarded him with immense wealth. 

Saturn is well placed in his own House (5th House, Aquarius). It is his Arudha Lagna (AL). When Saturn transited to Aquarius in January this year, his AL activated, and his image skyrocketed with Pathaan

Saturn also brings shadripus (bad habits): Alcohol, smoking, and addictions. It is known that Shah Rukh Khan is a chain smoker, and he is addicted to double espresso shots. Ultra-Shani at work!


Jupiter is the Lord of the 6th House, placed in the 9th House. That’s a bit like giving with one hand and taking away with the other. The 6th House represents enemies, and Shah Rukh Khan has plenty of them. Also, Jupiter is in the 9th House, denoting father, and he lost his father early. 

SRK’s mentors might envy him and give him a hard time; he will have a rocky road, but Jupiter’s placement in the 9th House of Luck will also ease the ride.


The birth of Aryan, his first child, fast-tracked Shah Rukh Khan into irreversible fame. But here’s the catch: Rahu is the Lord of the 5th House and its co-owner with Saturn. SRK’s Arudha Lagna is in the 5th House, and Rahu is in the 8th House, the house of trouble. Aryan will get into trouble; remember the saga of his detention in October 2021 or possession of drugs charges? Rahu is causing problems, but Shani is bailing out SRK.

Aryan will also get fame like his father but with a dose of infamy. Rahu’s role in his father’s chart will ensure controversies court him.  

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Shah Rukh Khan will enter Saturn-Jupiter antardasha from March 2023 to November 2025. As Lord of the 6th House, Jupiter will bring mixed results for SRK. Post-March, his image will receive a significant boost with more recognition; he may start another business venture between 2023-25, but his forthcoming films will not be a Pathaan

Mercury mahadasha is up next for SRK. Mars and Ketu afflict Mercury in the 2nd House, so he can have significant health problems and must be careful between 2024-2029. He needs to get his health check-ups done on time and be alert to signs of trouble.

The 2nd House is a Maraka House, with Mangal and Ketu forming Pishacha yoga, and Shah Rukh Khan needs to be very careful of his health. From October 2025, his health and not his films will be in focus. 

Do you have any further questions? I would be happy to answer them.

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