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Manglik Dosh: Don’t Run Scared. Become AWARE.

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Manglik Dosha & its Remedies
Manglik Dosha & its Remedies

Mars placed in certain houses in the horoscope presents challenges such as Manglik Dosh, but it’s not doom and gloom, as some will tell you. Know how to channel its energy the right way. 

Terror. Wrath. Misery.

The hype surrounding the placement of Mars in certain houses in a horoscope is the stuff of nightmares. If the predictions of most astrologers are to be believed, an individual with Mars in the 1st, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 12th Houses is DOOMED.

This placement is called Mangal Dosh, and the person with this dosh is a Manglik. (As though they are now a species unto themselves.)

The truth is far from this bleak picture. It’s time to set the record straight. But before I do that, let’s look at some of the typical misfortunes that can strike a Manglik as per popular belief:

  • Delayed marriage.
  • If married, the marriage will be a cruel joke.
  • If a Manglik marries a non-Manglik, the latter will die after marriage.
  • Mangliks’ lives will be full of aggression, strife, and cash with their partner.
  • If the Mangal dosh is low, it will create bitterness, but if it is high, it will create chaos.
  • Mars in the 12th House will create havoc for the family.
  • Mars in the 4th House will lead to the separation of a married couple.

Table Of Content
  • Meet Mars
  • Is Manglik Dosh Myth Or Reality?
  • The Realistic Picture of Mars
  • What happens when peace is disturbed?
  • Remedies for Manglik Dosh

So, here is the question: Is Mangal dosh all it is made to be? Should you live in lifelong, abject fear if you have Mars placed in any of the Houses mentioned?

Certainly not.

Let’s take a calm, rational and logical look at this concept.

Manglik Dosha in Vedic Astrology
Manglik Dosha in Vedic Astrology


Mars, the red planet, is also called Mangal in Sanskrit. He is the son of Bhumi, the Earth Goddess, and Vishnu, born when Vishnu raised her from the fathoms-deep in his Varaha avatar. Mars represents courage, ambition, fearlessness, fortitude, mental staying power, arrogance, ego, anger, stubbornness, and recklessness. 

A strong Mars helps you overcome challenges and slay competition and enemies. It’s the stuff of victories and triumphal endings on every kind of battlefield, mental and physical. Courage is tempered with thought and strategic restraint, a tremendous psychological and physical rocket fuel.

But excessive Martian energy? That’s a different beast: it’s like drinking a dozen energy shots that push to you unrestrained behaviors, thoughtlessness, recklessness, and self-destructive and uncontrolled impulses that damage you and others.

So, it is a mixed bag.

Did you know that Mars rules the first and the eleventh tithi? It’s called Tritiya and Ekadashi, want to know more?


Let’s put it this way: Every planet has a certain comfort or discomfort ratio in each house placement in the birth chart, so Mars in various houses has its pros and cons. But the cons are not to be construed as unmitigated disasters. The beautiful thing about Vedic Astrology is that it’s a system of checks and balances. Your karma decides the planetary challenges, and if Mars is placed in houses 1, 4, 7, 8, and 12, it does bring challenges, but these have resolutions. These are lessons to get disciplined, introspect, and adjust. They teach you how to soothe the karmic singe and reduce the pain.

Mars placement needs careful analysis because of the tendencies we described earlier. That’s the key. For example, if there is too much pressure in a pressure cooker, will you keep turning up the heat or switch off the flame and let it cool down? Reading the Martian impact in a horoscope is like that: we must know how to handle it.

I hope this has educated you on how to interpret the term Mangal dosh. Language can be extreme; its connotations are what need to be nuanced.

So, these placements are NOT to be used as terror tactics to scare clients.


What is the Manglik dosh? A debilitated/misaligned Mars creates a flaw in your energy system.

Yes, you read that right. It’s all about the misdirected energy of Mars in your horoscope and how you must channel it, and that’s the secret to managing its negative influence.

The moment you learn how Mars in your horoscope can lead you to unbridled action, you are on the way to learning to control it. Because if you don’t control energy, it can scatter and leave you directionless or push you towards misplaced priorities with a bull-in-a-china-shop behavior. This hasty action can make you feel trapped, damage relationships, spoil opportunities, make enemies, and create litigations and conflicts.

So, there’s nothing doomsday about Mars and its so-called annihilating power; it’s pure logic: You must understand its energy and harness it.

Remember, Vedic Astrology is about to cause and effect, and the more you understand this, the less you will fall prey to scaremongers masquerading as astrologers.

Know more about Mars & traits of Manglik dosh


Yes, that’s right.

Let’s talk in a different language. We can leave out the word ‘dosh’ with its terrible connotations and examine Mars’ influence instead. What happens when Mars is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th houses? Essentially, it messes with energy which disturbs the peace.

What happens when peace is disturbed?

It promotes agitation and arguments. So, a marriage can have conflict; a relationship can experience turbulence, or situations can turn aggressive. If we understand this simple truth, it’s easier to get clarity that leads to the correct action.

There is logic in how Mars is analyzed for its role in a horoscope; it’s not based on the love for dire predictions.

Take 1st House Mars. First House or Lagna is the Self, reflecting your worldview, personality, and temperament. So, if Mars is placed here, as Lagna lord, he will always be positive. For example, Aries and Scorpio ascendants have Mars as the ascendant lord. So, how can the results be negative? So there goes the argument for Manglik dosh right down the chute. Also, any planet in Lagna will bring positive results, so that’s the other buffer zone for the so-called Manglik dosh punch.

If Mars, in any of the Manglik dosh houses, occupies the sign of Capricorn, it creates Ruchak Yog that brings much good stuff like fame, money, etc., because Mars is exalted in Capricorn. So, again, the theory goes for a toss.

Manglik Dosh is also seen from the Chandra Lagna in the 12th, 4th, 7th, and 8th Houses. However, any planet in the 2nd House from the Moon is auspicious. So, if there is Mars in the 8th House from the ascendant and Moon occupies the 7th House, the 8th House being 2nd from the Moon will not be of a Manglik dosh status.

So, there is nothing like a blanket prediction of Mangal or Manglik dosh. Aspects, conjunctions, and strength of planets must all be analyzed before counseling the individual on how best they can channel the energies of Mars. I come to the word repeatedly because it is all about challenging the energies of Mars.

Other aspects are equally crucial in gauging Mars’ effect. What is the overall strength of the chart? How are the conjunctions? In what houses do they occur? Is Mars in its own House? What is the ascendant? Where is Mars placed in the Navamsha or the D-9 chart?

Mars’ analysis is not like a one-pony trick; it’s a complex analysis of planets, aspects, strengths, and yogas that can enhance or mitigate its energy.


The lesser-known fact: Mars is THE MOST crucial planet in the horoscope. Why? Because we live in Bhuloka (Planet Earth), Mars governs it.


There is nothing like a perfect life, right? So, Mars can bring challenges, but they can be surmounted. Which is not the same as saying, “Oh, God, you are finished because you have Manglik dosh’. Please reread these sentences because they will tell you the difference between applying perspective and logic versus fearmongering.

Take the 7th House, for example. Mars here toys with the enjoyment of Bhuloka matters because the 7th House is about relationships and a Marana Karaka Sthana. It can disrupt marital happiness and create conflict, but with awareness of its impact, you can direct the energies towards positive outcomes.

So, is it doomsday if a 7th House Mars native marries a non-Manglik dosh? No. All the predictions of death and destruction are far-fetched and incorrect. Essentially the only thing that can happen is due to the mismatch of energies, and the marriage can be rough. That’s a far cry from the lethal predictions made by astrologers, who then go on to suggest implausible remedies.

Ultimately, what matters is knowing a planet’s challenging influence. It’s the only way to deal with the situation instead of dropping the ball and running scared; it’s about understanding and controlling the negative potential.

ARE THERE REMEDIES for Manglik Dosh?

  • A benefic planetary combination in the horoscope can mitigate the effects of Manglik dosh, and at times a weak Mars in Kendra can work magic.
  • Mars loves discipline, and having a routine is tough when Mars is not benefic in the horoscope; start with a daily routine and see the magic.
  • The biggest challenge with Manglik Dosh is “Wastage Of Energy”, which leads to frustration & anger. Krishna Ekadashi Vratha & fasting is THE BEST REMEDY for Manglik Dosh.
  • Mars is the governor of Bhu Loka; hence as a standard remedy, Ekadashi fasting works magic for all, taking away the negativity of Mars.
  • Mauna Vrata or preaching silence or meditation is another effective method to make your Mars positive in a horoscope.
  • Deeksha, specific mantras, or wearing gemstones can correct the negative energies but are prescribed based on individual horoscope.

If you have any concerns about Manglik dosh, please share them with me via the options below. Knowledge has to be applicable, and I look forward to your insights.

If you liked this blog, do share it for more souls to benefit from the powerful knowledge of our Vedic Rishis and Vedic Astrology in particular.

Aum Tat Sat


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