KaalaSarpa in Transit

In my previous article, I have established the concept of Kalasarpa and how Snake (Sarpa) might not be as bad as being made by traditional Astrologers. Also, I have mentioned the difference between KaalaSarpa and Sarpa, would request you to read that article first to get a link to this article. In this article, we shall understand what is KaalaSarpa is formed in transit? So let’s understand it logically!

What is Horoscope?

We all are born at a certain date, place, year, and time which forms our basic horoscope. So how is our horoscope formed? Our horoscope/chart is based on planets placed in a sign at
that particular time. For Example, if someone is born in the year 1976, planet Saturn was in the sign cancer so the native will have Saturn in Cancer in his/her horoscope. Further, if he is born in the month of May, planets Sun, Venus, Ketu, and Jupiter will be in Aries. Likewise, Rahu is always opposite Ketu so it will be in the sign Libra. Since the moon transits every 2 days (fastest planet) the date of birth is important, if the
native is born on May 4 then the Moon with Mars will be in Gemini. Now we just need the
time of birth to ascertain the ascendant or Lagna. So if the native is born at 7 am he will be born with Taurus ascendant and Mercury in ascendant as shared on the screen! Now you know how important the time of birth is and why you need a good consultant to rectify your time of birth and give you an exact time of birth. I will write more on this very soon. Mind you this is the destiny chart and you could not have been born with any other combination since it is a karmic chart and God is exceptional with his balance sheets!

In a nutshell a Horoscope is your karmic footprint based on your souls past existence.

What is Transit?

Once you are born the planets don’t stop moving, the movement of planets is called a transit and the planetary position on that particular day/time is called transit chart. So I am writing an article on 23/11/2017 @ 3 PM in Dubai that gives me a transit chart which is shared to the left. Transit is your state of mind and a human mind is susceptible to change. How many times we encounter our “X” and kick ourselves as to why we ever got into a relationship with them, at times as to why did we dump them!

For quick daily decisions, the moon becomes very important, for strategic decisions Saturn and Jupiter’s transit are very important. So the million-dollar question is do transit affect only human beings? The answer is NO. We need to understand that even countries were born and so were organizations. Saturn’s transit to Scorpio brought down the oil prices and it’s been like that since last 2 years, will it change in 2018? Wait for my article on 2018 predictions soon. So transit has an impact on humans and nations. There are times when transits cause huge natural calamities like fire, earthquake, war, etc.

Since August 2017 the world is under KalaSarpa since all planets are between the nodes, few days in a month we get respite when Moon travels outside the nodes only to enter the transit. We need to time the activities very smartly else it can be neverending projects, court cases etc. It ends in February 2018 but from August 2017 to February 2018 we shall see the following:-

  • Political Turmoil Financial Turmoil
  • Senseless killings & behavior Natural Calamities
  • Women Security
  • Job loss due to politics

In my next article for 2018 trends I shall be sharing some remedies, watch out for this space and email [email protected] for consultations and your questions.

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