How Vedic Numerology Reveals The Magic Of Numbers In Your Life
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How Vedic Numerology reveals the magic of numbers in your life

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Life is a numbers game, and Vedic Numerology is the best guide to revealing its secrets.

With deep roots in Vedic ritual symbolism, Vedic Numerology is a part of the Samkhya philosophy which pivots on the principles of purusha (Consciousness or spirit) and prakriti (Nature, human mind, and emotions). Numbers are integral to the macrocosm, impacting us through their vibrations.

According to Vedic Numerology, each number from 1-9 has a planet. The number’s vibrations meld with the significance of the corresponding planets to create a circle of influence in our lives. Depending on the planets most significant in your birth chart and planets that have adverse impacts, numbers can be beneficial or troublesome.

Vedic Numerology helps you know what works and doesn’t so you choose the right path.

When your actions and your number’s vibrations are in harmony, it leads to success in your endeavours.


There are nine whole numbers and nine planets (including Rahu and Ketu). Each is associated with a particular number. 

The most significant aspect of Vedic Numerology is the inclusion of Rahu-Ketu, which other systems do not follow.


Surya is always the King; He gives value to zero.
No. 1 is Individualistic, original, power-seeking, political, and proud.


Chandra is the Queen of the planets, compassionate, sensitive, creative and artistic. 

jupiter JUPITER

It is a wise number due to Jupiter, source or knowledge, its seeker, counsellor, religious/spiritual, and critical.

The distinction in Vedic Numerology comes here: it includes Rahu in its list.


The many traits define this number. It is rebellious, materialistic, non-conformist, unconventional, and secretive.


Quick-witted, communicative, quicksilver, intelligent, and attention-grabbing.

venus VENUS

Beautiful, sensual, pleasing, artistic, romantic, lustful, decadent.

rahu KETU

Spiritual, abstract, philosophical, detached, occult, intuitive, dispassionate.

saturn SATURN

Wise, just, masses-oriented, menial, dark, saturnine, slow, relentless.

mars MARS

Aggressive, courageous, energetic, commanding, dominant, fearless, reckless.

In Vedic Numerology, zero represents the ego or self, called Lagna, our native intelligence. In Sanskrit, it is called ‘shunya’ or void, a highly spiritual and esoteric concept.


Let’s say you are purchasing a vehicle. Let’s see how to connect the dots between Vedic Numerology and the birth chart.

The 4th House in a horoscope represents vehicles, conveyances, etc. So, we must first study the planets housed in the 4th House. What is the planet signifying? What is it giving?

For example, the 4th House’s lord, Cancer and has Saturn in it. Saturn is associated with the number 8. 

Now, let’s look at the dispositor of the 4th House, where Saturn is placed – the Moon. Where is Moon placed? Is it forming any good yogas? Which is the stronger planet of the two in status and degree? That planet’s number will play a significant role in selecting the car plate number. 

According to Vedic Numerology, if Saturn is stronger, the number 8 will be significant. If Moon is stronger, it will be number 2.

A similar deduction can be carried out when considering the number of an apartment or house. Here too, the 4th House and its lord or dispositor are considered.


In Vedic Numerology, numbers have uses beyond the graha association.

There are 3 kinds of number associations in Vedic Numerology:

  • Psychic Number/personal number.
  • Destiny Number.
  • Name number.

Psychic number is the number of the day of birth. For example, if you were born on the 18th month, your number is 1+ 8 = 9.

Your psychic number is 9, ruled by Mars.

Destiny Number: It is the total of the complete date of birth. For example, if you were born on August 9, 1963, your destiny number would be 8 (august is the 8th month) +9+1+9+6+3 = 36. This number is further added as 3+6 = 9.

Your destiny number would be 9.

(Incidentally, having the same psychic and destiny number is an excellent harmony. Number 9 would play a very significant role in your life).

Name Number: The total of the numbers assigned to each alphabet. You must calculate your full name’s numerical total by adding up each alphabet’s value.

The three categories of numbers will come up every time you need to assess the success of a plan or activity. Choosing dates for important events and occasions is ideally done in affinity with your numbers. 


Study your horoscope and see if your psychic number or destiny number will appear in the most significant areas. If your destiny number is 9, there will be a strong connection with Mars in your birth chart. 

If your destiny number is 3, it will have a robust Jupiterian footprint, and this planet will be placed in a critical area of your chart. It could be that your destiny number is linked to the planet’s degrees or positional points called shadbala.

There will always be a vital link between your ruling numbers and significant plants in your kundli.


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