Graha Drishti

I have mentioned many times that as much as we might feel planets are our friends, its the reverse. Yes, there are certain planets and signs which highlight bright spots in our horoscope none the less we need to understand what planets are there for – To See! To see is Drishti and it is the planet’s ability to see you in times of pain and pleasure. The concept of Drishti is exceptionally vast however I shall try and make it as simple as possible.


What is Drishti?

Drishti means “To See” and planets' ability to have a say in a particular house where they are and where they can see. So it is evident that planets don’t impact from the place they are

placed but also houses where they can see (Have Drishti on) and also houses it owns. For Example, planet Sun will impact the house where it is situated, 7th house from where it is (Drishti) and Leo since it owns the house. As mentioned the concept is huge, let’s go to a planetary aspect. The idea of Drishti is based on planetary placement and distance. So let’s make a list of planets that are furthest away from Sun:-

  1. Saturn – 3rd and 10th house – Upachaya – Growth

  1. Jupiter – 5th and 9th House – Kona – Knowledge
  2. Rahu – 2,5,9 – the Only planet to see 12th from it!
  3. Mars – 4th and 8th House – Chaturashara – Protection
  4. Sun – Kama – 7th house
  5. Venus – Like Sun
  6. Mercury – Like Sun
  7. Moon – Like Sun
  8. Ketu – No aspect (It does not have eyes, has an only lower body)

As we see in the above illustration planets, which are further away from Sun have “Special aspects” since they have a “Top View” of world affairs and are watching us with an eagle eye. Sun and planets below Sun (King) are having only “desire” hence they can see activities opposite it (7th house) only.

  1. Saturn has a unique ability to see you in your Kama (3rd house of sexuality) and Karma (10th house of office/work). Saturn, therefore, is the primary karaka for the 10th house!
  2. Jupiter is a “Guru”, and it has unique ability to see your past (9th house) and affect your future (5th house) based on the experiences of the This is the best aspect in your chart so mark it as your blessing!
  3. Mars is a warrior, and it understands only “Protection”. 4th house is “Where/Who to Protect”, and 8th house is “How long/duration to ”
  4. Rahu is equally intelligent as Jupiter (there is variation though) but has an additional aspect of the 2’nd house (straight count) from where it is, the only planet to see what’s happening behind his back – so crucial for politicians and Entrepreneurs!
  5. Sun and other planets have “interest” in opp house from where they are placed – 7th house.

What does it mean?

As we know our Horoscope is a map based on our past existence, the planetary placements and aspects tell us our previous unfulfilled missions and blunders we have committed! Check for houses which have 3 or more malefic planets aspecting and put a red dot on it – Activities related to that house shall torment you throughout your life and more so in the dashas of that malefic planet. Benefic planet aspects give you success and ability to learn/change, and those houses are your blessings. Houses, where there are equally good/bad aspects, are houses (activities) which you are utilising most time on. For example, 7th house is a house of marriage, and if you have equal planets aspecting 7th house, then marriage is a constant struggle. Benefic planets ensure you love your spouse, malefic guarantee there is continuous struggle resulting in a marriage which is tough to break and hard to live with!


So have you checked your Graha Drishti chart? Do you know the hidden blessing in your Horoscope/Chart? If not it’s not too late to start working on it!


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Vaishali Singha

2 years ago

Sir…mercury kya 3rd drishti deti he???

Rekha Patel

2 years ago

Very good information made simple for understanding


2 years ago

Thank you!


6 months ago

Jupiter dristi are good or bad for Scorpio lagna if situated in 12th house.