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Will Gautam Adani recover from the Hindenburg blow? Gautam Adani Horoscope Predictions.

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  • Will Gautam Adani recover from the Hindenburg blow? Gautam Adani Horoscope Predictions.
Gautam Adani Horoscope
Gautam Adani Horoscope

Gautam Adani may be down but not out, says his horoscope. Before we go into the challenges, let us understand WHY is Gautam Adani a millionaire and what are the reasons for his fall. Vedic Astrologer Kaartik Gor talks about Gautam Adani Horoscope.

Gautam Adani’s Horoscope


Take a look at Gautam Adani horoscope and rashi chart. Let’s line up the planets according to their placements.

Gautam Adani Horoscope birth chart is based on his birth on June 24, 1962.

Ascendant or Lagna: Taurus (Vrishabh).

1st House: Mercury. It is also his Hora Lagna (HL). 

2nd House: Sun/Surya.

3rd House: Venus and Rahu.

5th House: Arudha Lagna (AL).

9th House: Ketu and Saturn.

10th House: Moon and Jupiter.

12th House: Mars with Ghatika Lagna.

Now, let’s decode his planetary positions.

Sun, according to Vedic Astrology, is the creator of wealth. All Raj Yogas are created by Sun, so Lagna becomes a crucial factor. Also, the 4th House from Sun becomes a critical factor in determining the extent of wealth the native will amass.

We must also consider the Surya Lagna. It means taking the placement of Surya/Sun as the 1st House and counting House from there. So, the Sun is in the 2nd House, the dhana bhava or House of Wealth. Its dispositor is Mercury, placed in Lagna (Taurus) and digbala or position of strength. It creates Dhana Bhava because it is the lord of the 2nd House of Gemini.

The 4th House from Surya Lagna is said to be the abode of Kubera or the God of Wealth. The 4th House from the Surya Lagna is also Adani’s Arudha Lagna or AL (in Virgo). The lord of AL, Mercury, is in digbala, and Mercury also signifies Kubera.

So, you can see how the 2nd and 5th Lord, Mercury, are in Lagna, and the Surya kendras clearly show Adani as not just wealthy but insanely wealthy. Wealth creation is his calling.

Want to learn more as to WHY Sun gives Rājayoga in Vedic Astrology?


According to Gautam Adani Horoscope, he has Srimantha Yoga, the sign of incredible riches. As discussed above, his Surya Lagna is in the 2nd House, the Dhana bhava. The dispositor of the 2nd House, Mercury is in digbala and bingo; it creates Srimantha yoga. Sri, or the Goddess of Wealth, blesses Adani. Elementary, my dear readers. As per Gautam Adani Horoscope, he was born with a diamond-studded spoon.


Thanks to Sun or Surya in Gautam Adani Horoscope, he is destined to get support from home and society. Sun denotes authority, power, government, and royalty. Sun ensures he gets help from everyone, everywhere, and across party lines. 

Adani was born to be successful. Even after the Hindenburg report rocked the financial world, he still had people willing to support him for his latest FPO, and the money flowed in. In Gautam Adani Horoscope, Mercury is working for him, ensuring the moolah never stops rolling in. Remember, Mercury is in digbala. It makes Adani a competent learner; he understands money like no one else.

And now for the icing on the cake: Sun has a direct Drishti or aspect on his Arudha Lagna (AL), and AL is all about image, and it shapes how the world perceives the native. The one impression that sticks in people’s minds is the stratospheric political patronage Adani enjoys, and everybody considers him PM Narendra Modi’s man. 


For wealthy people, the Atma Karaka, the planet with the highest degree in the horoscope, is usually Mars.

In Gautam Adani horoscope, Mars is in Aries, its sign which is a powerful placement. Plus, Surya denotes Agni Devta or God of Fire, giving him a real boost in ambition, achievement, and glory through the fiery drive.

Gautam Adani Horoscope has the special blessings of the Sun.

Sun is also his Dara Karaka (DK), the planet with the lowest degrees in a horoscope. But DK is also the ignition key for wealth in the chosen profession. 

Ghatika Lagna, another necessary calculation in Vedic Astrology, denotes the seat of power. Gautam Adani’s GK is in his 12th House, which signifies foreign aspects. A lot of Adani’s money comes from overseas projects.

What is the power mantra for an individual? The clue lies in the 5th House, called the House of mantra. An experienced Vedic Astrologer will suggest a mantra based on the 5th House to activate success. The 5th House from the GL tells us about Gautam Adani’s source of power. Its lord is Sun, who is in the Dhana Bhava (2nd House). It’s no wonder politicians and industry leaders are his allies.


Taurus lagna has two lords: Venus and Moon. Venus is exceptionally well placed in the 3rd House of parikrama, making Adani gutsy and intelligent. 

In Gautam Adani Horoscope, Moon is the subtle co-lord of Taurus because Rohini nakshatra belongs to Taurus, and Moon is in Adani’s 10th House, causing Siddhi Yoga. When the co-Lagna lord is in the 10th, it denotes the blessings of Ganesha. Gautam Adani will have siddhi in one area of life: wealth management and wealth creation are his forte.

In Adani’s D-10 or tenth divisional chart, Venus is in Lagna with the Moon. So, fame was inevitable. Jala being in lagna business related to water, ports is superb for him. 

The Moon is with Jupiter in the 10th House, creating Gaja Kesari yoga, and Adani has gained fame for his ability to make money and its all due to his work and not inheritance.

Adani’s Prana Pada is in the 11th House and denotes ultra-rich people, networking, and innumerable business alliances. He will have his Pranas (elemental energies) in high-level networking. He was recently in Israel, typing up a mega contract with the Prime Minister of Israel.


Our lifespan is divided into three parts of an equal sum of years. Assuming someone lives up to 90 years of age, they will have three 30-year phases.

Gautam Adani’s third phase of life began after he crossed 60. The negative yogas are getting activated. He bought NDTV his Rahu Antardasha of Venus dasha at the end of 2022. Venus rules media, which is his stress inducer, so the NDTV takeover is mired in controversies. Remember, in Adani’s birth chart, Venus is the 6th lord, the House of enemies.

The shraddh dosha caused by Saturn and Ketu is awakening the curse of his pitris or forefathers. It is a controlling yoga; like an unseen enemy, it does not let go. Adani crossed 60, and his troubles started. He lost $100 billion, his reputation is stained, and he is courting infamy.

Adani also decided to step into the limelight after years of staying low-key. He started giving interviews to the media and began to be noticed by the public, and Venus decided to take the shine off. Venus signifies media. At times, keeping a low profile is better. Interestingly, Gautam Adani recently became media-friendly and aggravated Rahu-Venus stirring up the hornet’s nest. It is the reason Raj Jyotishis, or Royal Astrologers, were indispensable for kings. They would advise the King when it was time to speak up and when to stay low. It helped to keep dur yogas/bad yogas under control.

The Pratyantara dasha of Saturn is with Ketu in his birth chart and is further ready to muddy the waters because Saturn is activating the curse of his pitris, and Adani’s wealth creation is in trouble. His fall from the world’s richest has been cruelly swift.


In Adani’s D-9 or ninth divisional chart called Navamsha – which signifies Bhagya or Luck – Venus is with Mars, and Mars is super strong. Mars is his Atma Karaka in its own House in Navamsha, giving him extra power. So Mars is alleviating the pain caused by Venus.

Gautam Adani will fight to the finish.

In his D-10 chart, Rahu is with Sun and Jupiter so that he will get out of this mess, but a court battle is looming. Respite will come with the change of dasha, another 2-3 months at least. Post-May 2023, he will breathe easy and regain his lost ground with political help and sound advice from his lawyers. Because Mars is well placed across his divisional charts, the value of his shares will rise again.

Ultimately, he must wait until Feb 2025 to make a clean break from this debacle.


Good news and bad news usually play catch-up, and Adani’s horoscope has its share of problems.

Venus is with Rahu, so it is afflicted and creates lousy yoga. There is also a Parivartan (exchange) between Moon and Rahu, which means there will be a Guru Chandal yoga in the House of Profession, and Venus will reveal its harsh side. The draining of his billions is evidence of Rahu’s impact.

Adani also has Paap Kartari yoga with Surya and Mangal, ‘pincering’ Mercury. Sun is a malefic planet, and so is Mangal, though he is the Atma Karaka for Adani. This placement means he will have acute financial pressures at some point, and the negative impact will be across the businesses, not just one business.

Remember, his Mercury is in Lagna, and its dispositor is Venus (it rules Taurus). So, Venus will be a stress-inducing planet for him.

Adani has shraddh dosha (Saturn and Ketu conjunct in the 9th House). It will make the last 1/3rd of his life extremely challenging.

His Narayana dasha is also Libra/Venus, the natural 6th House of Enemies. Rahu is an enemy planet for Adani, and as Rahu denotes foreign elements, the attack came from the US (Hindenburg). It is a punishment from the Gods, signalling he needs a course correction. 

The troubles for Gautam Adani will come in the last stage of his life, and he will need to do some powerful remedies to protect himself.

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