"Winners don't do different things. They do things differently."

-Shiv Khera

Why Should You Invite Kaartik Gor

The consumer, in general, is fed up of standard ‘feel better, get better, it’s all in you’. People want to see the change, and they want to see it now. Kaartik Gor Global personally evaluates individual, group, and corporate scenarios to understand and devise a plan of action that is both beneficial, motivating, and informative.

Kaartik Gor brings in a fresh approach to an ancient art- so you can attend his talks through webcams too! With almost two decades of experience, he’s spoken on all topics including-

1) How to monetise your work and chose your career 2) Choosing Properties With Simple Vāstu 3) Image Building using Vedic Astrology 4) Scaling up your Business using ancient science 5) Branding using ancient tools (Create logos for prosperity)

6) Investments using Jyotish Principles 7) Understanding Relationships and remedies 8) Handling legal battles using Astrology 9) Gemstones and its use for overall Prosperity 10) Workshops designed for retreats and centres (Power of meditation, Spirituality etc.)

Event Testimonials

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