End of Breakup Season?

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The seed for this article was sown in November 2014 with Saturn transiting in sign Scorpio, but it became imperative to write a detailed article after Mars joined Saturn in Scorpio since Feb 2016! As if Saturn was not enough to bully the institution of marriage, we had planet Mars joining the Kaartikparty and ensuring it convinces the most tamest and traditional couples to take the path of separation :(.

I always like to set the LOGIC of my article first to ensure my readers understand where the observations and LOGIC are coming from. To start with, we all are born with a birth chart based on our place, time, and date of birth, which is the script we have written or agreed to play the role as the main protagonist! However, from the time we are born, the planets keep changing signs and that is called a transit; your birth chart, however, remains the same. Transit causes a shift in our perspective, mindset and our general behavior. Do we not feel that in a certain phase of our life we have become aggressive, greedy or at times very timid or spiritual? This is the effect of transit, which caused ‘temporary change in your approach and attitude’. Transit also defines the quality of people entering your life; there are phases of life where we meet refined souls, and then there are phases of life where we had bad experiences from people who we felt were good for us in that temporary phase of life! If you can learn a bit of this LOGIC, you can look at daily transit of Moon and ascertain if you are meeting good or bad associates in the coming two days, what if you can plan your important and strategic meetings when the moon is in good transit, so the association is win-win. LOGIC HAI!

To start with, let us understand that all souls have been created differently, and no two souls go through similar experience, even if they are twins since they are not born at same time, and there are stars which change every 40 seconds. Now readers know the LOGIC behind why twins don’t have the same destiny and I shall write a detailed article on this in 2016! As we understand that a human birth chart is made of 12 houses as demonstrated, all activities that a human mind can think of from the time you wake up until the time you sleep and also dreams while asleep!

Out of the 12 houses, let us focus on three important houses related to this article and we will focus on the rest in subsequent articles. We shall focus on house 1, 7 and 8 and they are very important since they rule your intellect, marriage and sustenance of marriage respectively. Your Ascendant decides what your DNA is and what is it that you like, your personality and such. The 7th house determines how serious you are about relationships and the 8th house is a pillar of which marriage survives. Any house feeds on the 2nd house from it and hence, the 8th house is very important since it is 2nd from the 7th house of marriage. Your ascendant lord is the basic thought process you have, either you respect marriage as an institution or you don’t.

Consider a situation when your ascendant lord is in the 8th house of breakups; would it not make you a person who can generally end a relationship abruptly? Consider a reverse scenario where your ascendant lord is in 7th house of marriage and your mindset is very positive about marriage, but a bad transit on the house of breakup, what happens next? Transits influence you like your good or bad friend whose advice you followed and paid a heavy price or gained dividends following it! Fatal transit can create enough havoc, and acts like that bad associate we had for which we pay a heavy price and at times for all your life! Most illogical or hasty decisions are taken during this phase, at times you get the courage to stand up for what is right and take a decision you were procrastinating! It is not that breakups or marriages have never been happening, a bad transit makes it the talk of the town, especially if it is associated with your house of image and so the negative aspect of your life becomes the focal point, believe me, no one is spared! Since November 2014 when sign Scorpio has been affected, we have seen the following couples succumb to the pressure of transit and call it quits. Even the most traditional relationships have gone through the grind. With Rahu in the 5th house of future, most couples will have a common reason

It is important to understand that times change and couples who have the patience to hold on to their decisions until September 18, 2016, are going to have a paradigm shift as far as the concept of marriage is concerned. Interestingly, when the 7th house is under pressure, so is the planet Venus since it handles the domain of relationship with its compassion; what is a marriage without compassion? Planet Venus (with Moon) is a watery planet and holds compassion in a relationship and when Venus itself gets afflicted, we want to get rid of a relationship, which was so important for us for years! A simple remedy would be to increase the intake of curd and avoid wearing a diamond on your left hand. If you are someone who is going through that rough phase, please lie low till the end of September and you will say LOGIC HAI!

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