Why Are We Suffering Through COVID-19?
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Why are we suffering through COVID-19?

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A logical analysis of the unprecedented COVID-19 astrological analysis pandemic using Vedic Astrology

Why did the pandemic happen?

When will it end?

What will be the impact of COVID-19 astrological analysis?

What are the remedies for Coronavirus(COVID-19 astrological analysis)?

How will it impact my country, economy, and work?

How can we protect ourselves?

There are so many questions, and every one of them demands an urgent answer.

I am driven by logic, so I wanted to first understand the Coronavirus(COVID-19 astrological analysis) crisis through the lens of Vedic Astrology. Every calamity has its roots in Karma, whether universal or individual.

So, why did we wake up to COVID-19 astrological analysis in 2020?

Before I begin my analysis of the pandemic(COVID-19 astrological analysis) and its astrological cause, I must emphasize that I have been warning of an “extremely tough 2020” since November 2019.

My fears were based on the following:

  • The Solar Eclipse of December 26, 2019, is in the sign of Sagittarius.
  • The Lunar Eclipse on January 10, 2020, in Gemini.
  • Transit of Saturn to its sign Capricorn commonly called the ‘graveyard’.
  • Transit of Jupiter to Capricorn, where it joined Saturn. Remember, Capricorn is the sign of debilitation for Jupiter.
  • Mars & Ketu in Mula Nakshatra, creating perfect conditions for a significant health hazard to erupt.
  • The axis of the eclipse and damage sign is Sagittarius.
  • Jupiter is fighting a lone battle in Capricorn with Saturn and Mars, not helping it.
  • Overall transits of other planets.


The eclipse occurred between two zodiac signs: Gemini and Sagittarius. The two signs are on a 3/9 axis, and the Sagittarius sign also rules food. (It nurtures professions like chefs, etc.).

The source of the virus outbreak was traced to a seafood market in Wuhan in China, with factors such as the sale of contaminated meat playing a role.

Gemini/Sagittarius axis

As you can see in the chart above, the Gemini/Sagittarius axis is hugely impacted by the two eclipses. Let us understand the impact of this phenomenon:

  • Solar eclipse impacts the planet Sun, the King amongst the planets or the ‘top businessman’. When the Sun is affected, it leads to financial and political instability.
  • The Lunar Eclipse hurts the planet Moon, which rules longevity and food. A negative impact on planet Moon creates serious health/longevity issues.

Vedic Astrology accords the Sun and Moon the status of Father and Moon. Can you imagine what happens when they both are under extreme stress? The wrath of God is most evident in the events since November/December 2019.


Another contributing factor to the pandemic is Jupiter’s transit into the sign of Capricorn in 2020, and it is with Saturn and Mars, two first-class malefics. It creates one of the most debilitating yogas in Vedic Astrology called YamaYoga, which causes deaths, destruction, and sorrow.


It’s bad news.

There is a Kaala Sarpa Yoga taking place, and it will restrict movement. Read my blog on the impact of Kaala Sarpa Yoga transit on the pandemic.

Now that we have understood why Coronavirus(COVID-19 astrological analysis) unleashed itself on the world in 2020 let’s know when it will die down and if there will be a return to everyday life in 2020.


The impact, especially on the signs Gemini and Sagittarius, is enormous. Professions related to these signs/axes will be impacted. Gemini, being the lord of the natural 3rd House in the zodiac, rules short travels so that the impact will be on:

  • Airline Industry
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Banks & Credit Card (short term loans)
  • Contract workers or Freelancers.

The adverse effects on Sagittarius will impact the following professions:

  • Food
  • Hotels
  • Consultants
  • Religious or spiritual establishments

HOW WILL THE CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19 astrological analysis)PLAY OUT?

COVID-19 astrological analysis
  • March 15 to April 27, 2020, will be the peak of Coronavirus.
  • March 30 to April 15, 2020, is the worst period, and deaths may increase.
  • Post-May 5, 2020, we will get respite.
  • Asia and African countries need to be cautious post-March 30, 2020.
  • The economic impact will be irreversible in 2020, and we will head into a HUGE depression.
  • It impact of a pandemic will be seen till 2024, 2022 will see a new variant too.


Sagittarius sign is associated with a specific Jyotirlinga, Kashi Vishwanath. The solution lies with Lord Shiva. (Below are the 12 Jyotirlingas, each associated with a particular sign.)

Dwadasha Jyotirlinga in Vedic Astrology
  • It’s best to chant the Mṛtyuṅjaya bīja mantra: ॐ जुं सः (om juṁ saḥ) daily.
  • Do generous amounts of charity, especially providing food.
  • Read a religious book.

I have mentioned that 2022-23 is not a good year since it has KalaSarpa at its start too, faith moves mountains and let us all increase our satva guṇa to get out of this Sarpa in transit. As mentioned in my vedic astrology eBook too, I expect a new variant or form of disease to spread in my 2022 predictions.


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