Business Consultations

“Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do!”

-J.P. Morgan.


Success is a constant struggle. Your business is a huge deal for you. You are obviously affected by how it works, by what it has in store for you, and by how it is affecting your family and your close ones. Here are a few things that could be bothering you. This is where you need me:

1. Wealth and Legal

A lot of the decisions you take affect your brand and your investments.

2. Business prospects

Using ancient tools we define customer avatar based on the planet with least degrees.

3. Event Planning

What is the right time to launch your products, or your commercial events?

4. Secret Remedies!

Safeguard your business and your personal growth with exclusive remedies.

750 90 Min
  • In Person, Phone or Skype
  • In-depth analysis of Life & Business
  • Understanding Strengths and Weakness
  • Identifying Customer Avatāra
  • Favourable work, countries for prosperity
  • Branding (If required)
  • Free Recording
  • Free Follow-up within 30 days
  • Five major questions
  • Goal setting for 2020/21
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