Are You Wearing Your Image?

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This month’s article is even more interesting and deals with image issues; have we heard enough of that? Let us start with basics. We all have image issues where we feel we are constantly misunderstood, accused and sometimes credited for things we don’t deserve to be credited for! As we all know by now, we have an ascendant with which we are born based on date, time and place of birth and not just the date of birth, which is too generic and slots us with billions of other souls. Surely, we don’t have the same destiny, so why slot ourselves based on just date or month of birth… LOGIC HAI?

The fact is that no two souls have the same destiny and even amongst twins who are born within a few minutes of each other, their destinies are poles apart. One might be fair and broke, while the other sibling might be dark and a billionaire LOGIC HAI! The fact is that there are divisional charts that change at a difference of 40 seconds and so the universe has been smart enough to make sure that no two souls have the same destiny. Since we are not a replica of any other soul, why do we copy someone else? Why do try to dress like someone else? Why do we try to talk like someone else? This leads us to our final question; are you wearing you image? The house of the image is the most important house and needs to be studied carefully and it gives details for professional success and helps understand which planet will trigger gossip mills to dent your image for a certain period and how to tackle it. Interesting, isn’t it?

Every human being has two sides to their image; one that they are, which is represented by their ascendant and the other side is what the world thinks about you (the perceived image), which is represented by Arudha Lagna or House of Image. The second image is what troubles each one of us since we are constantly judged by others based on planets influencing the house of image.

Let’s do a small quiz – is it good if many planets influence our house of the image? The answer is YES if you need professional success and NO if you need spiritual success. Let me make it simple; millennium superstar Amitabh Bachchan has seven planets (out of nine) influencing his house of the image, which is phenomenal for an actor who is required to be in the news. Seven planets will make sure that almost all aspects of his life will be in the public domain because as they say for actors, ‘no publicity is bad publicity and this works well for him. With a strong Jupiter aspect, his house of the image will ultimately sustain the actor who respects time and integrity to bounce back when the chips are down. Did Mr.Bachchan not show his integrity when ABCL collapsed, and he was virtually bankrupt? He paid back each person and today, he is back in business doing some of his best work and experimenting with innovative scripts.

Let’s take the example of Salman Khan who also has seven planets aspecting his house of an image, but unlike Amitabh Bachchan he does not have Jupiter blessing his image. Hence, his controversies, affairs, legal issues don’t bring the same integrity level, however the Venus in his chart makes him the ultimate heartthrob of the nation, and the planet Rahu’s influence makes him the most loved star going beyond India because Rahu rules foreign land. It is no secret Salman Khan is a most bankable star with a huge fan following outside India! With Mercury having an impact from the eighth house, his speech can land him in trouble and he needs to be wary of who his friends are since his associates and friends in the media can harm his image.

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