"I am a Shishya of the Solitude of the Himalayas"

I spent more than a decade in the Himalayas. I went there curious, and returned enlightened, thanks to a lineage that dates back to 2500 years and my Gurudev Pt. Rath.

I never believed in Astrology!

About Kaartik Gor
I belong to a Brahmin family, which was very religious. Rituals were a daily affair, but I only surrendered to the tradition of joining hands because there were sweets distributed soon after. Being a millennial, I was curious, and not at all keen to submit to the old Indian traditions such as Vāstu and Vedic Astrology until they were proven. But since, of course, destiny held something more interesting in store for me, I met a Guru on a full moon night, who barely even looked at me. He predicted two things:
1. The girl you love the most will marry her boss. 2. You will become an astrologer and soon teach this science worldwide.
Long story short, my heart got broken not even 6 months from the prediction. The girl who I had developed a crush on much before I met the guru, soon went on to marry her boss. I became curious about the accuracy of the reading, and in an undying rage bought all the books that I could that could teach me Vedic astrology. I confused myself thoroughly, and mixed up whatever little Brahmin knowledge I had.
I was an engineer by profession. ‘Science’ had a different definition for me. I was never interested in any of this. However, witnessing it in real life, and cleaning my thoughts and my life helped me believe the power of Vedic Astrology. What about the second prediction? Well, I slowly made my way into MNC’s by assisting them as their official project manager, who had additional knowledge of Vāstu and Vedic astrology. Soon, Kaartik Gor was a name that spread through 84 nationalities. I began to teach, and mentor students from over 34 countries. I’m not asking you to believe in me, or the power of Vedic astrology. I am only asking you to believe in your own faith. The entire process is very personal and therapeutic. We aim to secure you and your loved ones through precaution and consultation. What price would you put on that?
Why Kaartik Gor

Kaartik Gor aims to spread ancient Vedic knowledge with a modern approach. He benefits souls globally through his teachings and consultations in all aspects of life, including professional and personal. Kaartik Gor Global sets to better the life of his clients through pure logic and positivity- the aim is to look for opportunity in adversity!


We don’t advocate blind belief.

Kaartik Gor Global is a purely consultative initiative that aims to help out those who are facing challenges, or those who need a friend in difficult times. Buying a new house, or investing in a new property? Are you curious about astrology, but can’t put a finger on it? Does something seem off? Confusion costing you a fortune?

Without breaking houses, companies, or drowning in tonnes of gold.

With sound knowledge of Vāstu, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Prasna, Color Therapy and Gemology, Kaartik makes reliable recommendations without being super ‘extra’. Through logical and scientifically proven methodologies, Kaartik Gor only recommends small changes in the problem area. Your company logo, your colour schemes, remedial mantras, and gemstones are suggested, helping you adapt and accommodate an immediate ease of the challenge. 

The Journey of Kaartik Gor

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