A Sample Hora Chart and its Calculation – Insight 2

A Vedic solar day starts from Sunrise and lasts till the next Sunrise. The total time elapsed is called Kul-mana (Total time available in one solar day) and is generally around 24 hours. Kul Mana is made up of two parts, i.e., Din-Mana (Sunrise to sunset) and Ratri-Mana (Sunset to next Sunrise). There are 12 horas in the Dina Mana and 12 in Ratri-Mana.Dina or Day Hora: Divide Dina-Mana (Sunrise to evening) by 12. Ratri or Night Hora: Divide Ratri-Mana(sunset to Sunrise) by 12.

Day Time Horas From Sunrise To sunset Considering Sunrise at 6.00 Am and Sunset at 6.00 pm

Night Time Horas From Sunset To Next Day Sunrise Considering Sunset at 6.00 pm


  1. The time of Horas will vary from place to place as it depends on Sunrise and sunset time. The Hora itself will be different in other countries due to higher differences in Longitudes and Latitudes. Day Horas will be longer in Summers and shorter in winters and vice-versa.
  2. Sunrise means natural Sunrise, as usual, irrespective of the clouds or weather that may shield the Sun's rays.
  3. If you were to study the pattern, you would observe that the Lord of the fourth Hora starts the first hour of the next day and the Lord of the sixth Hora starts the first hour of the night.
  4. The sequence of the days of the week is derived based on the lordship of the first hour of the day, an essential concept in Jyotish. Remember the following:
  5. Rule # H01: The Lord of the first hour of the day is the Lord of the day called Dinesa or Varesha. We get two (perhaps more) corollaries from this rule which is the foundation of Hora shastra. Cor#01: the Lord of the first day (or first Hora) of a month becomes the Lord of the Month and is called Masadhipati (Lord of Month) and Cor#02: the Lord of the first day (or first Hora) in a Year becomes the Lord of the year and is Varsheshwara (Lord of the Year).

The Hora directly influences the houses, and the intelligent Astrologer extensively uses this knowledge in planning his activities. All activities started during the Hora ruled by the Lord of the related Bhava (House) in the birth chart shall surely fructify. Similarly, activities begun during the Hora of the Badhakesh from the concerned Bhava shall suffer obstruction, and activities started during the Hora of the Rogesh (8th Lord) from the concerned Bhava shall suffer annihilation.

Benefits of Following Hora Chart and Planning the Events Accordingly

Sun's Hora :

This Hora will be strong on Sundays and Sun-star-days, and whenever the Sun is vital, for example, it is exalted or in its Sign and posited in its Stars, Uttarashada, Krittika, and Uttara Phalguni. The Sun governs vitality, immunity, and speedy recovery. Hence, this Hora is favorable to take medicine, undergo surgery, sign contracts with the Govt., apply to Medical College, appeal or request promotion, file a Police complaint, enter into politics, initiate Mantras.

Moon's Hora :

Moon owns Cancer, hence is strong on Mondays, and Rohini, Hasta, and Sravana star-day and also when Moon occupies its exaltation/own Sign and occupies the kendras from the Lagna. Approach people during the Moon's Hora. Even the strong-willed will yield, especially a Lady. You may communicate with officers superior to you for a favorable outcome of your problems. Make purchases of pearls, jewels, corals

Good time to start a business in milk and dairy products, especially on Friday, Saturday for Ice-cream. It will be beneficial to start a petrol pump or kerosene trading business on a Monday, and Rohini star-day, ideally in Godhuli Lagna, will be fruitful. Musicians should select the Moon's Hora on Monday or Friday. Suitable for taking up service in the Defence Service, Make Plans Or Schemes during Moon's Hora only for grand success due to dawning of brilliant ideas.

Mars' Hora :

Mars is strong on Tuesday, governs the signs Aries and Scorpio, and Mrigarshirsha, Chitra, and Dhanishta star-days. Mars posited in Capricorn is exalted; if set in its star and own sub, it is in the most potent position, especially if it is the Xth House during the Hora of Mars. It is auspicious for the C-in-C of an Army to prepare for war, an excellent time to file a suit in a court of Law, and if arguments are made during Mars Hora, it facilitates a win. Mars Hora is favorable to reach a compromise/settlement, purchase land, buildings, especially on Saturday, use manure, purchase surgical instruments on the day ruled by the Lord of the XIIth House. Join duty as a Judge, or take the oath of office Thursday is beneficial. Fridays are valid for executive officers of temples, churches, mosques, colleges, schools, and taking sanyas or “take the vows. Those who sign and purchase property between 08–00 am and 10–00 am having their SUN posited in the XIIth bhava, will not enjoy the appreciation of land value, as the Govt, will acquire the land…whereas, those who purchase property on Sundays and Tuesdays, between 08-00 & 10–00 am (and having Sun in the Xith), will get the full advantage of the price rise.

Mercury's Hora :

The Hora of Mercury is quick and dynamic. It is considered auspicious for trade and business-related matters, for learning and teaching, for studying scriptures, astrology, writing, printing, and publishing-related works.

Jupiter's Hora :

The Hora of Jupiter is very auspicious for all new beginnings. It is encouraging to join a job, start a business for all religious undertakings, marriage talks, and journeys and pilgrimages. Jupiter is strong on Thursdays, or when Moon transit's the stars, Poorvabhadrapada 1st to 3rd padas and Jupiter owned Signs Sagittarius and Pisces, and when transitting Punarvasu or Vishakha stars or, when Moon transits Cancer the exaltation Sign of Jupiter. Approach people for favors, and if one wants a loan or overdraft facilities from a Bank, approach the proper authorities during Jupiter Hora; chances of success are more.

Venus Hora:

Very strong for Venusian matters. On Fridays or days when Moon transits Bharani, Purvashada, and Purvaphalguni stars or Moon spans Taurus, Libra, or Pisces(the exaltation sign of Venus), When Moon transits in Venus's lead, one commences to do matters signified by Venus knowingly or unknowingly. Success is sure Peace and Prosperity, as also Harmony and Happiness are promised. Select Venus Hora to meet an impatient officer or a hard task-master, and moody, you will find him calm and co-operating. Even a militant, arrogant, foolhardy, and rash person will give a patient hearing and be helpful, and Tempers are cooled during this Hora. Write love letters during Venus Hora, and you will succeed beyond your expectations.

If you receive a reply letter, do not make haste, wait till Venus Hora operates, you will be surprised; now you could reasonably ask,” she has already written the letter and posted it, how can the Hora change its contents? The answer is simple, knowingly or unknowingly, you can open the note at any Hora, If it is Saturn Hora, she will express her inability to meet you, and she will fix a date, some other time/date If it is Mars Hora, the tone of the letter will upset you, and you could think of ‘forgetting' the whole affair. However, if Venus Hora will fix a date for dinner, movie, party, Or meeting at an unfrequented place, It follows that one should select Venus Hora if you desire to cultivate a true and lasting relationship or love. Also, choose Venus Hora to purchase jewels, silk sarees, costly dresses, scents, and other beauty aids. Also, this hour will be helpful if you want to sever relations with anyone.


This Hora is characterized by lethargy and delay. Matters which need immediate attention or those expected to give speed results should be avoided. Activities like foundation laying, opening fixed deposit accounts, dealing with labor-related issues, and such problems that take their due course of time might be undertaken. However, it is better to avoid this Hora for all other matters.


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