A good home makeover starts with the wall

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So you’ve moved into your new property and you want to transform it into your happy space. The internet is flooded with images and advice and it’s often not easy to make up your mind. Where do you start? Your home should be designed with a budget in mind and in a way that facilitates the flow of good energy, says Narita Mangaran, an interior designer at Indigo Living. She suggests starting with the wall color. “Your walls play a major role in a room, as it serves as the backdrop to your furniture pieces,” says Mangaran. “By choosing the color of your walls, you can set the tone of the whole house. A special feature wall can also make a difference.”

Dove grey, taupe and ivory white are the easiest shades to play around with, Mangaran adds. “It gives a neutral feel and goes well with any contrasting colors. If you want to be experimental, choose your favorite color. But try to select a shade that is earthy and subtle. Also, the space in your room matters — darker shades make a room smaller, while lighter shades give a pleasant and spacious feel so choose accordingly.”

Judicious use of space

Property coach Kartik Gor says that for children’s rooms, use lots of green and yellow colors. “Also, ensure that bedsheets for kids must be pastel colors and avoid dark curtains.”

It’s important to organize space judiciously and not to clutter rooms with too many objects. “Keep the pieces that you love most,” says Mangaran. “Store other pieces that do not serve a purpose. Declutter knick-knacks, books, watches, papers, and files. Also, be creative with the placement of furniture. Focus on the main furniture that serves a function in your space. For example, in the living room start with the sofa location.”

Dining, bedroom

Gor advises placing the television in the south-eastern wall of the living room and the dinner table to the north. “According to the science of Vastu, this shall ensure discussions on the dinner table are informative and don’t end in the political fight. Also, it is advisable to have your living room rectangular in dimension.”

The bedroom, Gor says, is the corner of your house where you heal emotionally, hence it has a direct impact on your happiness index! “Vastu says to sleep with your head in the eastern direction if you need to execute power and head facing north for financial stability.”

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