US President Abraham Lincoln

With USA election between Donald Trump and Hillary clinton reaching climax, I though to share horoscope of a great president from past Abraham Lincoln! He was born on February 12, 1809, with Aquarius ascendant and Capricorn Janma Rashi.

Mercury as Atmakaraka in digbala with Surya is a fantastic combination in the ascendant. Lagna is supposed to Kendra & tri Kona hence extremely auspicious and any planet in Lagna is auspicious and needs to be praised!


Atma Karaka Mercury in Lagna surely guarantees success, and Mercury is the prince and yuti/conjunctions with Mercury needs to be studied carefully. Mercury is with Surya and can give great leadership skills, personality which can take you to politics especially in a sign of planet Rahu!

It is imperative for a successful politician to have Rahu since that is the only planet that can see 12’th from itself, it is so important for a politician to know what’s going behind his back since his enemy is most likely going to be someone close to him!

It is important for Mercury AK to have Rahu in strength since it is its Kala graha and he has AK in Aquarius with LL in 9H. Politics is surely an option he will not be able to resist. With Mercury as his AK is Mercury so a small girl will advise him to grow a beard which he will oblige and win the election in future!

Early Life:-
Let’s try and break this chart into three parts:-

1) Early Life

2) Middle Age

3) Old Age

Since he died at the age of 56, we can distribute three parts of life at approx. 18.5 years for each stage of life. We will go into the details of each stage of life but at the flrst instance of the chart we can see that the last stage of life shall be full of suffering, the logic is simple –

Lagna – Childhood

5th house – Middle life 9th house – Old age

We do see Shani and Rahu in his 9th house ensuring that death will not be natural since there is a Sharradh yoga in his 9th house of Bhagya □ This combination is not welcomed in Kendra or trines since thy are maleflc, and they don’t give good results in Laxmi sthanas.

It is also critical to understand that houses 4/2/8 and 10 rule childhood. Let’s look at the 4th house and try to ascertain events in his life, and we can approximately give 4.5 years per sign to understand the Anu bhava. We do know that flxed lagnas have 9th Lord as a badhaka and 4th house is lorded by badhaka and the moon, it is aspected by Sa/Ra/Mo by Rashi dristi hence we can expect that there can be change of residence in early part of his life, Saturn/Mars aspect make matters worse and after a land title dispute had forced the family to leave, they relocated to Knob Creek farm, eight miles to the north.

It is interesting to know no 8 denotes Saturn in Vedic Numerology, and North is the direction of Mercury in Lagna in Digbala… there surely was something going on in the sky! It is also interesting to note that it happened in the 7th year (Chakra Dasha to Leo). Mars and Rahu aspect Leo from badhaka house and being maleflc Anu bhava won’t be good.

It is also important to know that Abraham is nothing but A Brahmin and someone who surely will have a lot of interest in Astrology considering Me/Su are 5th and 7th lord forming a beautiful Shiva Yoga in Lagna which is considered seat of Intelligence and most auspicious house since it is a Kendra and a trine.

It is also important to understand that Ma/Ra are 9th from Surya which shows the position of the father at birth, the combination in a badhaka Rashi conflrms his father’s position at the time of birth and immediately there from. 4’th from the moon shows the position of the mother at the time of birth, with Ketu in Aries it surely was better than his father, though it is a maleflc strong in Dushtana so not good overall.

Planets in lasagna show the pressure/expectations on you, Surya as 7th Lord shows spouse/girlfriend shall always be on his head. Mercury is 5th Lord in Lagna means his children/country/ future is on his head at all times, mercury as 8L in Lagna is not good and shows health and longevity issues. Atma Karaka as 8th Lord does give health issues and power of transformation.

The lagna gets further boast with Moon in 12th house and Ju/Ve in 2nd house causing a shubh katari on lagna thereby making the lagna even stronger. For a political chart is it very important that Lagna and Rahu are strong. Now let us try and understand what his mind, how he thinks.

Lagna lord’s placement is where your mind works and since Aquarius has two lords there will be duality. Saturn is in the 10th house making him a karma yogi and its said to be a Maharaj Yoga, it is a fantastic yoga since a person works when he wants to unlike 10L in lagna when the choice is not available.

The other LL Rahu is in the 9H house of the father; the general dictum is that the person will be very independent and flt to be his own boss and take top position.

It is worth noting that he has kalaamrita yoga (starting with rahu and ending with Ketu), and it is a yoga which is good for politicians; Kalamrita Yoga makes one spiritual and blessings of Ketu are ultimately bestowed on the native. The axis is 3/9, and he did face challenges in those aspects of life.

In 1818, two years after their arrival in Indiana, nine-year-old Lincoln lost his birth mother, Nancy, who died after a brief illness. Chakra Dasha in 9th house with Ra/Sa aspecting 4’th house was one of the reason apart from Kalaamrita axis and Ketu in 12’th from 4th house. Maleflc in 3/11 ensure you are Youngest/Eldest in family and Ketu in 3H ensures he is the youngest. With Arudha Lagna in 5th house, his rise is only after mother dies; the dictum is 12th from AL is the person who will not be alive to see you succeed.

Formal education is seen from the 4th house and with Ra/Mars aspect it shows that “Formal Education” might not be evident, but Lincoln continued to learn on his own from life experiences and through reading and to recite what he had read or heard from others.

It is important to understand that 4’th lord Venus is exalted with Jupiter in Pieces causing a
wonderful DwiGuru Yoga in 2nd house of speech and wealth! Jupiter as 2’d lord in its own houses ensures a very truthful speech and the person who has a clean heart – Moon in 12H.

In D24 we see 4th lord Saturn in debility which can show poverty as a reason why formal education might not be there. However, another lord Rahu has Graha dristi (shows intent) which are fulfllled by Ve/Ju again combined and have Rashi dristi. Venus and Ju are 5’th and 7’th Lord hence knowledge is guaranteed!

It is important to know Jupiter rules 9H and 2H in D24 which is essential for graduation and Masters, and Jupiter is a fantastic beneflc for his chart! It is important to correlate his name

Abraham = A Brahmin and associate the knowledge that Ju/Ve shall give.

It is worth noting that Saturn in 10th house makes you extremely hardworking. However, it can give you a sad end to the career since Saturn gives a sad end. Further Saturn is his matrikraka which shows sorrow from mother or matters related to the motherland; he lost his mother at a young age which was the sorrow of his life.The Chara Karaka that is represented by Saturn is the root to your sorrow.

Youth & Middle Age:-

The second phase of his life will be from houses 12/6/5/11, and Moon is the only planet. Moon in the 12th house gives a clean heart; Moon is his 6th Lord hence his enemies are thrashed … 12th being the house of loss! It is also vital to understand that 6th lord aspects 6th house which ensures his enemies are destroyed none the less since 6th lord (enemies) has a dristi on 6th house he may lose his job because of them. 6th house is part of artha tri Kona and it ended up killing him.

It is to be noted that 6th lord aspects 3rd from Arudha Lagna along with Ketu/Sa/Ra/Surya and mercury. Since there are four maleflc involved “Political Assassination” cannot be ruled out. Now let us try to understand his relationship quadrant and pain of his life. Saturn is the sorrow and aspects of Saturn show the houses where we see huge sadness. Saturn has 3/7/10th house aspect.and his aspect on LEO can be fatal considering it is on Surya rashi.

To understand his marriage and natural strengths let us understand his Navamsa. We see Scorpio as rising sign which is a very secretive sign. Navamsa Lagna is 10th from Rashi lagna ensuring that work is most important and connected to his soul. Planets in trine show natural abilities, Mars in own sign shows high ideals and someone who is a go getter with skills for wrestling, Venus gives a flne eye for detail and dresses well unless in Mars sign, debilitated AK shows some karmic experience in matters of marriage.

It is further conflrmed by Pasha Sankhya in D9 which shows Venus (Karaka of D9) conflrming the bondage.We also see Sa/Su in 12th which is pitri dosha ensuring huge challenges. Jupiter in 9th in exaltation, however, ensures man of integrity and fair-minded approach. Jupiter also ensures the highest learning and later went on to become a Lawyer.

Rahu well placed in 4th house ensures huge house but not good for health considering pitri dosha has an aspect on the 4th house. Further, Ve/Mars yoga is not a good yoga to happen considering Venus is love, and Mars are anger. The flrst Marriage is part of the fatal yoga and might be tough to survive considering Mercury is 8L in debility in 5H.

The second marriage coming from Dhanu with lord exalted in 9th house is good. It is important to know that 2nd house of Navamsa is like the 10th house. Hence Jupiter has a direct say in his initial profession of Lawyer! Jupiter as Darakaraka is the greatest blessing, and Chara Karaka represented by Jupiter is your biggest blessing! Jupiter in 9th house ensures self-education!
He became president in 1860 at the age of 51 in Narayan dasha of Gemini and VD of Jupiter/Mars.

Jupiter is a common link aspecting arudha lagna in Rashi, Jupiter and Mars are conjoint in D10 ensuring the office shall have him as the president!

Rahu is extremely important for politics, and it is in Lagna in D10. Planet in 12th is your secret enemy, and it is clear that Surya in Rahu’s house is an indication of enemies always scheming and plotting his assassination. Mars is very strong hence military, and security issues are what he needs to deal with, JU/MA is a wealth yoga hence he shall work towards making GDP of the USA stronger. He was reelected in 1864 in Gemini ND and Sat-Sat Mahadasha. Saturn in 10th house is giving him office again. However, Saturn is aspecting 3rd from AL and inclined to kill him while in office.Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on Good Friday (Venus Maraka).April 14, 1865, while attending a play at Ford’s Theatre as the American Civil War was drawing to a close. Surya as lord of Leo rules head (Sun also aspects Leo), and he was shot at point blank!

He was reelected in 1864 in Gemini ND and Sat-Sat Mahadasha. Saturn in 10th house is giving him office again. However, Saturn is apecting 3rd from AL and inclined to kill him while in office.

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on Good Friday (Venus Maraka).April 14, 1865, while attending a play at Ford’s Theatre as the American Civil War was drawing to a close. Surya as lord of Leo rules head (Sun also aspects Leo), and he was shot at point blank!

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