Understanding Squash Champion’s Horoscope

MIGUEL ANGEL RODRIGUEZ is a champion Squash Player and is currently ranked no 6 in PSA. For the very first time I am going to share secrets as to what goes into making of a sports champion. To understand sports we first need to understand the planet that represents a particular sport, Squash is an individual sport which requires lot of power (Mars) and fast movement (Moon). Before we get into his current phase of life let us understand broadly what his Horoscope look like. As my students know it is extremely important to study the “Panchanga” first since that is the soil with which god has created the soul. He is born on a Friday and Venus (significator of Friday) is in the
6th house. It is important to note that 6th house is also a Upachaya (house of growth), however growth comes after lot of hardwork since it is not in Kendra. Gemini ascendant is specially good for sports people since Mercury which rules Gemini is the most flexible planet and Miguel is one of the most flexible player in the PSA circuit! His Lagna, Nakshatra and Karana lord is Mercury in 6th house of sports, Mercury rules early
age hence Squash will come very early in his life. Further we see Moon is in his 10th house of profession, Moon is an absolute benefic and his 2’nd lord of finance too so he will be able to monetise his profession very well! His Darakaraka is Sun hence his finance and success will have its roots in his father’s hardwork. His father and prosperity shall be extremely important for him. Darakaraka is also about relationship and since he has Sun in badhaka he needs to focus on his relationships.

Further we see there is a exchange between Venus/Ketu which ensures he will have high energy which is so required for world’s fastest sport! His Arudha lagna confirms he shall be a high achiever and will start making money at a very early stage of life, Moon’s placement confirms it. Rahu’s placement also confirms he could be the eldest or only child, 11th house AL conflrms high status. Moon in the 10th house ensures finances grow post age of 24, we are talking about big prize money or the period after which money stays in his bank account!
Dashas impact everyone and it is worth noting that he is in a fantastic dasha, period from May 18, 2018 till September, 2018 is absolutely fantastic and since AL is associated with his dasha his fame shall increase and he will be recornsied globally. He did win the Bristish Open Squash Championship on May 20, exately 10 days after his Mars antar dasha started! 10th lord in debility ensures he will be extremely humble, periods of Jupiter are when he needs to take care on injuries.

Prediction – Between August 2019 to July 2020 he might take retirement.

I wish my friend Miguel a fantastic season ahead!

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