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In my last article we had discussed basic horoscope of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and how the special ascendant called Āruḍha Lagna is so important for him. The perceived image is most important for political big wigs, entrepreneurs and professionals. Sometimes the Āruḍha Lagna is so strong that it lives beyond death and those are people who are remembered for their work (good or bad) beyond their
lifetime. Don’t we all remember Gandhi or Hitler till date? I shall be writing more on these topic since it is very important technique used to grow business and mend relationships too.

Coming back to understanding political charts, these horoscopes are analyzed very differently since it is power struggle and struggle for power as its happening now in India. Let us now understand how the dynamics have changed. In olden times politics was your way to give back to the society, social service and transforming your motherland for good, is it the same now? The answer is a clear “NO” since “Power” the new means to serve the country. I have been fortunate to meet some politicians who have a mission to do something for their motherland, however power does corrupt the cleanest of politicians and let us understand how it works.

To understand a politician’s chart and his potential, it is “most” important to understand their country’s chart. Is it not the country’s destiny also to get a particular leader? Why does India have democracy and Pakistan which was created a day before not have democracy? The answer lies in analyzing both the country’s chart as below.

As we see Pakistan is Aries ascendant ruled by Mars. Mars is the army chief (Sun is ruler) and when Mars is ascendant lord the natural tendency of the country will be dependence on army. Your country’s ascendant/lagna is its thought process and determines the friends its makes based on similar mindset. In this case Mars is in the 3rd house of war, the natural tendency to go to war especially till its 28 years after independence will be intrinsic to their nature but success is not guaranteed. The 4th house is the heart of nation, we see some complex yoga’s being formed, Saturn in particular shows grief which will be intrinsic nature, Mercury rules flnance & Jealousy, Venus is luxury and Sun is governance. A strong Ketu’s aspect on the 4th house gives huge security risk due to terrorism and radical thoughts, internal security is surely something they need to focus and work on. Pakistan now needs a politician with strong Sun to ensure they go beyond the grief they have had since partition to move ahead with the world, is Imran Khan the one? Wait for my article on him soon.

India on the other hand chose Taurus ascendant, it is important to know that both nations have KalaSarp yoga and it not goof for a country to have this. This yoga blocks creativity in thinking and population control is very tough, a snake is hyper sexual in case you did not know!

The saving grace for India is Venus is much more compassionate than Mars hence India has always been a democracy and shall always be. It is also worth noting that Venus rules beurocrates hence India will always be ruled by them, even the Sun (King) gets debilitated in Libra (sign ruled by Venus), no doubt in India being a sarkari Babu is lot of power! In contrast to Pakistan India’s 4th house is empty and only Jupiter has its sign aspect on it, it therefore will grow as a spiritual capital of world and will not have hate or hurtful feelings, it will mend
over a period of time. It is worth noting that India has Rahu in lagna, planet on lagna is the job at hand which needs to be accomplished. Rahu shall give some religious issues and religious riots is what India will have to deal with, since Rahu is 10th lord on positive side it will make India lead in matters of research, IT and innovation.

I shall be taking this interesting piece ahead and compare two important political personalities – Imran Khan and Narendra Modi and share how/why I had predicted Narendra Modi will be selected as PM candidate and win election with absolute majority 1 year in advance. I am again repeating that the country has to destined to be ruled by you too else you can have all the credentials but you can’t reach the top. In case of Modi & Putin I was sure they are there to stay, will discuss on my reasoning in next article.

I want to leave you with a question, does your company’s chart have an impact on your destiny or vice versa? Are you destined to lead or chosen to lead? Does your chart favour the business you are into? Does passion always bring money or we need to be realistic? All this and much more in coming weeks!

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