Understanding Muhurata For Diwali

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With the festive season having started and Diwali round the corner, we feel it is the right time to understand how to time an important event, commonly called Muhurata. I have always believed that picking up a Muhurata for your Diwali pooja based on “general” principles can be disastrous since every soul has been created differently … LOGIC HAI! Before we proceed, let us understand what time is and why is it necessary. Muhura ta in simple terms denotes a division of time; a period of forty-eight minutes is called Muhurata and has to be chosen based on the type of event and expected results. Generally it is very important to check Muhurata to maximize your returns.

We generally use Muhurata for the following:-

1) Starting an organization

2) Strategic assignment (Writing a book, for instance)

3) Applying for loans

4) Closing projects and ventures

5) Marriage

6) Divorce

7) Buying property

8) Buying a car

9) Events

10) Wearing gemstones …

These are just to name few.

As we take separate medicines for separate diseases, there are different auspicious muhurats for different works. Let us take a simple example of the launch of Reliance JIO. It was officially launched in the beginning of September and I must admit that their consultant has done a fantastic job by giving them one of the finest possible Muhurata. It is important to note that the planet Mercury rules communications and is an ascendant with Jupiter and Venus, ensuring they are there to ‘dominate’ the space of communications since Mercury is retrograde showing a great desire. Mercury in ascendant also ensures that they will spend huge money in infrastructure and give irresistible offers; can Mercury be more beneficial! With planet Mars and Saturn in 3rd house, expect a huge battle with rival telecom companies, but rest assured Reliance will laugh all the way to the bank. Planet Sun in 12th shall ensure government intervention at some time and overall it shall be a profitable venture. A small secret, ascendant of Mukesh Ambani is 2nd from launch Muhurata, ensuring that the venture is very profitable for him; an important aspect most consultants fail to check.

I will discuss in my next article in detail how the JIO logo and branding was finalized and how important it is to bring everything together for lady luck to smile ☺

Now, let us discuss important Muhuratas of day for the benefit of the readers.

1) If you meditate, ensure you meditate before sunrise or after sunset. Meditation is related to the mind, which is ruled by the moon, which is a strong night planet. Meditation during daytime is not advisable.

2) Mercury rules sandhya time, before sunrise and sunset and so cardio, yoga and gym will give you great benefits if start at 5:30 AM or 5:30 PM.

3) Surya rules the government and so, any and all activities related to the government can be done on those days.

4) Legal matters must be handled on Tuesday as lawyers are ruled by Mars.

5) Venus rules romance and so romantic dates must be kept for Friday.

With Diwali round the corner, it is important to consider the following tips:

1) For entrepreneurs: consider Dhanteras (October 27, 2016) or Labh Panchami (November 5th, 2016) for your Pooja. Do consider an evening Muhurata to ensure that your finances grow.

2) For service class: make sure you pick a day Muhurata, ideally mid-day when the Sun is the strongest.

3) For global business leaders: rest assured, an Amavasya Muhurata will work best and October 30th night will be best ensuring gains from “foreign” associations.

4) While selecting Muhurata, ensure the moon is alone and no planets in 6/8/12th house.

5) Jupiter must be in houses 1/4/7/10 to ensure prosperity throughout the year.

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