Written Testimonials

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Jaswinder Singh

I got the privilege of receiving business consultations from Kaartik Gor. I found them to be precise and to the point. He provided me with valuable options to optimize my newly established business. With God’s blessings and Kaartik Gor’s consultation my business is on new heights today. His way of communicating is inspiring and far away from pretentious forecasting. For me, it’s obvious that Kaartik will always be the contact person as my soothsayer.

Nisha C

I just want to say big Thank you to Kaartik Gor. His insights into my personal chart were an eye opener to me. The most interesting part was the guidance that he gave to me about my career has helped me a lot. He is not from a box of astrologers who scares you with their unsure fortune telling. I would highly recommend this talented Astrologer, whether you are looking for standard readings regarding personal life, career or others.

Asad Ali

Kaartik is both a trusted friend and a great adviser. I have been using his corporate astrology for retainer since 5 years now. His incredible understanding of business and its management has made my business an outstanding performer. The solutions he gave were very much practical and easy to apply on business. Till now, it has been a distinct experience during all the astrology sessions. Keep empowering everyone with your precious insights. Cheers!

Craig Mathew

I still wonder that living in a home with Vastu can be so beneficial. I really don’t find words to express my gratitude towards Kaartik. All things in my personal and professional life gets easily organized with my least efforts in it. My new house gives me a sense of purity, happiness and security. I and my family are experiencing a great fulfillment in all the expanses of life. Highly recommend Kaartik Gor Consultations.

Hasmukh Shah

Kaartik’s Vastu readings were SPOT on. My organization faced a lot of problems in the old office. I consulted Kaartik and he immediately suggested to shift my office location. The moment office was shifted everything felt in a perfect place. I realized there was reduced staff attrition, fewer conflicts, upscaled sales etc. I can feel the positive energy and harmony flowing into the office. Thank you so much.

Scott Hern

I have a privilege of receiving Kaartik’s astrology insights for my business, since 7 years now. His understanding was to the point and accurate that helped my business to scale up. He looked upon the real issues that business was going through and gave me the practical solutions to it. He suggested uncomplicated ways to the complicated obstacles that made my business easy going. Thumbs up Kaartik!

Ronald Trueman

I have been consulting Kaartik Gor on my personal/Business front since 8.5 years and I must say he has been once Atrologer who has been spot on 90% of the time. He has helped me avoid financial and Emotional blunders of my life 🙂 Congratulations and way to go!

Anonymous (Name Withheld For Privacy)

Kaartik has a deep understanding of astrology and the human dynamics. His advice and predictions are well researched and well thought of. He is a beautiful soul whose mission is to genuinely help people lead a better and happier life. He is spot on with his predictions. He is a great confidante who is like a true, old friend giving you very practical advice. You don’t feel like you are consulting a traditional astrologer because his approach and solutions are up to date with today’s times. He is more like a life coach who walks with you shoulder to shoulder to help you gain a better understanding of your situation and issues. He helps problem solve your current issues with his deep-rooted wisdom, transformational remedies and spiritual force. He has helped me overcome many hurdles in my life over the past few years. Today, I talk from a place of happiness and inner well-being for which I give a huge credit to Kaartik Gor, to his belief in the universe and in my inner strength when I had given up on myself and my faith that things could get better. He led to me a better place with his guidance. I never though astrology could help so much but today when I have experienced transformations in my life, I do believe that one can steer their ship better with sound astrological advice offered by change agents like Kaartik Gor. I highly recommend his services. Try him once to know what I mean and over the course of your interaction with him, you will begin to see the difference.