“WHY” of Astrologer Kaartik Gor

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I had not heard of Simon Sinek at the age of 22 but am thrilled that I have my “WHY” in place to do Vedic Astrology / Jyotiṣa. As a young kid desire to gain knowledge to help needy souls to the optimum is what too me to Himalayas to learn Vedāṅga Jyotiṣa. The Jyotiṣa journey coupled with my professional growth ensured that I remain practical and connect to clients/friends without judging them since I always believed that “ everyone sins differently”. I also wanted to learn Jyotiṣa in depth to get those much required blessings which will help me sail through in my difficult times and it has! Finally I am doing what is my passion and making a living of my passion justifies the fact that I don’t work anymore!

Kaartik Gor is a world renowned Astrologer/Business Consultant with 10+ years of experience based in UAE, For further info/consultations email :- readings@kaartikgor.com or WhatsApp :-  +971 55 553 2511

Kaartik Gor

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Kaartik Gor

Kaartik Gor is renowned Astrologer, Vaastu and Business Consultant with clients globally, and on a mission to help you live a better quality life. GET AN APPOINTMENT to improve your Personal life, Professional career or accelerate your Business Growth.