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Sultan is releasing globally on EID, and I thought it would be a good time to share my views on Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan and his intrinsic nature. Salman Khan was born on Dec 27th, 1965 in Indore as Aries ascendant with Moon in Aquarius. Salman Khan is the eldest son of screenwriter Salim Khan and his first wife Sushila Charak, who later adopted the name Salma Khan. Jyotiṣa teaches us that a malefic in the 11th house it makes native the youngest sibling. Salman has malefic Saturn in strength which makes him the eldest! Saturn being Vayu-tattva, one of pañca-tattva, Sultan Salman Khanensures native is blessed with good health until the age of 50, after which it will deteriorate especially since Mercury as soul significator is in the 8’th house with Ketu. Let us proceed to understand the journey of his life through LOGIC HAI significations.
Mesh Lagna Ascendants tend to have a strong personality with a no-nonsense approach and Ascendant Lord Mars in exaltation designates a principled person who honours his words. Lagna Lord always suggests where the mind is. Having a 10th house with Mars in exaltation denotes he is quite committed to work, contrary to his laid back image, especially post the age of 36. A Mars-Venus combination signifies enterprising qualities and fighting abilities, a classic combination needed for success in the film or glamour industry. A strong Mars helps contain insecurities while Venus is the natural karaka for Glamour Industry. Mercury as his soul calling planet gives him ability to speak his mind but has a flip side since planet Ketu is in conjunction with Mercury. Ketu rules extremities and hence he is either adored or becomes extremely controversial. Ketu can prompt him to commit communication mistakes in the form of brash or ill-informed comments which will create unnecessary controversies. Moon and Saturn being 4’th from Mercury will ensure he will be very close to his mother and would like to control the lady in his life too! The combination also makes him confident towards money, and it is no secret that he was the first actor to demand “Appearance money” and always talked about “Rewards” rather than “Awards”! Since the combination is in the 11’th house for friends and Siblings his natural tendency will be to work with friends and brothers. 7th lord Venus in 10th house will pull him towards having romantic inclinations with his co-actors and work subordinates. That along with having Mars in equation might result in heated arguments with aggression in few of those relationships. With Moon as his planet bringing marriage, the soul has a deep desire to be mothered in his relationships however with Moon being the fastest moving planet, casual encounters are also expected and prevents a long and steady relationship.
Now let us briefly understand his external “Image” and what the world thinks about him. With his house of image in sign cancer and the sign is aspected by seven planets ensures a star who is “HUGE” and has a cult following. Venus aspects house of image hence it “appears” he got things easy, but the fact remains that Mars has made him work hard to achieve what he has, continuously delivering two films a year and Big Boss on Television surely required a lot of time at work and hard work! In the Himalayas, I was taught that more the planets aspecting house of image more famous you are since people talk about every aspect of your life, the old Hindi saying “Badnaam Hue to Kya Naam Na Hua” is apt! His career will reach Meteoric rise post the age of 36 and post 43 he will see immense prosperity. Career shall continue to reach new heights until March 2019 after which he shall take a short break and venture into other aspects of Business. Venus will maintain his position of “most loved star”, currently, he is in a purple patch, and no one can stop Sultan Salman Khan!

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