3 reasons WHY SRK is Global Star

There are moments when you have to leave your personal bias and get professional and be true to your work, this is one such day! Though I am a self confessed Salman Khan fan there is no bigger success story than Shahrukh Khan. When we talk of 3 biggest success story in India (especially Mumbai) we do talk about Dhirubhai Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar and Shah Rukh Khan! Astrologer Kaartik Gor in this article shares 3 most important aspects of his life which has made him “THE RICHEST BOLLYWOOD STAR EVER”

1) Tremendous Fighter 

Shah Rukh Khan was born today in the year 1965 with Leo ascendant which is ruled by planet Sun which is “King” of SRKplanets, however the journey to reach where he is today and called “King Khan” or  “Baadshah of  Bollywood has not been easy. Ascendant lord Sun is placed in 3’rd house in debility which indicates a tough childhood and struggles which he might not be comfortable talking about, 3’rd house is also house of entrepreneurship/ fighting abilities and anyone who has watched him in close quarters know that he has a “Killer Instinct” which very few have. Lagna lord in debility is not good when it comes to professional principles and can succumb to easy means to get successful. His “never say die” attitude has made him  “King Khan” and he is close to completing 85 films and “perhaps the world’s biggest movie star”, SRK as he is commonly called has a significant following in Asia and fans worldwide. He is one of the richest actors in the world, with an estimated net worth of USD 600 million, and his work in Bollywood has earned him many awards. Debilitated Surya did push him to try and “BUY” a Filmfare award which he later confessed due to aspect of Jupiter on his 2’nd house of Speech, planet Jupiter signifies truthfulness of your speech and also power of your conviction. The point I am making here is that planet in debility will make you fall before it makes you rise, Surya is your pride/prestige and when planet sun gets weak native can do menial jobs before same planet giving money and status. The most important thing that Sun gives is royal connections and ability to make money through them!

2) Extremely Hardworking 

I must admit that among the many stars that I have consulted/wrote about Shah Rukh Khan beats all of them hands down as the “Most Hardworking” star and I can put my money on it! Apart from being hardworking he will be very particular and innovative in his working style and his Midas touch will launch/resurrect many production houses. With planet Venus and Moon signifying his skills and money aspect it was but obvious that he would come to media business. In a career spanning 25 years he started with appearances in several television series in the late 1980s. His Film career started with start of Jupiter dasha and planet Jupiter being lord of 5’th house of future/kids in 11’th house of gains/friends did the trick for him and he was immediately friends with 2 most important banners “Yash Raj” and “Dharma Productions” and is it coincidence that Jupiter gives fame (Yash) and is also upholder of truth (Dharma)! His choices and partnerships takes a change after 2008 when Saturn dasha starts and his marriage can go through a cold period as well and he might have some serious affairs with costar’s since his 7’th lord of relationship is in 10’th house of work and I must admit that he could be experimental in matters of sexuality, have I given enough hints about Karan Johar or Arjun Ramphal ? This shall be financially most rewarding phase and challenge starts post 2018.   

3) Best PR Machinery 

Planet Moon and Venus become extremely important when a person wants to do serious PR and Sharukh is extremely fortunate to have them as extremely important players. When Venus is in 5’th house as person is extremely patriotic and loves his country beyond normal. Releasing below trailer was also smart move!

Venus is also signifying his image hence his wife shall be very lucky for him and his advisers must explain to him that his castle shall fall if ever he divorces Gauri Khan! It is no secret that his “Acche din” started after he started dating Gauri and rest they say is history, 5’th house also indicates kids hence birth of a child shall make him extremely rich and famous. Moon gives him lot of charm and it is well-known that rich people have paid him to spend time with him and they have not been disappointed! Further he is extremely witty(mercury is 2’nd lord) yet can be extremely arrogant ( planet Ketu and Mars are with Mercury) but it is Jupiter’s and Venus aspect which make him Knowledgeable and charming enough to take on anyone in any situation and yet debate with Knowledge/Humour/Assertiveness and Charm! 

Overall he is extreme go getter and Events and Sports shall be good for him, Direction post 2018 shall be great option!

Kaartik Gor is a world renowned Vedic Astrologer, Jyotish teacher, Business and Vastu Consultant with 10+ years of consulting experience worldwide based in Dubai, For further info/consultations on daily astrology email:readings@kaartikgor.com

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