SPACE Enhancement [Vaastu]

Our homes are our haven, and our offices are our income providers.

When shifting into a new residence or office, have you ever wondered if that location might or might not have brought its previous tenant or owner luck? Have you wondered why friends or business owners might have their safe or locker in a position in the west of a building even though you might have read that it doesn’t following basic Vaastu rules?

The logic for this is simple – God has created each soul individually, with different energy compositions and to base these decisions on a generalised and standard rule is a big mistake.

A good consultant would look at assessing a range of factors before instructing you on favourable locations and directions for the different zones in your home or office for your trade, warehouse, accounts, meditation, fitness, kids areas, or even a bar! All this would help you to surround yourself with positive influences and energy.

Our consultation examines your current or soon to be home or office based on your charts in order to provide you with customised solutions. This is a specialised consultation and we only take on five clients a month due to time limitations. 

Fee: To be confirmed after evaluation of requirements