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Indian super star actor Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan was born on Dec 27th 1965 in Indore as Aries ascendant with Moon in Aquarius. Salman Khan is the eldest son of screenwriter Salim Khan and his first wife Sushila Charak, who later adopted the name Salma Khan. Jyotiṣa teaches us that a malefic in 3/11th house makes you the youngest/eldest sibling respectively. Native has benefic moon and malefic Saturn in 11thhouse however with Saturn being extremely strong in its own sign making him the eldest sibling. Saturn being Vayu tattva, one of pañca-tattva, ensures native is blessed with good health until the age of 50, post which it will deteriorate especially since Mercury as Ātmakāraka is in 8’th house with Ketu. Let us proceed to understand the journey of his life through Jyotisa significations.

Mesh Lagna AscenSalman Khandants tend to have a strong personality with a no nonsense approach and Ascendant Lord Mars in exaltation designates a principled person who honors his words. Lagna Lord always suggest where the mind is. Having 10th house with Mars in exaltation denotes he is quite committed to work, contrary to his laid back image, especially post the age of 36. A Mars-Venus combination signifies enterprising qualities and fighting abilities, a classic combination needed for success in the film or glamour industry. A strong Mars helps contain insecurities while Venus is the natural karaka for Glamour Industry. Mercury as Ātmakāraka gives him ability to be a naturally eloquent speaker. However having Ketu in conjunction might make him commit communication mistakes in the form of brash or ill informed comments.

Kendras to Ātmakāraka indicate resources that matter to you, with Salman Khan having Moon, Saturn and Jupiter as Dara, Matri and Gynati Kāraka. Dara Kāraka at a material level means “Money” hence when I learnt he was the first actor to demand “Appearance Payment” it did not come as a shock.  Awards don’t matter to him, what matters is being remunerated monetarily, as confirmed with him having Dara Kāraka Kendra to Ātmakāraka indicatingSalman Khan Mercury. Matri Kāraka in Kendra reflects the importance of Salma Khan in our subject’s life. And lastly with Jupiter as Gynati Kāraka he will always be at the receiving end of society support, the success story of Being Human being prime example.

7th lord Venus in 10th house will pull the soul towards having romantic inclinations with work subordinates. That along with having Mars in equation might result in heated arguments with ensuing violence in few of those relationships. With Moon as his Dara Kāraka, the soul has a deep desire to be mothered in his relationships however with Moon being the fastest moving planet, casual encounters are expected. Dara Karaka in 11th house does not help especially with a Venus-Mars combination curse, which does not allow a relationship to fully flourish. In such cases remedial measures can surely help. 2nd lord Venus in 10th house signifies his family being closely knitted into his profession and above that having Rahu in his chart suggests a family with many illustrious personalities. The chart also confirms his deep-rooted faith in his father.

Ārūḍha Lagna in Cancer is aspected by 7 planets (5 Rāśi Dṛṣṭi and 2 Graha Dṛṣṭi) predicting a soul with a cult following which will only increase with time. His career will rise post the age of 36 and post 43 he will see immense prosperity. Health could be problematic post 45 with chronic issues, which would be hard to diagnose by even some of the best doctors. Career shall continue to reach new heights till March 2019 after which he shall take a short break.

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