PERSONAL Empowerment

Astrology is an ancient science that dates back to AD 270. Since then, this knowledge has been researched and practiced globally.

Life at times can become challenging and leave us deflated and confused. We often find ourselves on the threshold of a major decision that could either escalate our life towards happiness or result in further chaos and confusion.

Would a change of job be the correct path? Would I be successful if I launched my own business? If yes, then which one should I embark on? Is my partner compatible enough to build a relationship with? Is my marriage in trouble? Would it be a good decision to send our child away for higher education? 

Our Personal Empowerment consultations provide you with a window into your overlaying destiny. It gives you an increased understanding of yourself and your situations, and from that you gain greater personal wisdom.

And together with the right timing and right tools to take effective action, you can produce lasting personal success and satisfaction in major areas of your life.

This is a 1-hour consultation that can be done via Skype, phone call, or in person covering the following:

  1. A better understanding of yourself and your goals in life
  2. Your life Journey and planning
  3. Relationships
  4. Financial concerns
  5. Career and personal growth
  6. A series of three specific life-related questions
  7. Remedies through gemstones, rudraksha, mantras, etc.