Jyotiṣa Introduction

The subject of Jyotish is huge covering layers and layers around it, for any beginner it is important to stay focused and “start swimming in this huge Ocean of Knowledge” as my Guru once advised me!

When we talk of Jyotish we need to understand that it is called Vedanga Jyotish, Veda means Supreme Knowledge and Anga means limbs.

Veda has 6 limbs (Pancha tatwa (5 elements) + Manas (mind)). The six limbs of Vedas are

  • Vyakarana – Grammar
  • Nirukta – Etymology
  • Shiksha – Phonetics and Phonology ( Sandhis)
  • Chandas – Meter
  • Jyotisa – Astrology and Astronomy
  • Kalpa – Ritual

Out of the six limbs, Nirukta and Vyakarana are common for all Vedas since all Vedas have Grammar and Etymology. However different Vedas are written in different Chandas like Gayatri Chanda is for Rig Veda. The different parts of body are as below

  • Face – Vyakarana or Grammar
  • Ears – Nirukta
  • Nose – Siksha
  • Feet – Chandas
  • Eyes – Jyotisha
  • Hands – Kalpa

Now it is important to understand that rituals are based on hand which gives offerings, if hands do offering it is like a limb of Veda, so Kalpa is like hand of Veda.

Jyotish is witness to all that is offered, said and it is the witness to all our actions hence it is one of the most important limb of Veda. It is the only proof of existence of god.

Chandas basically refer to meter which has to be in Padas and systematic pattern.

Siksha is in nose.

Nirukta is in ears so we listen to everything.

Vyakarana is face, which is represented hence very important as well.

Vyam Vedavyasaya Namah is a very important mantra and with this mantra we can witness god in everything.

Vedanga Jyotish is also study of Sun & Moon.


Now let us understand the scope of Triskanda Jyotisa and parts and limbs attached to it, Scope of Jyotish is composed of 3 divisions called Siddhana, Hora & Samhita hence it is called “Triskanda” Jyotisa. The word “Tri” means three and Skanda means Branches or division and also shoulder, implying the responsibility of doing work and keeping the head high. Human body is supported into Shoulder & neck, 2 arms are Hora & Samhita, Hora is essence of Jyotisa. It is very responsible since you can change life. Strength is very important and character also to keep his head high. Dharma must be highest. Skanda is large division, Jyotisa is the highest and vast subject, and 1 life is not enough to educate us. …so be focussed.

Jyotish makes you a good teacher, advisor and helps you attain saint hood. It is king of all sciences and helps in mundane life. The scope is vast so understand what needs to be mastered. Some things easy to learn & digest.


It is first Skanda, Siddha means to complete, ascertained and attain Siddhi. Since it is mathematically calculated hence Ganita is very important. It is the exact knowledge of any sign; it is established by systematical knowledge. Anta means end and final calculation. We will focus on Hora Shasta as far as our Jyotish Journey is concerned.

It is divided into Ganita & Gola, Gola is round and shapes and Ganita is Mathematics.

Siddhanta Parts

Ganita – Math And Gola is Geometry.

Ganita – Longitudes and star positions which are called Vyatka. When does Sunrise? To understand exact sunrise is very important.

Gola – Geometry and Trigonometry …specially space measurement and time, when eclipse can happen, treating Sky like 1 big sphere is Khagola (Sky measurements and star position), Bhagola is measurement of Solar System, planetary movements, eclipses etc. Bhu Gola is Earth measurement including latitude, longitude and earth sciences. So panchanga etc is measured like this way.


Hora Shastra is entire body of literature used in Predictive Astrology and is most important to understand. It is very important for Predictive Jyotish and identification is through Lagna. Lagna is point in eastern horizon and zodiac rising. Rising point is ascendant and marks beginning of project, human being bith, birth of a nation or a Government etc. It connects past & future, noted writer Kalyana Verma (who wrote classic Saravali) has defined Hora as Aho (Day) + Rata (Night) hence Hora is Day & Night. Hora is also hour 24 hours in a day. It means half of Zodiac.

Scope of Hora

Jataka – All born humans & animals. Jataka is horoscopy.

Prashna – Asking question and getting answers from Prashna Chart.

Muhurata – Electional Astrology / Starting of things or Project

10% of nimittas, study of nature etc.

It is also important to understand that the classical method of naming a book is where the Name of Author is first and then the name of the book, this unfortunately is not followed in today’s time.


Samhita is Quality of time and it tells us all to do with time and quality of time now.

Samhita Includes:-

  • Nimittas – Omens
  • Sakuna Shastra – Omens like eclipse before birth of Christ
  • Swapna Shastra – Dreams, if we drink urine or dirt it is good, if we are dead then long life etc.
  • Natural Phenomena – Rainbows, Rainfall etc
  • Animal Studies – Indications of Elephants, cows, straying of animal in town, leopards in Mumbai a year back are serious changes coming to land and we see the situation of Mumbai.
  • Gochara – Largest and includes 10% of transits, Samhita

Astrologer who knows Samhita is TRIKALA AGYANI (Past, present & future).

It is also very important to understand the types of Gyanis and how they are recognized.

  • Daivagya – One who is aware of moods and functioning of devas (enlightened ones). Awareness of Hora Shastra is very important.
  • Trikalagya – Parashara was the one who understood Samhita in dept and hence a trikalagyani.
  • The one with Knowledge of Trikala + Daivagya is a great Rishi.


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