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Gemstones are commonly called Navaratna (नवरत्न) which means “nine gems” . The references to gemstones are in many scriptures and they are used as part of remedial measures and also to activate rajyogas and luck. Below quote is from a ancient text in Sanskrit called  “Brihat Jatak” is also quoted in the ancient “Jataka Parijata,” chap. 2, sloka 21,

माणिक्यं तरणेः सुजात्यममलं मुक्ताफलं शीतगोः

माहेयस्य विद्रुमं मरकतं सौम्यस्य गारुत्मतम
देवेज्यस्य पुष्पराजमसुराचार्यस्य वज्रं शनेः

नीलं निर्मलमन्ययोश्च गदिते गोमेदवैदूर्यके

Which is translated below for those who can’t read Sanskrit as follows:

maaNikyaM taraNeH sujaatyamamalaM muktaaphalaM shiitagoH

maaheyasya cha vidrumaM marakataM saumyasya gaarutmatama
devejyasya cha puShparaajamasuraachaaryasya vajraM shaneH

niilaM nirmalamanyayoshcha gadite gomedavaiduuryake

Translation is as below:

1.   Ruby for Surya (Sun)

2.   Pearl (KGC recommends south sea pearl) for Chandra (Moon)

3.   Red Coral for Mangal (Mars)

4.   Emerald for Budha (Mercury)

5.   Yellow Sapphire for Brihaspati/Guru (Jupiter),

6.   Diamond for Shukra (Venus),

7.   Blue Sapphire for Shani (Saturn),

8.   Hessonite or Gomedh for Rahu (node of the Moon)

9.   Cats Eye for Ketu (the descending node of the Moon),

…KGC recommends not to be casual about gemstones and do consult a good astrologer before wearing them and understand technical details of why you are wearing it.

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